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  1.  Amazing!


    This is a huge album, amazing!
    Everyone should pre order this album and support the lovely lady! She truely deserves this to go into the top 10!
    There are genres for everyone - Dance, Motown, Ballads, Up-tempos, 80's, and just pure pop.

    The best songs are Lets Get Excited, Breathe Slow, The Boy Does Nothing, (the 3 hit singles), Chasing Ghosts, Hand it Over, Play Me, To Love Again (future single), Shake and The Light!

    Everyone should own this - and it's such a great price for 18 songs!!


  2. Hands


    Little Boots - CD

    29 New from  £2.98  Free delivery

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     LOVE IT!


    I love this album, my favourite songs are..

    Stuck On Repeat
    Remedy (BEST)

    but all the other songs are brilliant too!
    My favourite song is Remedy, which is about dancing and was produced by Red One (Lady Gaga's Just Dance guy)

    AMAZING =)

  3.  Brilliant!


    Went to see this last night at the cinema after thinking the trailer looked good...it was amazing! I thought it could just be a rubbish low-budget movie but it wasn't at all..
    The actors were great, the story was brilliant!
    It's like Skins but a horror version lol..its got funny bits too!
    Thought the website bit was sad, and the bullying bits too..
    A must watch! =)

  4.  Brilliant!


    Some truly great songs, especially:

    Turnin' me on
    Knock you down
    How does it feel
    Tell him the truth
    Change me
    The way i are

    All the others are great too, this is a far better album than "fantasy ride" by ciara, that album is really dull and only had 3 good songs..this has at least 10 great hits!
    Buy the alesha show by alesha dixon, it's great!

  5.  Brilliant!


    Brilliant album! Was actually surprised at how good it is..

    The 3 singles she has released are brilliant, and all the other songs are brilliant too!

    My favorites -
    Let's get excited
    Breathe slow
    The boy does nothing
    Chasing ghosts
    Hand it over
    Do you know the way it feels
    Play me...
    And all the rest are brilliant too! Can't wait till her next album,,

    A must buy! =)

  6.  Brilliant!


    Thought this looked quite good, the trailer looks exciting and I liked the fact it was baised around natural disasters...


    The story is really good, and interesting! The cut-scenes are brilliant, usually I skip cutscenes but I don't in this because they are so exciting..

    The graphics are brilliant too, it definitely looks like a ps2-style game!

    Amazing! So glad I bought it, you can do loads of things like driving (like mario kart), shooting (like house of the dead) & exploring places and helping people (sort of like trauma centre)

    Brilliant! A must-buy! =)

  7.  Amazing!


    Wow this game rocks so much!
    At the start I was like, okay this is just alrite..:S because the first mission or two were just being taxi drivers and stuff, but once you get to mission 3+ they are amazing!
    So far I've been selling drugs, throwing petrol bombs at shops, driving an ambulance, sailing boats, rigging peoples cars to make them lose races etc...AND I'M ONLY 5% DONE!

    It's so fun and addictive, I can't wait to keep playing..
    It's funny too, the cut-scenes are actually funny, usually i hate cutscenes! But you can skip them if you really want..

    Lol buy it's great!!!!

  8.  Brilliant


    Got it for Christmas and completely loving it!

    It's great to keep you in shape and have fun at the same time..

    The games (especially balance games) are great for parties and it's hilarious to watch someone "hula hoop" and things!

    Also the muscle workouts and the yoga will help your posture and weight.. you can even set goals to lose weight!

    Brilliant, although the price does seem alot, it's worth it!


  9.  Its Ok..


    For what it is, it's good but.. not great!

    The graphics are good and stuff and there are different modes like fastest finger etc but..
    sometimes when i press an answer something happens that makes the game decide i picked a different answer which is soo annoying!

    Also there is very little difference from the junior mode from the adult mode and the junior mode is still really hard!

    Not bad though, if you're a fan you will probably really like it!


  10.  Brilliant!


    For what it is, it's brilliant!
    It does everything it says on the tin and more..

    There are loads of books, most of which I have heard of (I'm only 14, so if your older you've probably heard of all of them) like A Christmas Carol, Treasure Island etc...

    Although if you're looking for recent books like Harry Potter or something, this game doesn't have it!

    It has loads of books and other features like "about the book" and "about the author" etc.. and you can change the font size etc..

    A great "game" which i will go back to over and over again.

    P.S if you are foreign the only language the books are in is English! So be careful!