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  1.  end of an era (brilliant)


    well i have waited years for this book to finally be released and i certainly wasnt disappointed. This being book 14 in the set needed to be something special. This picks up just prior to the fight for the end of the world as Rand and all those entwinded in the pattern fight to save the world. The battles twists and turns in this book are exceptional and the startling realisation that Rand cannot actually destroy the dark one without destroying life is a very good twist. The whole set of books will keep you rivetted and reading. On the whole a must read for all fantasy adventure fans.

  2.  feast of crows another good book


    when i first started to read this book initially i thought whats going on the book seemed to lose the thread of the previous books.It then seltted down to concentrate on a core of charactors and quickly gained my interest and i couldnt put it down. It basically concentrates on the lannisters and there rise to pwer and then there impending doom. It also gives life to an up and coming charactor samwell who is fast becoming a hero.It mentions the wall and the rise of snow and briefly the dragon queen.The previous books are awash with charactors coming in to the story and then being killed off quite quickly. This book is alot more focussed which actually makes it easier to read. I would have given this book 5 stars but the first 50 or so pages lost me slightly. once past that the book started concentrating on known charactors which saved the book.

  3.  the way of kings exceptional


    I must say that this is an exceptional book though it seemed to start off quite complicated though once into it it was great. I took this on holiday with me and couldnt put it down. The book centres around a number of charactors and jumps quite successful from one set to another. The charactors and plot provide something for everyone action adventure and romance. Well recommended.

  4.  Excellent


    this is really good value for money. The product looks good the sound is fantastic and picture quality is excellent. It didnt take long to set it up and played the hardest disc i have to play straight off no problems.

  5.  the warlords


    When i first saw the trailor for this film i thought great action action action. Unfortunatly there wasnt as much action as hoped.the redeeming factor is that what action there is spectacular.the fight scenes are well put together and bloody.there is one scene whether the main war lord is surounded by the enemy and uses a pike to cut them down taking out there legs.the picture i thought was initially grainy but its just the way it was filmed.it actually is quite a sad film with the warlords fighting constant battles being betrayed and betraying each other. A good film but not as good as say kingdom of heaven or king arthur.

  6.  mongal


    I had to watch this film twice the first time i didnt think that much of the film. The second time round i actually got the feel of what was happening and was able to concentrate on the film rather than reading the sub titles. The battle scenes are really good and you have to bear in mind that this is the first of 3. Hopefully the other 2 will contain more battle and fight scenes. I gave it a 4 the more i watch it the more i like it.the story itself is quite a sad one how much bad luck can 1 man have and then triumph

  7.  Not bad


    The film itself is quite good. I dont think the picture is as crystal clear as some of the other blue ray i have. there was a few extra minutes to the film but it dosnt contain enough fighting between the two species for me. This is one of the films i have traded in and changed to blue ray. It is still better than ordinary DVD.

  8.  Troy - Brilliant


    Another film that is brilliant now on blue ray with the extras in the battle scenes. i couldnt believe how realist they made the sacking of Troy at the end in fact bits actually turned my stomach. A must for those that are trading in there original DVDs for Blue Ray.Well worth the 5 stars on par with Kingdom of Heaven.

  9. 300



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     great action film


    I already had this on normal DVD and the blue ray is certainly an improvement. This film contains nothing but action and the detail is great. I love action films and this one is one to buy if your like me and can watch films over and over again.

  10.  Big hype poor film


    This was brought me as a birthday present and i couldnt wait to see it. i was totally disappointed in the film/ acting and every thing about the film pity i cant sell it ( my wife would kill me )