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  1.  Lego Laughter


    One of the funniest films seen so far this year! Beats ron burgandy! The randomness of the humor will have you in stitches spaceship!

  2.  Oh Dear....


    compared to the first album, this is awful. this is the type of music that, guys in skinny jeans listen too while combing their beiber hair cuts. First album much better.

  3.  Monsters a new take


    OK firstly ignore all the reviews with 3 stars or less, as this film is amazing. its not about blowing things up, its about how mankind has had to struggle living with these creatures. The acting is very good, and very original. yes the film is slow moving, but i was still watching it all the way though without once getting bored. give it a try

  4. Blur



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     Mario for grown ups


    this game is amazing, mario has traded in his kart for a ford focus RS or a lotus or a audi TT. this game is brillinat very addictive and good online, worth getting

  5.  Army of....i cant be bothered


    this game is in a word....rubbish, the story line is bleak, and you dont acctually find out why shanghi gets torn to bits. in all honesty buy this game if its 10 quid

  6.  Bioshock 2 time to leave rapture


    this is an amazing game, but did get very easy towards the end, yes you play as the big daddy the delta model which is the very first, and the game play is not slow and lumbering as you would expect! the game is rather short though, and the multiplayer is something that could be vastly improved. but over all good effort all i can say is.....bioshock 3

  7.  Men who stare at goats.....and jedi?


    This film is good, but not great! it is how ever better than hurt locker! as where they said it was very funny, some of it is, the films actors are good and i would recommend this film.

  8.  the hurt what?


    ok first of how this film won more awards that avatar and best film i dont know. the acting is wooden, it doesnt feel like a war film at all, more like a documentary. the guy who is the main bomb disposal expert is very boring and can act but not very well. the film was overall very disapointing

  9.  Move over mario.....sonics arrived


    This game has slammed it crash head on it to the kart racing genre, and has given mario a race for his money. with all the sega charicters to choose from you will have fun beyond all hours of the day. well worth getting.

  10.  a flaming disaster


    this film is extreamly poor, the acting is terrible, the special effects are ok. the story line is rubbish. the stunts are rubbish, do not by this film, its like power rangers the movie but worse!!