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  1.  It grew on me... so glad I let it!


    I bought this album knowing about three OMD songs, but they were a band I was keen on getting to know a bit better. Instead of buying a greatest hits album I chose their newest offering. After one listen I was indifferent, but then it's not often I can decide on an opinion on music that fast ... two or three more plays and I was hooked. The songs sound somehow classic even though they're brand new. My only complaint was that I bought it after the History of Modern tour - would've loved to see that.

  2.  A greatest hits album?


    AC/DC have done a similar sort of thing before, when their soundtrack to the somewhat forgettable Stephen King movie 'Maximum Overdrive' was released with only three new tracks, but this one is a greater collection of some of their best songs. A huge AC/DC fan, I would never even try to condense my favourites onto one disc but the ones here are perfect for the film, for the listening and possibly for the introduction of new AC/DC fans?

  3.  Slow to start


    The last third of this book had me engroseed, but until then it seemed like there was much more description and detail than actual plot. I found myself sifting through the unnecessary parts to search for the plot, resulting in a bit of confusion at times. Despite this, the originality and moral of this book were both spot on, and the ending stayed with me for quite some time.

  4.  Buy it again


    When this re-issue came out I hadn't got round to buying the album yet so I thought I might as well get this version. I'm so glad I did: one, it fits in my CD rack where I'd been scared it wouldn't and two, the second disc is a fantastic live performance. I can't get over how great Joe sounds! Seriously, if you already have the album, get it for the bonus disc. It's worth it.

  5.  I'm glad I bought this one


    When my old mp3 player refused to work in any computers any more, I had the difficult task of replacing it. I chose this because not only did it have 8GB of storage (8 times more than I was used to), but there was also room for a memory card should I require further space. Which, since I have 1GB left already, I will do!

    As with any new system it took a bit of getting used to, but now I've adjusted I love this mp3 player. It's a lot like an iPod but cheaper and, I think, nicer, though that's just my opinion because I don't like iPod. The sound is great, the picture is clear, the in-built microphone is brilliant and there are loads of options to customise it with. However, I only gave it four stars for a couple of reasons: if I want to search for a song, I have to trawl through every single one alphabetically until I find it - it would be easier to search by album, artist or genre but this stops the shuffle. You have to add album art yourself; if it is embedded in the track, it doesn't show. You need to add the cover as a JPEG into the album file, and make sure it is called 'Folder'. And I miss my sports timer from my old one! It was invaluable when I was at work.

    Despite this, I'm glad I bought it. It was totally worth the money.

  6.  They have a new fan


    This was one of those albums I bought simply to find out a bit more about a band I didn't know a whole lot about, and I'm so glad I did. It's great. The songs have this sad sort of epicness about them and I love them all.

  7.  A classic


    I bought this album ages after I should've done, and of course now I wish I'd had it for longer. Some of the more obvious songs are fantastic, yet so are the album tracks. I think I went from sort of liking DL to being a DL fan when I played this for the first time.
    Also - the cover is really cool!

  8.  Hilarious


    If you have little or no sense of humour, please do not touch this album with a ten foot pole. If you do, however, then I cannot ask you enough to go ahead and buy it. Steel Panther are everything today's rock scene is missing. Most bands seem to have forgotten about, sex, drugs and rock & roll ... not these guys. Everything about them, for me, is brilliant. Sure they aim to parody, but I enjoyed this album musically as much as I laughed as I played it for the first time. Their musical ability was cemented when I saw them live at Download. Seriously man. This thing rocks.

  9. Red Light Fever

    Red Light Fever

    Hot Leg (Justin Hawkins/The Darkness) - CD

    1 New from  £7.95  Free delivery

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     Man rock rocks!


    There are so many emerging rock bands that sing about problems and make us all depressed. If you, like me, are totally sick of such bands, you should buy rlf. It is a fun yet rocking album which everyone will enjoy - a good way to get your wussier friends started on the heavier stuff! I saw them live and they put on a brilliant show. I almost hope they don't ever 'make it' so they can continue to play fantastic, intimate gigs ... But they really deserve to get big.

  10.  All right


    I bought this album, and I'm not proud of it, thinking 'aaaah stupid Blaze I hate him so much', so I tried to forget about that when listening. His voice isn't all that bad, it just sounds a bit strained to me at times. Overall, the album seemed OK. Some of the songs are kind of repetitive but I absolutely love Futureal.