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  1.  Simply The Best


    WoW gets alot of bad media by mainly people who havent played it , saying thats WoW is for nerds or geeks or watever. But these people are not realizing the scale of this game . they are also in my opinion WRONG , i am anything but a nerd i do dirt jumps on my Kona Stinky ( a top spec bike) , and i still find a little time to play my fav game World of Warcraft .
    You can chose to be either Horde or Alliance , Horde have the Vicous Orcs the relaxed Tauren the hideous Trolls and the Undead , Wheras the Alliance have The Noble Humans the Exentric Gnomes the Mighty Dwarfs and The ancient and reclusive Night elfs .
    Whichever one you chose your Character to be you have to look at the graphics of this game , its unreal , The lush grasslands of Mulgore , the Snowcapped Moutains of Khaz Modan .
    The sence of achivement after you have gon up a level is very pleasing especially when your are in the 40-60 zone .

    The only bad thing i could sayabout this game is that it does cost money to play in the form of a by-mountly supscription .

    If You do decide to buy this Game i would strongly sujjest that you buy the Battle chest collection which is around £19.99 , becasue you get The first game and the expantion pack Buring Crusade .

    thank you for your time

  2.  Oh Oh Shawn


    quality HBK shirt , very good quality . there are a few more hbk shirts on the market but this i think is the coolest

  3.  impressive


    as i said i think that the game is impressive and enjoy the fact that it is all made from lego , as it is lego there is some humor which is often ironic.
    However a few issues i had with this game is that , when i bought it i had read a few reviews from magazines such as Oxm and Xbox 360 world and they gave it a thumbs up. so this lead me to hyping it up. but i was n't that much dissapointed with it .
    But that was the only bad side to it , i find the puzzing nature of lego very good espescially when this game is for most ages as all games should.
    I do rate this game it is very impessive .

  4.  Good stuff


    i recomend this poster because it really suits people who dont like their boss or people who dont think or people who like futurama
    £2.99 get it