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  1.  Great T Shirt


    This is a fantastic t shirt for the price any green day fan should own it. Very good to wear if you are going to one of their shows in October this year so buy this and support the best band in rock today!

  2.  Green Day are better than ever!!


    This album really did blow me away on first listen. I didnt think they could better American Idiot but they proved me wrong. The best tracks would have to be 'know your enemy, 'east jesus knowhere' and '21 guns' but every song is very good. Also 18 songs so great value I cant wait to go see them live in October!!

  3.  Pretty Average


    As the title says it is quite average, the dinosaurs keep it front being lower score as they offer up different opposition and after all, who doesnt like dinos? The close up assasination moves are cool, but shooting can get boring after a while. Multiplayer offers some more playing time, but there arent many people online. However, it is well worth it at this kind of low price so I would say go for it if you are undecide about buying it.

  4.  Brilliant


    Forza 2 is a top game a huge amount of cars, great driving engine and graphics can be tough to get used to but has plenty of difficulties well worth the price. Very addictive, if you are a hardcore racer fan you will appreciate it more. However, if you want a more pick-up-and-play arcade style then go for PGR3 or PGR4.

  5.  Amped 3!!


    Amped 3 is a great laugh a very funny and random game, graphics nothing special but very fun to play, doesnt get boring. I picked this up for £12 after a friend reccomended it to me and Im glad they did it is an excellent game, if you like snowboarding games and like a bit of humour in your game, pick this up now at a bargain price!

  6.  Average


    You will find this fun for maybe a couple of hours after that it starts to look like every other average shooter out there. Decent graphics and shooting aliens is kind of fun, but quite a short single player and multiplayer is virtually non-existent as you can rarely find a game. Probabyly worth it for £10 but nothing more

  7.  Halo 3


    Despite all the hype it could never be as good as some reviews said it was. Still, it is a great game, relatively short single player but online it is one of the best shooters there is. If you have a 360 you should own a copy of Halo 3.

  8.  Poor


    After the other two Mummy movies were so strong, what happened with this? Laughably bad acting at times, not one good performance was in it. It really disappointed me.The scene with the Yetis was just pathetically bad, and im afraid it must be the end for what used to be a great franchiseIf youre looking for a new DVD around Christmas, go for Dark Knight or Hellboy 2. Avoid at all costs!!!!

  9.  10/10 Fantastic


    I really was blown away by the quality of this movie. Easily the best Batman film there is, top quality acting and some really good action sequences, the best film of the year by far, I will be buying this DVD on the day it comes out!!

  10.  Simply Awful


    Hancock was nothing like what I was expecting, it had an terrible plot, bad acting, and was just not funny at all. Do not buy this whatever you do!