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  1.  Beware the eye of the Grizzled Veteran


    I borrowed this game from a friend for a long time and have done nearly all that there is to do on this game. Lets start at the beggining

    The single player campaign is repetetive to say the least. Even if you play through the game without dieing it can seem like you have done everything before, which you probably have. Playing the game on Veteran difficulty must be even worse, where you probably will have to repeat certain areas multiple times to get past them. The campaign has its jems though. For example, the game is littered with many achievements that you receive every few levels, aswell as a juicy 80 pointer for completeing the game. It is the achievements really that keep you playing the game. There are a fair use of vehicles and a good variety of weapons aswell as achievements based on those weapons, such as: Completing a mission using only bolt action rifles, or assault rifles, or harder still, complete a mission without firing a single bullet! Playing the campaign in small installments is the best approach to keep you interested.

    Online play. The game really flourishes here. The online play on this game is brilliant, with 7 different kits to choose from (including Medics and Anti-Armour) aswell as 5 different game types (including 'Headquarters', an interesting variant of 'king of the hill') this game will not get boring. Although the ranking system may be a little off (putting rank zero players against the world number one, this actually does happen), it is fun to get your rank up and then join the fierce competition amongst the other high rankers.

    A few problems:
    The online play on this game is littered with glitches and you do come across players that purposefully exploit these glitches to their advantage, and occasionally you will find a blaitant cheater (I have actually seen the enemy using an invisible tank, or rather I haven't seen!). It gets frustrating that the winner on a match is someone who has found a non-solid wall and can shoot through it and get kills.

    Lag is also a large problem on this game. A common term over the headsets in online play is 'lag-killing' or 'lag-kills'. This occurs a lot, due to the fact that when you shoot someone, it takes a fraction of a second to register the kill, and then the target dies. On slow games, if the target is good (i.e. a Grizzled Veteran), This split second gap between being hit and dieing is enough time for your target to shoot (and kill!) you. It is a common occurance to have two riflemen shoot eachother at the exact same moment.

    Overall (despite the glitches and cheaters, which you can block anyway) this is an outstanding game with fairly good graphics and a varied gaming experience that allows you to find your ideal weapon, game type and map to really boost your rank and 'pwn those n00bz'. Enjoy!

  2.  GRRRR!!!!


    Wow. This is a brutish game. You know your soldiers are for real when they have fully functioning chainsaws as bayonettes. The third person camera actually pans to a better angle as you sink the spinning metal teeth in to some soon to be 'in two halves' sucker. The screen is actually showered with drops of blood when you go all texas massacre on the enemy. Hilariously manly game. I would recommend that you buy this game just to see the size of Coles' arms (one particularly huge character).

  3.  It's why we do it.


    Why do we play console games? Is it to show skill? Is it to kill time? No, it is for fun. Fun in the form of doing things that aren't possible in this world. I'm never going to own a plasma rifle and fight the covenant, I'm never going to hunt down locust and I'm probably never going to drive a vast array of supercars. We play consoles to allow us to experience exciting feats that are impossible in the real world. So the most important factor is the gameplay. Gameplay is the fluidity of movement, the ease, yet presicion of controll over your character and/or environment. It is important that we 'feel' the game to get a truly enjoyable experience out of it. The Xbox 360 delivers this. As compared to the PS3, the controller is more rounded, nicer to the touch. Buttons have been mounted on cylinders in minature tunnels with in lined springs to give a more pleasant feel to pressing the button. The progressive triggers allow us to slowly apply breaks to a car or to deliver just a single bullet rather than a stream. It is details like this, time pent on ergonomics that make the Xbox 360 superior. I will admit that the PS3 may have better graphics, but the Xbox 360s' are plenty good enough. And when it comes to gameplay, the Xbox 360 wins hands down. For a more pleasant gaming experience, buy this console.

  4.  All things in moderation? Naa!


    I was dissappointed to find that season 2 is just 11 episodes long rather than the 23 episodes of season 1. It all ended too quickly and not a great deal of storyline twists and cliffhangers were present. The first season was far more epic. The first season had bad guys turning out to be good guys and then actually bad guys for real. Season 1 was a real thrilling storyline and quite a mindtest to keep up. Season 2, on the other hand, was too simple. No real twists in the storyline and some characters never even crossed paths or had anything to do with eachother. We need something more lengthy and clever for season 3 please Tim!

  5.  Saints Row: A gift from the heavens?


    I thought it was a tall order to take on the GTA series and be successful, and an even bigger one to be better than the GTA series. Saints row has done it. Saints Row has a smoother gameplay to it, entering and exiting vehicles is smotther, vehicles behave better on the roads, and weapon use is far superior. As for graphics, Saints Row Leaves GTA in the pixelated, badly rendered dust. Explosions and fires generate realistic heat hazes and the fire itself moves fluidly and realistically. Minigames are far more fun that in GTA too. My favourite, 'Insurance Fraud', involves throwing yourself infront of moving cars to cause horrific accidents in order to claim damages. Hillarious! If you are a fan of the GTA series, GET THIS GAME! Saints Row has better gameplay and graphics and makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience, as long as you dont go to the South-West corner of the map!

    Glitch Central. This game is riddled with digital disease. Driving along often results in your car and the road dissappearing, leaving you in a seated position, stationary. GTA may have bad graphics, but at least you could play through the whole game. These glitches seriously lower my rating for it.

  6.  A game for Jocks, not for nerds


    The real issue to consider before buying this game, is how are you going to play it. I have had some lengthy experience with this game (I have recieved the 'Pistolier' award for killing 500 terrorists with a pistol!) and have discovered something. When playing in Co-op mode with an 'on the ball' mate, this is THE BEST shooting game I have ever played.

    However, Computer AI is bad, very bad. Enemies are always in the same place and do the same thing so if you are playing a level a few times, you know who is around every corner. Also, on single player, your team is shockingly bad at helping you out, the simple team controlls mean that you canot give complex orders that you can give to friends that are sat next to you in Co-op mode. so you need to be a jock and have many friends for this game to be a worthwhile investment.

    Final verdict:
    Single player: Worst game ever
    Co-op mode: Best game ever