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  1. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6


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     A step in the wrong direction.


    While the graphics, customization and rooster is better than ever, the constant 3 - 5 sec. loading between any and all transitions (after installing 4+ GB on the PS3 hard drive), fairly widespread online lag (may be fixed in a future patch), having to unlock every single one of the 40 characters story modes in a primitive brawler game mode, and a frustratingly cheap final boss (way more than Jinpachi) in those story modes and arcade makes for a game which in my opinion is actually a step back from its predeccessor. It's still awesome for local 2 player matches everyone can enjoy, but other than that, there are far better fighting games for the PS3 out there.

  2.  Simply sublime


    It's a full-blooded adventure with never a dull moment, mind-blowing visuals and excellent gameplay. One of the best games on the PS3 or any other platform, with all that was good from the first one refined and expanded upon, with whole new vistas to behold and explore. This is a strong contender for game of the year, and a reason to own a PS3 in itself.

  3.  Masterpiece.


    Gameplay and story is AAA-material, offering some of the best shootouts and scenarions seen in a game.
    Graphics and sound are (still) amongst the best to grace the PS3, and it requires no install, but runs flawlessly! There is off-line competetive play, but no off-line coop, which is the only thing i´m missing from this title.
    The on-line part is still going strong, it´s the counter strike of the console era.
    This should be the first FPS anyone bought to their console, by law. It´s that good...

  4.  Mandatory!


    This is a mandatory order with each controller... Though the price is steep (relatively speaking), it essentially completes the controller, especially in games featuring guns (like... most of them). They snap on and off easily enough, and doesn´t come loose accidentaly, even after being used for a year. For a solid triggerlike grip, get these.

  5.  Lacks a Soul...


    Once upon a time, I stumbled upon SCIII, and was immediately enthralled, so much in fact, that I sold my old Tekken 5, recognicing it as vastly inferior to SCIII. Now SC4 has emerged, and on paper, It is an improvement of one of the best fightling games. The graphics and animations are superior, the rooster is more varied and full of the best the SC-series has to offer, the star wars characters are a nifty bonus (if nothing more), the tower of souls offer challenging singleplayer... and yet, I cannot find the spark that made me stay up in the wee hours with SCIII. It seems that the singleplayer has somehow been downgraded, the title made less appealing to alle but hardcore gamers who want nothing more than the hard relentless work of mastery of each charecter. The story mode for each charecter offers a mere 5 battles, and though the TOLS offers challenge, it´s really a one ride only. While certainly the best on offer right now in terms of fighting games, it just seem to have left it´s soul behind, replaced by slick multiplayer features and catering to the devoted, but small hardcore crowd. It´s a great shame, but this great game has shifted from enthralling immersion to technologial wizardry, and in my oppinion, is worse off for it. It´s still great, but in a competent way, not a facinating one.

  6.  Easy on the eye and electric bill...


    A great accessory that allows you to charge the controllers without leaving your PS3 on, and look stylish doing it too. 2 can sit in the main slots, and 2 can be charged with mini USB cables. Build quality is good, and the red/green light that allows you to see (from a distance) when the controller is charged is nice. International customers should of course notice that it comes with a UK power supply, so you´ll need an adapter to fit your native power outlets. It might be a tad on the expensive side, but the power you´ll save from not being forced to have the PS3 on should make it a good deal in the long run, and the PS3 does look better without the charging mini USB cables sticking out from its front, and the controllers look better situated on this than lying around. For the sake of your electric bill, as well as for asthetic reasons, get this one.

  7.  A flawed Gem


    It`s a modern Oblivion with some noticable upgrades to gameplay, particularly the combat, which VATS makes a nonstop source of joy and glee. The world is huge and has a feel entirely of its own, and wicked humor and bizarre charecters are everywhere. The story is good for a game, although having a "real end" doesn`t suite the game all to well - theres much to do even after you´ve completed the main storyline, only it´s end is really "The End". Gameplay is basicly perfect, it´s rich, as varied as you want it to be, and never runs out of challenges or surprises (Republic of Dave!!!), and basicly its a rare gem - but a slightly flawed one. The graphics could have been better in some places, but the reason its flawed is the bugs. There are more than several bugs, a few of which requires loading up an old savegame to fix/bypass, and the PS3 freezing is not entirely uncommon, though it is usually quite rare (I`ve had about 8 in 42 hours of gameplay, most in the latter half. Never had any in any other game though). Slowdown does occur, although very rarely and no more than 1 - 2 secs. Overall, if you have an Xbox360, get this one on that, and the PC version is tecnically superior to both, although Fallout 3 really is a game that should be enjoyed in an armchair/sofa rather than in front of the PC monitor. But even on the PS3 this is a game thats gives full value for your money, and offers a long, engaging, and often humourous adventure, albeit with a few interuptions. If the bugs are fixed through PSN, this could be a true musthave, but as it stands, its a good, worthwhile game with some technical issues that does detract some from its otherwise outstanding world and gameplay.

  8.  Great movie, medium Futurama


    It is immensely gratifiing to see Futurama back in business, as it is a smart, one-of-a-kind and above all hilarious show. The previous entry, BBS, was complex and hard to sit through in its entirety, but ultimately rewarding. BWABB is far easier to sit through, with a lot of great jokes especially at the first half, but doesn´t really stand out as memorable when the credits roll. The plot is quite weird, and not always in the good Futurama-sense kind of weird. A seemingly omnipotent tentacled suitor of earth may be a bit too much over the top even in the year 3008. Revisiting the future is nonetheless always a pleasure, and while this may not be the very best episodes I´ve seen of Futurama, it still comes highly recommended, and with a lot of good extras too.