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  1.  Absolutely brutal!!


    Absolutely brilliant album!! I haven't seen a front man as charismatic as Phil Anselmo in a long time. Amazing band! With Dime as guitarist you cannot go wrong, superb drums by Vinnie Paul as well. Definitely an album everybody who likes Metal should own, every track is superb and face smashing.

    Favourite Track's = Cowboys From Hell, Cemetery Gates, Psycho Holiday, Hollow

  2.  Absolutely stunning!


    This was the very first Dream Theater album and it is still my favourite. There isn't one bad track on here! The first four opening tracks are face smashing metal songs with absolutely amazing technical playing by each member of the band. Then there is a short break with a much softer song but then it goes back to the hard hitting sound of the previous tracks. This is an album I can sit and listen to without skipping a track and I cannot do that with many albums so a giant thumbs up.

    Favourite Track = Endless Sacrifice, Honor Thy Father

  3.  Resident Evil nostalgia fest!


    This is one of the most fun games I have ever played, me and my brother in law have hardly come off it. For an on rails shooter it has an extremely long campaign, I am sure we have been playing atleast 9 hours and we havent completed it yet.

    The game retells the events from Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and also a scenario with Leon and Krauser set before the fourth game. If you were a fan of the old Resident Evil games you will love going through your favourite environments and relieving those battles you did so many years ago.

    This is how Resident Evil should be, even though its a light gun game it stays true to how Resident Evil used to be. The atmospheric music and the slow zombies that moan when they are getting nearer. I dont think you even need to be a fan to enjoy this game, I am going to get my mum on it later who has never played Resident Evil in her life.

    And for fans of the original soundtrack, it has much of the music from the original games but remixed in a new way.

    Overall if you are a fan of Resident Evil or even you are not definitely buy this game, it will provide hours of fun!

  4.  Amazing game!


    I have always been a very big fan of the Resident Evil series, and completed the original of this game on the PS1. Considering this game came out on Gamecube in 2002, it has the best graphics I have ever seen.

    I dont understand people's issue's with the controls they are no problem at all, infact they are alot easier on the wii than I thought. If you have never played the original Resident Evil then I highly recommend you getting this game to discover where it all began. Even if you completed the PS1 version many times still buy it, even if you knew the first game off by heart, many things have changed on the remake.

    Overall a brilliant game with excellent graphics and atmosphere.

  5.  Most amazing show ever made!


    I know this show has been on for years but I didn't want to start watching through the middle of a season so I bought this box set the other day. Oh my.... me and my mum cannot stop watching it! Once we finish one episode we have to watch the next. This is the most well acted, well written most entertaining show ever made. So many twists and turns to keep you guessing, it keeps on you on the edge of your seat the whole time!

    If you do not enjoy this show then I have no idea what you will enjoy!

  6.  People need to get a sense of humour!


    This film... is absolutely hilarious! People are taking it way to seriously, this film is not meant to have great special effects or great acting! It is meant to be a fun over the top gore fest and thats what people should see it as. The film is entertaining from start to finish, with absolutely priceless facial expressions from Timothy Balme and completely over the top gore. Corpses cut up with a lawn mower, and a baby kicked about in the park anyone?

    This is a film that will have you in hysterics if you have a sense of humour and keeps you entertained throughout the entire thing.

    If you are a fan of films like Bad Taste or Evil Dead this is definitely a film worth watching.

  7.  One star for the soundtrack.


    Wow... I read reviews on this before it didn't sound good but I wanted to check it out for myself. What a waste of an hour and a half. I absolutely love the first film, great soundtrack, great story, great acting everything about it was brilliant.

    This film! Was dreadful, the acting was laughable, the lighting was extremely strange I mean pink sky? And smoke all over the streets where the hell are they living. The story was completely rushed, the characters had no personality. And not to mention a dreadful performance from Iggy Pop. In the first film you really care for Eric and Sarah, in this one it was like so what?
    The high light of the entire film was when "Believe In Angels" from the first crow film came on. I have watched this film once and will never watch it again.

    If you are curious about the film I think you should watch it, but if you are not really bothered do not buy this film.

  8.  Amazing Poster!


    I was a little skeptical at first when it says One Sheet Poster I thought that might have meant it was a door poster or something because none of the other posters said it. But it is just a normal size poster, and a brilliant one I must add! I love this poster, being a big fan of the film I needed some Inglourious merchandise and loved the design of this poster. Brilliant size and brilliant design, would highly recommend if you are a fan of the film!

  9. Toxicity


    System Of A Down - CD

    19 New from  £4.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.89

     Amazing album!


    I cannot believe I have only just bought this album, have listened to SOAD for quite some time but only really knew the singles so I am now going to get all their albums. This is a brilliant one to start with has some great songs such as "Prison Song, Science, Chop Suey, Toxicity, Aerials, X" They are my personal favourites but they are all good. If you like alternative metal music with unique vocals and great instrument playing then buy this album!!

    Favourite Song = Science

  10.  Great album!


    This is the definitive album of Slipknot. Great tracks so much better than their new stuff from All Hope Is Gone. Combining elements of heavy metal, hip hop and other genres this band makes a completely unique sound of music. If you are a fan of Metal or Nu-Metal this is definitely an album you should own.

    Favourite Track = "Sic"