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  1.  Great


    i had a long review i done for several sites but it keeps getting denied here? even after checking for anything against the rules.. oh well, all in all the outcome is great! am i allowed to say great? but not the best Halo by far, the online days of Halo 2 and 3 were legendary, this just doesn't live up to that quality unfortunatly, but it still an amzing game.

  2.  RFG = A must buy


    played the online and offline demo now, i am very impressed, so realistic, best sandbox game out there 100 X more so than badcompany as walls dont come of in set chunks, it is 100% destructive and the back packs are awsome fun.

  3.  have to agree


    i had played the first lost planet online and hinestly thought it was terrible and unfair, you versus people who play the game day in day out. fair? nope. the capmaign was also based less around enjoyment and based more around HURRY UP OR YOU'LL DIE. although lost planet two seemed to be diffrent, well, i was wrong. theres no thermal rubish in this one atleast but its still appalling online. this time in the sence that the longer you play the better equipment you get, making it almost impossible for new players to stay alive over 30 seconds.

    the campaign is a different matter though. it has the potential to be a great story but is not empahsised enough as you just casually go around killing aliens. it is still loads of fun however, the boss fights are great! and it does include a good customization for your character to make him feel unique. this along with the four player co-op make a rather fun game, however it gets old fast. if your looking for a fun co-op experience lost planet 2 is great. if you aree looking for a long lasting RPG or multiplayer game, i suggest you avoid it.

  4.  Crysis 2


    Crysis two is a game i had been looking forward to for a while. However when i played the multplayer beta i was shocked at its lack of fun. the general idea to win was to camp. however i didn't want this game for its multiplayer, i wanted it for the campaign, and i have to say it was stunning.

    the visuals in Crysis 2 are nothing short amazing, some of the best graphics in a game i have EVER seen, secondly the story is griping and having not played the first crysis myself, i found it was easy to understand as they help explain the events of the first game throughout the story.

    The movement system in the game i very fluent and easy to master, having myself changed the controlls so i can powerslide/melee by clicking the right stick and sprint with the left i found it was easy to move around having all movement based controls on the two joysticks.

    the suit/weapon system in the game is very unique and very cool. when killing the "Seph" you collect DNA samples which you use to pucrhase new suit upgrades, and once you pick up a weapon with certain attachments, you unlock those attachments and are able to change them at any time by holding "back", as well as this you can go into your suit upgrades by simply tapping "back" making the in-game customization easy and fast meening you can do it mid combat if you like, incase say you suddenly want to take of your silencer and put on a grenadel auncher, keeping you in the action rather than having to pre-determin what you want before an encounter.

    Crysis two is an amazing gaming experience, featuring an in-depth campaign i havn't seen since the likes of Halo, amazing graphics that capture the beauty of a cataclysm, fluent movement to make you feel like a super hero and easy to understand and a fast customization pannel, not leaving you dumb stuck with way to many choices like some other games.

    if you love a good story Crysis 2 is sure to match your needs with a longer campaign than i have seen in a while matched equaly with its gameplay, and truly deserves 5 stars

    i personaly don't like the multiplayer due to the cowardice of campers, although it is a well structed, balanced game with enough game types to keep you happy and around 10 maps, but if anything its a non-compulsory extra

    i did however have one more suggestion for the multiplayer on this. i you do buy this and your friends too have it, you have to play hide and seek in a private lobby, with suit stealth, bleeping monitors to warn you when another player is near, footstep trackers and much more, it is truly a game of cat and mouse, and once you have been spotted, leg it before the seeker can catch you for an around the map chase! i truly had an amazing time doing that :)

  5.  Why so Serious


    Fallout New Vegas is Shockingly good. the Graphics are fine and the draw distance (how far you can see) is amazing, you can be standing on a hill in the middle of the map and still see the NCR Ranger statue at the very south. the map is about the same size as F 3 but jam packed with even more locations.

    Unlike its predecessor New Vegas has ALOT of towns and villages, standing from Sloan, a minning town harrased by deathclaws to Jacobstown, a town composed of Friendly super mutants and night kin.

    New Vegas also has alot more weapons, over double the previous fallout. Aswell as this most weapons have addons. one of the first guns you get is a varmint rifle, mines is upgraded with a night vision scope and a silencer making for some fun night hunting.

    i should now mention the only downside i suppose. that is glitches, fallout new vegas has alot of 'em. but its not as bad as you think. i had one that wouldnt let me re-enter the strip withought freezing, but it was fixed simply by equiping a old cowboy hat. most of the severe glitches have fixes in game and what you have to remember is that as we speek Bethesda and Obsidian are working to fix these, its not a game ruining aspect.

    Something you need to know about this game is the replayability. there are ALOT of quests and almost everyone has multiple choices. I.E Free the slaves or capture more? Assassinate the president of the NCR or save him? Kill the Great Khans, get them to leave or even get them to Help the NCR OR Powder Gangers. the choices are endless. well... they do end after about 2000 hours of gameplay i suppose, but thats alot.

    my verdict is
    Graphics 7/10
    Gameplay 9/10
    replayability 10/10
    customisation 10/10
    but the glitchies leave a sour -6/-10

    if you like RPGs get this game, you will not regret it. if you encounter a glitch, search it online, people like me are willing to help you find away around it until it is fixed :D

  6.  Ignore the children


    ignore all the reviews given one star. obviously just 5 minute reviewers (I.E someone who doesnt even give a game a chance and instantly gives it one or 5) i have played this game time and time again, i really cannot understand the 1 star reviews! ok so the graphics arnt perfect and theres some glitches but beyond that it is great! and as for the dialect taking to long... it really doesnt, they just replace such words like it is with tis' and you with thee and thou. there is plenty to do and only multiplayer can be fun. this game was epic when it first came out and is still awsome if your looking for a cheap game that is still good.

    i would really give it a 4 to be fare, but i cant stand to see it at 2 so it gets promoted to 5 :D

  7.  worst game of 2008...


    the only reason it has 2 stars is for the sake of the campaign is alright but the online sucks big time, just a bunch of glitchers, moders and campers... also people act very childish on it and it seems to give the host (anyone american in the game) magical powers aswell as you being about 3 seconds behind so like on cod you can be like "what??? he only shot me twice and i shot him loads!" but in the reply you don't shoot at all and they put a full clip in you... if you are buying this for offline use then its good 4/5 but online is a big 0/5