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  1.  'Back on top


    I have all of Nickelback's albums, and i think that they have hit the nail with this one. It's ace. My favourite song on the album is "I'll come for you" and the rocking "something in your mouth" is probably the best album opening song since Silver Side Up's "Never Again". Any fan will love this album and for any new listener it's a great place to start. It's ace!!!

  2.  HERROH!!!!


    Oh My God!!!! You will seriously feel sick from laughing so much!! Team America is just brilliant. The whole film rips on everything. It's the kind of film that gets funnier the more you watch it. There are parts of it where you will need to pause it until you stop laughing. Trey Parker and Matt Stone prove that they are not One Hit Wonders with South Park and they really deliver on this one. There are some parts that are just wrong, (Puppets and sex. Who knew it could be so funny?) and lets face it, it's gotta be sick. Don't miss it! Altogether now... AMERICA...........

  3.  Blame Canada


    If you watch this film and are offended, its your own fault!!!! This is the South Park kids at their best and funniest! Trey Parker and Matt Stone have obviously saved some of their best work for the movie and have managed to pull it off. They make fun of EVERYTHING from Disney to War. It's sick, funny, silly and there is no way it should ever be missed.

  4.  There is always something...


    I have gotta say I have never seen such good acting from children. Liam Aiken, Emily Browning and the twins Kara and Shelby Hoffman are definatly names to watch! The young stars of this film really know how to bring the fantasy, horror, laughter and suspense to life. The actors along side them are also amazing. Meryl Streep, Billy Connley and of course, Jim Carrey (who does an ace storybook villan) all bring something new and exciting to the film. The story of the unfortunate Baudelaire children is brought to life in really clever and slightly gothic detail. anyone of any age should watch this film, its really god. And the Narrator, Mr Lemony Snicket (Jude Law) gives the film just the right amount of suspense and thrills. There are rumers of a sequel, so here's hoping!

  5.  Jim Carrey Almighty


    What can I say? Bruce Almighty is so cool. No one on this planet does funny like Jim Carrey. And who else but Morgan Freeman could ever play God? Its such a funny film and I swear you will laugh out loud. But like all films with a God theme in it, (even comedys) it has a serious side to it too. There are times where you will laugh your ass off, but there is also parts that really make you think, especailly close to the end of the film. The film is really clever in the sense that you will cry with laughter and after watching it, you will have a warm fuzzy feeling.

  6.  Sterling Silver Album!!!


    I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! I got it when I just turned 14 and it was my introduction to rock music. Every track rocks and for anyone who likes them its a total must have. The single that made them famous across the world, How You Remind Me, is one of ten ace songs. Too Bad is written about a father abandoning his family through hard times, and Never Again tackles the gritty issue of a beaten wife finally hitting back. Other songs, like Hangnail and Just For are exactly the sort of music Nickelback became famous for. True rock genius!! Good Times Gone is a real nostalgic song about looking for the things we miss and pass over as life goes by and is the perfect closer to the album. Any Nickelback fan without this album should buy it now!!

  7.  Not Trash!!


    I gotta say i love this album, even if it was slated by the Critics. I think the best song off it is "Somebody Else, Not Me" Its such a sad song, and really brings the tears to your eyes. I loved last Day on Earth and Sun Doesn't Shine Forever too. Pop Trash Movie rocks too, as a take on the pop culture lifestyle, and you gotta hand it to Simon Le Bon, he knows what pleases and he delivers!!!

  8.  'Back to basics


    The home town show from Nickelback is one of the finest moments for the band. Filmed in 2002, just after Silver Side Up makes it big, there is none of the newer stuff, though one of the documentaries does show Chad writing The Long Roads "Feelin' Way Too Damn Good". The concert itself is so good, with the raw rock and roll feel to it. Alice In Chains' Jerry Catrell makes an apperance and they play the older stuff so well you forget about the newer songs. The music videos (How You Remind Me, Leader of Men and Too Bad) are cool and the making of Too Bad is brilliant to watch. The back Stage stuff is cool too, but the band are obviously at the stage where they were just hitting the big time and un use tothe cameras and uncomfortable. But it's a total must for any Nickelback fan.

  9.  Typical Tarantino


    Ace movie. Cool, cool, cool!!!
    This is one of Tarantino's coolest films. The chase scene is the coolest I have ever seen and it rocks so much.
    The best thing about it is it's a total guy film that stars girls.
    Everyone should see this movie.

  10.  They're Heeerrreeee!


    Ace film!! One of those films that you watch time and again and still jump at the scary bits. It's spooky as hell, and makes you dive behind the couch every 15 minutes. The documentaries were a bit of a let down...they could have packed way more into it, but they didn't, which was a bit of a let down. Even so it is a fantastic film. The stories of the so called curse make it extra creepy to watch and I dare you to watch it alone with all the lights off. You won't sleep for a month.