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  1.  Batman Returns


    I finally gave into the hype of this game and bought it and I wasnt dissapointed. Not only does B:AC make you really feel like Batman its probably the best game based on a comic book to have ever been released (and this is coming from a Spider Man fan.) Whats great about Arkham City is that it is just such a full package. There are stealth, combat and travel aspects and they all feel smooth and its easy to transition from one to the other. The extra gadgets are excellent and inventive but not necessary so you can make your play style as simple or complex as you want. The production value of AC is clear to see and the story (while not as epic as its made out to be) is still super fun and youll enjoy every cut scene plus the voice actors are all perfect. Its hard to level criticism at this game as far as comic book action games go it really doesnt get much better. The only gripe I had was that sometimes its hard to know where youre supposed to go, from finding dead bodies in the grimy streets in side missions to simply finding the entrance to a building. Also I found a lot of the extra modes were just tacked on and that actually replayability lies only in the story mode and side story missions, not the combat challenges etc which are frankly tedious. This is nothing in comparison to the awesomeness of this game though. B:AC has clearly had a lot of time and effort put into it and it shows.

  2.  Resident....not so Evil.


    Fans (like me) of old school tank control thrills might be dissapointed with this game as its basically an expansion of the new type of gameplay implemented with Resi 4. We all miss the old school horror games from the glory days of the PS1 but this is the direction Capcom have decided to take. Having said that as far as third person action adventure games go this is about as good as it gets on the system. Great controls amazing graphics and environments and the typical good guys chase bad guy story line. Resi 5 is one of the most complete games in the genre and whats important is that its a lot of fun to play. With a plethora of weapons to unlock and the same amount of different monsters to test them out on youll enjoy this game so long as you accept it is not old school Resi. The Gold addition has a few extra modes and costumes but there is nothing outstanding there outside the main game.

  3.  Tough Loving.


    Dark Souls will push you to your gaming limits but if you can stomach the beatings this game will no doubt dish up, you will get a big reward. Dark Souls improves on Demons Souls in nearly every way with much improved fluidity in the control system and easier access to weapons and abilities on the fly. Yes the rumors are true, Dark Souls is tough as nails but its never cheap. If you use the correct strategy you will succeed...but you will need to use the correct strategy against EVERY enemy you come across! The game looks great and has a nice variety of environments and monsters. The bosses are awesome and each one will leave an impression on you and youll be dazzled and infuriated in equal measure. The Dark Souls universe is actually very fascinating but unfortunately you can only piece together bits of information about it here and there from brief conversations from various NPCs. I suppose though, that this adds to the games mistique and intrigue. If you had the heart to beat Demons Souls, free up some time and play this but if you just want a pick up and play....do not!

  4.  Almost Amazing Spider Man!


    ALMOST the Spider Man game fans have been waiting for. Shattered Dimensions is the most creative and possibly the best Spider Man game released thus far. With the choice of four different universe with subtly different but refreshing gameplay styles any Spidey fan will love this. Graphically it looks brilliant and feels way more polished than any other title in the series. Gameplay is combat oriented with intermitent bouts of swinging but the controls switch nicely and all of Spideys moves are easily accesible making it a blast going through the levels. The story is simple but fun the main keypoint here is variety and Shattered Dimension has plenty of it, voice acting is great and all the va's pull off their respective characters. The only criticism that I can level at the game is its linearity and lack of free-roam swinging which is sorely missed and also makes the game a little short. Otherwise Shattered Dimensions is an absolute blast and a must have for any fan.

  5.  Mass Entertainment


    Mass Effect 2 introduced me to the series and is the game that made it an absolutely unforgettable IP. The character development is about the best Ive ever seen in one game and it was a pleasure to experience. In Mass Effect 2, you really get to know and appreciate your comerades and it helps to motivate your progress throughout the game. The gameplay itself is hardly groundbreaking but it is a solid third person shooter with some fun added abilities at your disposal and an (albeit simplistic) leveling up system for a sense of progression. This game absolutely blew me away with an amazing mix of high level visuals and strong character interaction combined with solid gameplay and tight controls. The best action RPG on the system and one of a kind.

    Note: I had a problem during one play through. There was some kind of loading error and my save file was corrupted and irretrevable. I dont know if this was a one off but Id recommend backing up your save on a USB every now and then.

  6.  Beenox takes one step forward...now two steps back.


    If youre a Spider Man fan and you enjoyed Shattered Dimensions, you will enjoy this game. Its a shame though, that the coolest thing about being Spidey (web slinging) is all but absent from this title. In its place is a LOT of button mashy combat. If you want to play this game just take it for what it is, a short romp through a Spider Man tale. Then at least you will have some fun for about six hours. But the next great Spidey game it is definately not....fingers crossed for Amazing.