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  1.  One of best XBOX 360 games


    This quote sums it all. It's labeled so in some online rankings so go check pro reviewers.

    The gameplay works pretty exactly as final fantasy games and other turn based combat (only formation options, no movement nor terrain effect during combat) adventures.

    The story comprehends 4 dvds so for it's actual price you'll get a reasonably long game, with good graphics and compelling story with lots of drama on it and even a novel to unlock chapter by chapter and accesible thru main game's menu.

    The score sounds epic altough repetitive sometimes, as acostumes to happen to those games were you get random monster encounters.

    All in all I'll recommend it both to newcomers to the genere (the story will drag you in keeping you interested) and experienced japanese RPG's. After all, take out the horror and put the turn based combat in and you almost get a resident evil style of adventure.

    Don't think twice and give this a try, I surprised myself having fun with it even considering the formula dated.

  2.  Great value for your money.


    Great mix of stealth and first person shooter. This is two games in one disc, so it's a great value. It's one the same vibe of The Darkness (same studio) so you either love it or you hate it.

    The most important thing about the game is that once playing, you feel inside another world (like let's say, starwars movies wich feels like stories happening inside a rich universe). There's not many games out there that really achieve that feel so the rest (graphics and all -not bad anyways-) doesn't really matters.

    It won't dissapoint any sci-fi fan.

  3.  No Brainer Bargain


    Game mechanics (swing the bionic arm) are a bit trycky at first since there aren't so many games that focus on this but once you learn, the game feels so smooth and rewarding... One of the few games I know that is meant to be played on it's hardest difficulty level so you can get the feel of old school hazarous platforming games.

    Graphically doesn't stand out but if you pay attention to detail (closer objects blurs as you focus your sight on the one far way and the same if you do the contray... the water effects at the forest...) you can discover fine stuff there.

    This game got bashed unfairly but doesn't desevere less than a score of 7. It's not a game for everyone but has some of the smartest moves I've seen lately in the industry:

    Collectible items are reasonably big and bright (neon) colored so are easy to find in most cases... but hard to get sometimes, since this can be considered a platformer (with shooting in it) Oh, and they'll unlock concept art so serves a purpose.

    There's also tasks to do ingame such as killing 3 enemies using shotgun while swinging and such. The kind of stuff that grants you an achievement. You got killed, restat at the checkpoint and then forgive about it since it's on your gamerscore. ERROR. Those unlock upgrades for your armor and weapons (in a similar way that perks works for The Saboteur) so you'll want to get it done in the same saved game not just for your gamerscore but to improbe your chances to survive later in the game. Clever!

    IMHO you'll have a hard time trying to get more for your money that this title throws at you at its bargain price.

  4.  Top Notch multiplayer


    Simply put, one of the bet cooperative multiplayers out there, both offline and thru XBox Live.

    It plays like the average shooter (i.e. Call of Duty series) but then you have an experience progression meter, and all the maps, loot and stats. When you shoot the game takes what your aim and weapon power did and aplies knowledge of the weapon and dexterity modifiers depending on how you buid up your character so the same kind of gun can achieve different results depending who's pulling the trigger.

    As in Role Playing Games, you'll rush for the stuff enemies drop, being it equipment (the games has serious variety of them), money or quest items.

    Oh, and it have 4 characters to choose from and each can enhace their abilities to 3 different branches of specialization so virtually you could be playing this forever and getting different feelings about the game each time.

    Low story values but excellent gameplay and sense of humor. Special mention to graphics wich have a hand drawn feel to them. Recommended.

  5.  Excellent but no replayability.


    This game can be seen from two points of view: as a standalone game and as a batman franchise game. No matter how you look at it, this is one of the best games out there and sure the best batman game.

    Graphics, sound, game mechanics (both combat and stealth present enough variety to keep you interested to the end)...

    I'll dare to say all's excellent but if I was to be picky I'll say it has low to none replayability once you end the game. No online play, just a time attack mode were you can choose the brawler or the stealth mode and earn medals and thus, achievements.

    Avoid the collectors' edition. All in it is poor quality and the two maps (rooms, actually) you get to play that said time attack mode don't worth the extra.

  6.  Heavy metal, light game


    Don't take me wrong; I love this game and you'll do if you are into heavy metal since the world and the plot revolves arround the stuff seen on molst old school (DIO!) metal albums' booklets.

    Also the game has the kind of charm like, let's say the past generation "beyond good and evil" game, and you'll hear awesome tracks while seeing a reel of jokes about the hair metal-heavy metal world. But the good part ends here.

    This plays like a sandbox but instead of jumping you get hack n slash style controls, with combos and such. You can drive a car (hot rod) but don't expect variety on vehicles or weapons because the core here is to slash with the axe, long range attack with the electric (thundering) guitar, block andinteract with allies like the elika moves in prince of persia but not so deep, just 1 attack for eacht type of ally. Even side missions are repetitive to death and the world is plain boring to explore since the only reason to do is to find unlockable dragons (you get a character enhacement for every 10 dragons found), portals to ozzy (store), extra tracks for the car and few awesome places to look at, like motors merging with mountains, giant stone swords and the likes.

    I didn't give multiplayer a try (yet) so can't comment on this. Gameplay is good but not so deep. Music is good. Graphics are so so, since cartoon style is much forgiving than a more realistic approach but still has some detail in close up cinematics.

    My rating, a 6 or maybe a 7 just for the wrapping, but the core of the game should be rated mediocre, wich ain't good nor bad.

    Buy it half the launch price or cheaper and don't expect much of it and you'll get a great game with a lot of charm and humor, two things hard to find in games nowadays... unfortunatedly games nowadays have a lot of other stuff in spades that this game lacks. Keep it in mind.

  7.  One ring... to call your friends in.


    Pretty decent game, heavy focused on the multiplayer part. Just swap medium range weapons for swords (adds combos to the usual capture the flag class oriented multiplayer games ) and bows for sniper rifles. Throw in assasins and warlocks (counterpart of medic class in oter games) and you got it. The light vehicle part are just horses and such since the heavy ones (tanks anyone?) are trolls and the bigger stuff you can find in tolkien's stories.
    Playing it 3rd person (ala star wars battlefront) and the melee component made a nice twist to the classic battlefield style multiplayer games. You can even control unique characters like Gandalf itself to turn the the situation to your side

    You can get about 500+ gamerscore alone with the campaing involving you with the good and the evil forced alike and manages to feel epic if you like warhammer, dragonlance and such fantasy universes.
    Graphics aren't the best arround, must admit, but serve well he gameplay. You get different class models depending the area you are figting, so you won't see the same swordman at the forest that in the mines, etc.

    The camera is good but sometimes it's a pain to rotate so you can face one of the many enemies the game throws at you.

    Lately I can't findas many online playes active as I would like to being usual a 3 on 3 or 3 on 2 and 9 players at the same time an oddity but still possible.At least I know some people getting this one soon so it fortunatedly will change soon.

    For its actual price it's a good game with nice campaign and strong team based multiplayer. I reccomend to give it a try and remember that there is a demo @ XBL marketplace.

  8.  great team based multiplayer


    I picked this one on sales and for it's actual price tag is a good multiplayer game.

    The campaign is just a tutorial disguised with cinematics at the start of each stage wich is far more than you'll get with shadowrun.

    The online is where it shines, being a hardcore title (hard to jump in at first but very rewarding as you spend time with it).

    Forget halo and such things, if you like games like battlefield and team fortress you'll like this; it's a class based game focused heavily on infantry altough you can get a tank and a mech (robot) and build sentry turrets, etc.

    This isn't a game for everyone, I'd admit. The game throws at you side misions (escort the VIP, retrieve info, etc.) while playing capturing the flag games and you can also play horde. Some people may find controls annoying at first but once used to I feel right at home, and liking how the weapons and armor feels (pretty heavy).

    It's major drawback is the fact it's a teamwork oriented game wich is nice but you know it's not always possible to propperly cooperate with some people. I've seen 1 dedicated server so far and still can find few players but sadly there aren't many.

    All in all I've found online games quick and in case there are a couple of players missing to round the match, the game fills the gap with bots.

    Don't expect the best FPS but online FPS fans that don't like to go solo should give this a try. There is a demo at XBL marketplace... after 3 or 4 games you'll know if this game will dissapoint you or will fit your gaming needs.