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  1.  Hits You With A Wicked Aftertaste!


    Seinfeld is one of these sitcoms which began as a slow burner. The show almost never happened! But faith was put in, and the viewers were rewarded with one of the US's strongest sitcoms. Season 2 brings in much classic moments, including an unfortunate night at a chinese restaurant which will keep you laughing through every second. Much recommended series and will bring smiles to you all through the 18 episodes!!

  2.  Noah and the Smash Hit Album of 2011!!


    Noah and the Whale have grown from strength to strength over the years. From having a top 5 album to one of the most critically acclaimed records of the 00's, they are back. 'Last Night on Earth' is the latest release from the indie-folk band. I have seen live performances of a few tracks and think they are awesome, very cheery and still keeping the unique sound that the band are known for. From the optimisticly fun 'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.' to the more subtle but powerful 'Wild Thing', we are in for a real treat.

  3.  The Science of Ricky Gervais is the perfect comedy formula


    Saw this show last night at Wembley Arena. I loved every second of it. It was funny, witty, raw and was just such a treat. For a man who could probably sit on his backside for the rest of his life, he does rub it in to the less better off but still creates such a great show. Starting off with an OTT presentation and going with stories about Noah and the Ark, Ken Dodd and even Karl Pilkington. Science is definately one of the best shows I have ever seen and probably the best stand-up Ricky Gervais has ever performed!!!!

    Treat yourself to britains funniest comedian.

  4.  Ms Marling comes of age


    After the debut 'Alas, I Cannot Swim'. We now have the second release which ticks every box and surpasses all expectations. Laura Marling has made a gem here. Every track is spot-on, the lyrics are all deep and meaningful, the melodies are always chilling and soothing at the same time and it never gets boring. A big step in Indie-Folk and can not wait for another slice from this musical prodigy.

    10/10 for sure, no doubt at all.

  5.  Turns your mind upside down!!!!!


    This film was different. I have never seen a movie that only depended on two characters alone. It was handled really well and while most people have commented on the explicit content, it is also the journey it takes your mind to. It shows a big turn in cinema from your usual psychological thrillers/horrors. I finished this film thinking to myself "Oh My God, That Was Brilliant" yet at the same time i was scratching my head thinking how could this have ever had been conceived. Definately one of the best films i have ever seen.

  6.  The Second trilogy ends on the high note!!


    Many people slammed Saw IV and V as very poor and badly made films. While I enjoy them, I didn't enjoy them as much as I did this installment. It feels like it goes back to what made Saw great, plenty of shock twists, some games being complex and some being very simple. also a great story which ties up a few loose ends and brings the series full circle. I do hope that with Saw VII, this will be the end then. they have brought back their quality, but i really hope they dont slip again!!!

  7.  The Best Album of 2008 will always be a treasure


    This was an album that i was very curious about, from hearing '5 years time' on the radio a few times, i thought these guys sounded cool. But when i bought the album, i was blown away. This is the best cd i have ever listened to. It mixes folk with indie rock and some very powerful lyrics but at the same time keeps mostly mellow and easy to the ears. A great album that will keep anyone smiling, especially with the upcoming release of their second album the first days of spring.

    You shall not be disappointed, buy it now!!!

  8.  OH MY GOD!!!! ITS NEARLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    First thing i have to say, noah and the whale are probably one of the best bands of the 21st century!!!!!

    Since hearing "peaceful, the world lays me down", i was in love with their music. Every track was an instant classic, and have since warn down the disc so much now since last august. Im so happy that this album is nearly here.

    March this year, i saw noah and the whale live and was so happy with what i heard. Half of the songs they played were brand new and i loved them all. This album looks to be added to my favourites and will be counting down the days till this release. Im too excited!!!!



    I will start by saying i never had interest for the original movies or shows, i found them either a bore or just plain silly. but from a recommendation by a very good friend, I watched this film without blinking, it was so good i thought i must be mad!

    Star Trek features the enterprise crew as they first join up, and follows them through their first big adventure where timelines have crossed so alternate sequences have now taken place and this movie has a more sequel/prequel feel to it. I absolutely loved it, especially for the two Spocks (Leonard Nemoy and Zachary Quinto)

    Trekkie or Non-Trekkie will love this movie. WATCH IT NOW!!!!!!!

  10.  The Future Looks Bright for DRAGONBALL!!


    From when I first saw Dragonball z, i was in love witht he show. it was just the perfect cartoon, the best thing i'd ever seen. Since seeing the end of GT, i kept hoping that one day a live action adaptation would be made. Many years later, this is brought out as Dragonball evolution.

    Dragonball Evolution tells the story of Goku, a boy who fell to earth as a baby with the intention of destroying the planet, but a change of heart and a loving adopted grandfather makes him reconsider and he trains up to be a saviour for the planet. His threat he trains for is from the evil Lord Piccolo who has escaped from his imprisonment and is looking for revenge on the entire planet. To do this, Piccolo searches for the seven dragonballs to grant him a wish to take over the world.

    Goku teams up with Bulma, a tech-wiz. Master Roshi, whom teaches Goku and prepares him to fight, and also Yamcha comes along for the journey. But it will take more than the people around Goku for him to defeat this enemy, he will also need to fight the monster within.

    it is a bit of a rushed story, but is for the most part well executed, the cast fit into their roles almost perfectly, especially Justin Chatwin who portrays Goku and James Marsters (although restricted screen time) as Lord Piccolo.

    Well worth a watch if yoour a fan, if not it is still a different experience that will keep you entertained all the way through.

    fingers crossed Dragonball 2 will be even better!!!