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  1.  Excellent


    Frankly, the Edimax EW-7108PCg is the perfect tool for connecting a wifi-incapable laptop to a wireless network. It's fast and reliable, yet it's simple and discreet. There's no additional configuration (if you're on Windows;) just plug 'n' play.

    Unfortunately, my laptops use Linux, and so I spent a good 20 minutes configuring the kernel and wpa_supplicant before I could use it. Nonetheless, if that's the kinda thing you go for, then why not.

    I don't understand why people will buy more expensive cards to do such a simple task when this product exists. If all you want to do is connect to a wireless network, then this is what you want. In fact, what else can you do with a WiFi adapter?!

    (Also, I'm writing this review from the comfort of my garden, using this card!)

  2.  Simply the finest portable headphones I've ever owned


    The sound quality was excellent, they fitted my ears so well that they never fell out, and I couldn't hear anything going on around me (good for blocking out my other half's angry rants).

    I was distraught when, after a year of nigh-on constant use, the cable broke. Thankfully, the left one still works, but it's just not the same. I don't see a downside to buying a crate of these headphones and just using them for the rest of my life; I can't foresee the need to change. They're that good.

    To those who say theirs broke after 3 months or so, what are you doing to them? Wrapping them around firecrackers? These are very robust headphones which have withstood my blasé attitude toward treating electronic equipment with care for over a year; lesser models I've used have lasted for not even a tenth of the time.

    Buy them now; much better value than anything else, IMHO.

  3.  Pretty Thweet


    Sandisk are indeed the King of USB and removable media; and this product just goes to prove that. It's a very good speed and the polyurethane case protects the device admirably against the routine abuse through which I put all my hardware (keys, big falls, nuclear detonation and so on.)

    My only complaint is that the polyurethane shield, while simply awesome at what it does (I've never seen anything like it) does tend to slip when pushing the device into a USB socket.

    Something which (I think) has definitely clicked with Sandisk here in terms of design is to put the neck-strap loop on the actual device and not on the cap (which they have done on previous models/lines). I have lost many a memory stick because I forgotten about it and left it in the machine after I had finished and someone had stolen it. But now I have it roped around my neck so I can't forget it without garroting myself.

    Overall, this product is very good and something which I would recommend to anyone.

  4.  Good buy


    Plug and Play brilliance on Debian 4 (Linux) and my Mac.

    A great little mouse; comfortable, responsive and purrty too. The scrollwheel's good too, but my standards have probably been lowered because I've been using a POC Tesco's own mouse for about a year, which finally died after months of doing weird things for no apparent reason...

    Not as speedy a delivery as I'm used to with Play, but it came eventually.

  5.  Does what it says on the can


    Just a USB cable. Good build quality, works a charm on my 1st Gen. Nano. Does everything its official counterpart does.

    My only complaint is that its designed to look Apple-esque without violating copyright, so it looks a little ripped off. But it's still fine for anything a normal person with an iPod would want.

  6.  Stop looking.


    Not only do these headphones have amazing sound quality and all the other stuff you've read about them, they're incredibly strong.

    My pair (which I've had for the best part of a year) have withstood falling several metres from my landing, being thrown at me by an angry girlfriend (which has broken a fair few of my other posessions), not to mention numerous hard tugs on the cable and several other incidents ofabuse, intentional or otherwise, and the sound quality is as good as theday I bought them, as is the integrity; no cracks or breaks and hardly any scuffing.

    If you're looking for the best pair headphones in this price-range (and probably the ones above too), then STOP NOW; you're search has ended.