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  1.  Epic Platformer!!!


    Gameplay - 7/10 - Action and platforming
    Story - 8/10 - Stop Ahriman!
    Graphics - 8/10 - Quite good
    Soundtrack - 5/10 - I prefer plugging my ipod in
    Multiplayer - 0/10 - There isn't

    The Prince of Persia:
    When I first played this game I thought Meh. Its ok, but I'd rather play something else. Recently, I went back to it and started playing it again. Once you get into this game it is really good! If you liked assassins creed then you'll like this, as the Prince is really acrobatic (like Altair but not as flexible). The combat is really good too, you'll be pulling off all sorts of insane combos whilst fighting bosses. The graphics are really cool too, not the best I've seen mind (Sonic unleashed is easily the best looking 360 game I own), but still really beautiful.

    Now for the best bit - the story! The story is epic. Ahriman, the god of darkness, has been released and its up to the Prince and his companion, Elika, to save the land. You must travel to each of the corrupted lands and heal them. The characters also have great personalities. The prince reminds me of a human Sonic the hedgehog; he has a really cocky and arrogant personality and is always making some kind of sarcastic joke. Of course, you have the growing love story between the Prince and Elika too, even though its quite subtle.

    This is a really good game, but not for those who are looking for a lot of combat. There is a lot of jumping, climbing and running and then a little bit of combat. If you liked tomb raider or assassins creed then this is the game for you!

  2.  Free-running, Sword-Fighting Fun For All!


    Gameplay - 7/10 - great but repetitive!
    Story - 8/10 - be the ultimate assassin!
    Graphics - 8/10 - pretty good
    Soundtrack - 5/10 - meh, prefer plugging in my ipod
    Multiplayer - 0/10 - there isn't

    Assassin's creed:
    Basically, you take the role of altair, an assassin. You are given missions and you do them. Think gta but in the past (and in jerusalem) without cars and guns. Instead you got swords and daggers. The sword-fighting is pretty cool, especially when it zooms in to see you chopping some poor guard up. The only problem with it is that the missions get very repetitive. They follow the lines of: Stalking, killing and eavesdropping, rinse and repeat. Then you get one big assassination every so often. If you like parkour (free-running) then you should like this as you get to run up buildings and swing from poles. It can be fun, but running around can get boring after a while.

    All in all, it's a good game and you will be playing it for quite a while. For £16.99 it's a great offer and if you need a decent/pretty good game then this is for you!

  3. Pure


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £22.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.98

     Pure Entertainment!


    Gameplay - 9/10 - INSANE ATV mayhem!
    Story - 7/10 - Be the Best in the Pure championship
    Graphics - 9/10 - Very good
    Soundtrack - 8/10 - they got some good songs
    Multiplayer - 5/10 - You can play on live, but not 2 controller multiplayer

    Played SSX? The snowboarding game with insane tricks and gravity-defying jumps? Apply that to ATVs and you have PURE! You get to customise you ATV and then go racing, but the customisation is just choosing a couple of colours and types of tyres, oh no, you go for the full thing! You put every part of the ATV together! There is loads of ways you can tweak your quad and you unlock better pieces as you go on so your quad is always getting better! The racing itself is also immensely fun, racing against others and doing insane jumps, pulling off wild tricks. My only problem with the game is that you can't play multiplayer on one console, so if you want to go against a friend then you both need live. But other than that I can't fault the game!
    Like Racing games?
    Like SSX?
    Like ATVs?
    You'll love Pure!!!

  4.  I hate Football ....


    Gameplay - 8/10 - football, but less tiring
    Story - 7/10 - be a pro is fun
    Graphics - 9/10 - very good
    Soundtrack - 8/10 - they got some good songs
    Multiplayer - 8/10 - one and one to see who is better!

    Fifa 09:
    Before i say anything - i hate football. I never played it as a kid because i was crap at it, and watching it on tv is just boring. My dad bought fifa04 for my ps2 when i was younger and it was an ok game, but not my favourite (at the time i favoured sonic heroes lol). But then i saw two people playing fifa 09 at a party recently and decided, why not? £25, It's not that much really, right? Right! Fifa is amazing! I completely addicted! I really can't tell you how surprisingly good it is, and coming from a footy hater like me, that means a lot! A very good buy at £25!

  5.  Pretend your 8 again!


    Gameplay - 8/10 - sonic, comix zone, golden axe!!!
    Story - 0/10 - no story, just lots of games
    Graphics - 10/10 - classic
    Soundtrack - 9/10 - classic
    Multiplayer - 8/10 - sonic & tails anyone?

    Sega mega drive ultimate collection:
    Remember when you were little and you would sit down for hours trying to complete sonic the hedgehog 2? But you would get right up to the death egg zone and get your ass kicked? Well now you can do it all again! I would really recommend this for anyone who owned a sega when they were younger. If not, i'd still recommend simply for all the classic sonic titles. Not only that but there are some really cool old games like comix zone, ristar, golden axe and street of rage. Its really good fun and passes the time. Not only that but you can now save the game whenever, so you can save it before the death egg zone and keep trying. You'll finish sonic 2 eventually!

    A must-buy for anyone who used to have a sega!!!

  6.  Three words - BUY IT NOW


    Genre - horror comedy - or "romzomcom" (romantic zombie comedy)
    Story - 10/10 - two slobs vs thousands of zombies
    Acting - 10/10 - simon pegg and nick frost are ace

    Shaun of the dead
    This is a fantastic film. Based around shaun, a lazy slob who has just fallen out with his girlfriend, doesn't get on with his step-dad and has to put up with his annoying room-mates. He has to fix all of this to get his life in order, the only problem is that the dead are coming back to life. With a laugh-out-loud comedy and a brilliant story, i would recommend this film to anyone as it is truly awesome and deserves a place in everybodies dvd collection! Buy!!!

  7.  Eat lots of fish! You'll need the brain power!


    Genre - Psychological horror - too Psychological this time around
    Story - 5/10 - suddenly very confusing
    Acting - 9/10 - still good

    Saw IV
    Saw IV sees the police trying to find Jigsaw and his apprentice (little do they know of what happened to them at the end of Saw III), and Detectives Strahm and Perez join the hunt. The Saw series has always been really smart with lots of twists and cool/clever traps, but i regret to say that this one completely misses the mark. You will need to have watched the previous 3 films, and have eaten alot of fish to understand what the hell is going on because the "clever" twists just become confusing in this one! However, this is still part of the Saw series, so i would recommend it to anyone who has bought the others. Rent it first is my advice or just buy it if you think your smart enough lol.

  8.  'Saw'esome


    Genre - Psychological horror - so many twists!!!
    Story - 10/10 - opens up lots of new questions
    Acting - 9/10 - better than the last one

    Saw III
    Saw III is a huge climax in the saw series which sees Jigsaw on his death bed, using his accomplice Amanda to set up the traps. With two (or more) games running at once, the victims time (and Jigsaw's) is running out. This film is one of the best in the series - it fills in all of the holes left in the previous films and opens up even more questions that need answering. Highly recommended.

  9.  Saw II


    Genre - Psychological horror - lots of cool twists
    Story - 10/10 - expands upon the original
    Acting - 7/10 - much better this time around

    Saw II
    Saw II continues from where the original Saw left off. The jigsaw killer is still playing games with his victims and the police are stumped to his whereabouts. Detective Eric Matthews helps to find Jigsaw, only to see that the insane killer has put someone very close to him into one of the murderous games. There is alot of blood and guts so i wouldn't recommend watching this squemish, but the story is really smart. With lots of twists and turns, this film will keep you guessing and i recommend this to anyone with a love for horror or intelligent films.

  10.  Brilliant


    Genre - Psychological Horror - really gets you thinking
    Story - 10/10 - fantastic first time you watch
    Acting - 5/10 - i thought the acting could have been better...

    Saw tells the story of two men who find themselves trapped in a bathroom together, chained to pipes with no visibile means of escape. They soon discover that they are part of a game, set up by an insane murderer known as the Jigsaw Killer. Jigsaw creates murderous games to test his victims, to see how much they really value their lives and what they are willing to do to stay alive. A fantastic film, made even better by the twists near the end. As they said for Saw V - you won't beleive it how it ends...