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  1.  A first 5* ratting?


    Well that's it... a five star game. For me 5 stars isn't something to just give to a game you like, five stars means something, that it is flawless, its perfect and nothing could have been done better... well that's not the case, no game I have played is perfect but this is very close. If I could rate it out of 10 it would get 9.8 but there still room for improvement... or maybe I'm just being too picky.

  2.  great in alot of ways...


    I go this game a few weeks ago, and after a disappointing world cup for England, I had to try and win something with them. so the game,I got Fifa 10 as a joke to play when mates come round, but strangely enough I found my self addicted to it. I found the manager mode fun. so I stepped it up a notch and tried the world cup. And my first impression was wow how nice is it to see a colour full game, with all the mud and brownness of new games, it seems odd to come across a game with so much fun a colour. the colour really made it great for me the commentary is top notch and the game-play is simple. the one thing I must say is the controls are very clumsy and often can make you really annoyed causing mistakes and problems. but all that aside the penalty's are fun and realistic and the games fun and great for a laugh. all-round good buy.

  3.  Come on its just a demo!


    I've been reading the other reviews and it seems odd to me, they comment on the poor graphics, but that's not the point, the graphics are problem not going to be the final graphics along with the controls and others. what needs to be focused on the how alien,predator and the marines are different. so simply, the alien can run fast and go on walls. the marine has the best range and a motion detector, and the predator can... well that's the thing, its very hard to be a good predator, he has the best close combat, but the combat is flimsy and half way through some1 will come and grab you anyway. the idea is a rock, paper, scissors idea. where light attack beats heavy attack, heavy attack beats a block, and a block beats a light attack. to to be honest you just mash them in the end anyway. its a good demo and worth having a look

  4.  What eles can i say?


    Great game, but still missing a lot. I've just finished it (finally), after 31hours of game play, i didn't feel like I accomplished much. after 20 hours in it started to feel more like a chore then a game, with the story like not progressing, or progressing very slowly, I started to get very bored, with the game toughing in the odd different mission every so often to keep me playing. there's not many problems with the game play otherwise its sound. the sub-story's and characters are very good and its nice to see how what I did in mass effect 1 effected what happens on this one, and how far down to detail it went. the in box on your personal comp was pointless, and when I first brought fish i didn't realise that I had to fed them so often, I couldn't see any reason why the EDI couldn't do it. the models where good, but I seem to get the best ones at the start and the worst at the end. but all in all I'm just nit picking. its a good game, with a few nicks.

    Overall i could think of much better ways to spend the time but alwell.

  5.  so this is it!!


    Wow, wow and erm.... Wow again, it seams i really am lost for words, this game is so epic in everyway. Yes you can't have party chat, and yes the first few missions seem a bit random but its a small sacrifice for such a great game. Now unlike most i got this game with the aim to enjoy the story and not bother with the multiplayer as much. Well iv just completed the campaign and if your like me and loved the 1st mw campaign this is sooooo much better. It gives really closer and a great ending. The online is still very good ,iv so far only spent 30 mins playing it, but i can already tell this game is a keeper. I'm not going to give any spoilers, but if u loved the first one you'll love this one more. Id recommend this to anyone for the campaign or multiplayer.

  6.  well....


    iI'm not going to pick on it like some people, but I'm not going to say it's the best game in the world like most! I'm going to REVIEW it (like people should!!) by telling you what's good... and whats bad. I'm going to start good coz i'm in a good mood :D
    its a fun game, if u like rpg's and if u have the time for it, it makes you want to keep playing it to just get better and better like a "Good" rpg should. The equipment is amazing, there is a vast amount to choose from and all the drops auto level. Good game to start with a good chouse if characters and skills to level up. And all in all a fun "good" rpg. The camera is O.K don't listen to the other guy it actually pretty good... well I liked it, its simple to use and control, you can zoom in and out. (depending on what is comfortable) and the details is alright.
    well that finishes that. I'd like to say I liked this game... a bit but I'm doing my best not to be one sided like everyone seems to be in these reviews, but I'm sorry if this next bit should one sided. (if you are reading this and already have the game, you'll know what I'm saying is true :) )
    So... bad points
    all in all there are allot, simple ones get on my nerves allot in games like this, and this one has a prime example, you can't change the sex of what race you pick (if you can please tell me!!!), and when most of the races are girls and chances are your a boy (not to offend girls that play this game) your kind of stuck only having two races to chouse from it you want to be a boy. But (and this is a BIG but) there are enemies everywhere you walk!!! and although there easy and there is a fast travel method to certain places, when you have to go some where that's 5miles away and you have never been anywhere near that before, you looking at around 100000 enemy to kill on the way, it got to the point when me and my mate just forgot fighting them and just brought some horse and rode through while they followed like a dog. But disaster struck when we came across and enemy with a freeze spell that stopped use in our tracks! And we both die losing 100000 coins worth of horse o goody!
    And here i must end the review due to boredom of righting. Hope it helped. And thank you for fining the time to sit down and actually read this without being bothered about the size :D bye

  7.  Well....


    its a streetfighter game wat more can i stay. its a great game, but i got bored of it very fast, not very good online and only for hard core fans who have the time to put into it.

  8.  is this far cry?


    this is a great game. id like to start on a positive because there is no need to just make the game look bad. good points include. freedom to do anything you want, there is all sorts to do planing attacks is great and attacking the place and see your plan unfold even better! the length is amazing, it hooks you in making you want to play it more every day and it can last a days if you go slow on the main story, and the sunset never looked so good! buddies is a great thing to have they are amazing

    But with every game theres problems. the realism is not real enough, with all the realism of seeing your hand as you get in a car and all the great eviroment comes through it lacks basics, there is no hold breath on the sniper, its a simple thing to think about and if anything sould be the one of the first thoughts to put in the game. what ever happend to stealth! its a great part! with the night idea and that one of the most dear thing in the shop is a camo suit you would think steath to be amazing. but no as soon as u miss 1 bullet thats it the whole world knows your there and your back to running in and killing everything that moves. the buddies although there amazing that have a limited amout of uses they comein and save you aroud three time and then thay die, or get wounded you go to save them but they end up dieing sometimes no matter what you do to help them. to manythings to do! you are oftern given in missions where you have to travel to the other side of the map. its ok you can get a bus near and then drive the rest. but getting there is 99% of the fight you are constantly pulled over by the road blocks or a random civilian trying to kill you because you looked that them the wrong way! last point to explain the title well this does not feel like far cry anymore, there are no animals you do not become a overpowered person who can jump 500000000000000000000000m and run at the speed of light, and thats what farcry one was about getting this unknown power that some drug gave you and then you turn into a amazing THING, or beast well whatever you like to call it thats what made farcry, farcry and therefor i feel if this game was given a new name and never related to that game it could be even better! but whats done is done.

    the game is great if you want a long lasting game so have fun playing! but if your a lover of the amazing wonder drug in the first farcry you will be disspointed with this.