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  1. Rage



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    before buyin this game i did read the reviews on this site ,,,,, i dont know wat the other guys are doin (you must be missing alot of the missions),,,its borderlands come fallout ,,,very smooth running very acurate great graphically so much to do ,,, improve your vehicles , weapons , ammo , armour i think it is outstandin well done ,, but am not so sure why it was only 15 quid ,, its not long since it has been out ...

  2.  truly a great game


    firstly ,,ps2 game exists called sniper elite this was a similar gamer to sniper ghost warrior,,but you were crawling around in broken down germany of course the game play was typical ps2 was very difficult to complete , the camera followed the bullet on a perfect head shot just like ghost warrior ,,,am pleased to hear after reading the above reviews that another episode will be out soon the gameplay itself is very good and if done too quickly you will be discovered and killed ,, just a couple of critisisms you can only carry 2 guns plus a knife, if your discovered this makes the game difficult most of the enemies are the same which did confuse me sometimes ,also the loading and savin can interupt gameplay if this was sorted for the next title this game i believe wud out do any of the cod series, try playin this game on hard ,, it takes a great deal of stealth and concentration but wat a fantastic title brillant work !

  3.  very good but short


    i bought this for 14 quid ,,,and wasnt overly impressed,,,,,,quite a short game too , have played and completed it on all levels and there didnt seem to be much difference,,,,,,,,,but enjoyable

  4.  give it a chance!


    when i first started playin fallout 3 i really didnt like it ,,,i had another 3 games to play,,,,then went back to it ,,,,,,i stuck with it ,once your xp starts getting up this is one massive excellent game theres many different ways to play this game the only thing i found wrong is the glitches now and again you will get stuck on a rock or something and you cannot free yourself,,,i have the dlc the pitt which i havent really played on yet (still playing borderlands after a year) this is an awsome gamei suggest you get the edition of the year with all the dlc s

  5.  awsome game


    the initial game is huuuuuuge ,,lots of guns and goodies to pick up ,your capped at level 50 ,,,the zombie island you keep you entertained for hours , moxxis underdome was just too hard , general knoxx is fantastic ,,,,massive dlc this is probably the best game i have owned well worth every penny ,playthrough 2 is awsome ,,,,,,,my thumbs are sore,,,the only critisism i have is that you are constantly goin backwards and forwards to complete the missions , general knoxx will take your level xp up to 61 ,,look out for the pearlescent weapons ....top game and i will still be playin this for months to come,,,excellent

  6.  excellent


    am not gonna harp on about how good this game is, graphically as good as cod 4, but not as smooth your soldier "sev" moves around too slow even on the fastest setting.....but thats all i can slate it for , brian cox voices visari..sean pertwee voices radec two unmistakeable tones excellent game , awsome

  7.  pretty good


    two things wrong with this game, 1. you cant aim and move at the same time, 2. you cant move and reload at the same time either, the rest of the game i found was fantastic if the above two items were corrected this would get ten out of ten!

  8.  oh dear


    what a disappointment i waited along time to get this game it could of been soooooooo much better, the graphics are not too bad but some of the characters look terrible why does john connor start walkin off on his own ? it seemed very randomly put together for me,it was so short and ridiculously easy the games i traded in were far better than this poor shooter.....

  9.  great graphics poor game


    %quite a good game but it is so repetative and you can use a full clip tryin to kill just one enemy, the graphics are really stunning but i am really disapointed , your weapons seem to jam up just when you need them, i am at the last 7 % of the game and i fell off into the swamp which is huge and not possible to complete and have to start again this really lets the game down , the other thing is, enemies are firing at you from inside rocks !wat is that . a glitch enemies shoot at you you cant see them they shouldnt be able to see you , then again you can sneak up behind most enemies and slaughter them with your machette, without any trouble i have spent in total 47 hours playing this game to be slightly disapointed

  10.  brilliant


    i own both the ps 2 and the ps3 now and again i play sniper elite its the best game ever anyone who is into stealth and snipering get this game you wont be disapointed,,,,,, i think it should be remade for ps3 and the 360 with the new awsome graphics it would out sell anythin on the market,,,,,,when the camera follows the bullet in slow motion its nothin short of awsome