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Product Reviews

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  1.  No fault


    I cannot say one thing bad about this game!!! absoblutly amazing... Shame not a few more missions to play...... But this game is still well worth £39.99!!! Buy it

  2.  Good Game


    Now I bought this game in hope it would be really good .The last skateboarding game i played was tony hawk 2 on the ps2 (Which is brilliant) But I hate this toggle stick to do all the cool moves is awkward. personally i think skateboarding games were better when it was button bashing. Graphics are brilliant though and story seems quite cool

  3. Turok


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £28.79

     Turok is back



    The only bad thing about this game is that i have played the game for ages and not 1 acheivement what the hell????

  4.  Best MOH Yet!!!


    I played this game when i got bored of ww2 shooters as they all seem samey. But, this game is top notch, Puts the other MOH to shame, and this game is so good. you must get it the only small annoying thing is the dudes with the machine guns

  5.  Brilliance


    Left 4 Dead is quality. Every aspect of the game is perfectly put together. Counterstrike meets Zombies. One very very minor problem.............. need a couple more offline campaigns. But replayability is 100% Get It

  6.  Shocking


    This game is shockingly bad!!! I had decent hopes for it, but there is not one good about this game that i can say. Graphics are bad, gameplay is bad. dont believe the 5 stars its dreadful, such a tacky and quickly made game, avoid buying!!!

  7.  Amazing but a bit too much driving around


    This Game is a major improvement from the first 2 (Although The first 2 are brilliant!!!) Graphics seem so real and the fires are so realistic! the game and the story is really good.
    The only thing that really got on my nerves was driving around for miles to get to the next mission and gettin stopped every 2 seconds by patrol jeeps. But nevertheless brilliant game buy it

  8.  What A Game!!!


    Completed this game after 2 exciting days. The gameplay is brilliant and the story is gripping. Playing this game made me feel like i was the pilot in the game. The gameplay was truly brilliant. Although the only down point if i compare this to ace combat,, ace combat has a lot more targets and the missions last longer, whereas Hawx missions are short and you only seem to protect other units which is still cool.

    Well worth your money, the faceplate is very smart and the game itself is brilliant! GET IT!!!!

  9.  Awesome


    Brilliant game overall. Storyline is brill, graphics and gameplay is thrilling. Shocked with couple of the other reviews on here.. But they are truly wrong. Buy it if you love fps!!! You'll enjoy it!

  10.  What A Shame


    This dynasty warriors is such a disappointment. Dynasty warriors 5 was a major improvement all over. But this dynasty warriors was an improvement in graphics but nothing else. Nothing enjoyable about this. Still hack and slash but the gameplay is plain dreadful.
    I still try to give it another go time and time again. But still no joy. Not putting you off but its worth a go but im sure you will be disappointed if you compare it to the previous games.....