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  1.  Its Assassins Creed.... All of it.


    So this game isn't assassins creed portable, its assassins creed, all of it.

    It doesn't have some of the features from the full console version, however it doesn't feel like a portable version.

    It has free roam (the first proper free roam game on the Vita).
    It has hidden blades, swords and guns.
    It has weapon upgrades.
    It has costume changes.
    You can own tailors and blacksmiths.
    It has a great story.

    Everything you want from an assassins creed game it has. The graphics are by no means as good as its console counterpart,however they are still very good graphics and when the gameplay immerses you this much it doesn't matter.

    Quite simply if you own a Vita, you need this game.

  2.  Best Mortal Kombat to date!


    What can I say about this game, the story mode is really interesting and a lot of fun to play through. It includes all the original characters I remember from the old games and no stupid dc universe characters!

    This game include a story mode, arcade ladder mode (1v1 and tag), challenge mode, training mode, online mode, the krypt to unlock stuff, and a few modes exclusive to the ps vita based around the touch screen as well.

    The replayability of this game is second to none, but completing everything in the first place will take some time too!

    Must have for any Vita owner.

  3.  A hit in the face with nostalgia.


    Everything I wanted it to be. If you were a big fan of the originals and were waiting for them to FINALLY release a new film with the original cast then the wait is over, and boy was it worth it.

    This film was so funny with lots of laugh out loud moments, a reunion was the perfect way to bring all the characters back together, and when I say all the characters, I mean ALL the characters. This wasn't done half-heartedly they literally got everyone from the first film in it.

    Basically, if you liked the original 3, you'll love it.

  4.  Based On The Demo


    Based on the demo I have high hopes for this game. The controls are intuitive and handle really well, its not cartoony or over the top and the would tour/career mode looks promising. Just a fun game to have. If you liked the original Fifa streets (ignoring number 3) then get this.

  5.  Okay cards for general use


    These cards are okay for general use, they are not however ideal for a magician or card enthusiast.

  6.  Second Best Sitcom Ever


    In my opinion this is the second best sitcom ever made, the best being Friends. Series 6 doesn't disappoint, if you've liked 1-5 then you won't need much convincing to get this.

  7.  Don't Compare To MW2.


    Besides my title I know people will. But don't compare this to MW2, its made by treyarch so if you want a comparison compare it to WAW. And it is definitely better than WAW.
    The new customisation for online multiplayer is awesome, the guns seem decent and the way that greandes, secondary grenades and then equipment is all seperate is a good addition.
    Graphics aren't fantastic, but they're not awfull by any means. If you are used to playing MW2 it will seem like a step down though.

    Overall my advice is this, if you liked WAW then get it. If you didn't like WAW, borrow it or try it first.

    Graphics: 7/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Campaign: N/A
    Online: 9/10
    Replayability: 9/10
    Overall: 8/10

  8.  Good Album For Any ETF or Mabbitt Fan


    I've been a fan of Escape The Fate since their first album with Ronnie Radke, and I really like the new ETF with Craig Mabbitt. If you're looking for an album thats gonna be similar to the old ETF with Ronnie, this isn't it, if you want that then check out Ronnie's new band Falling In Reverse.

    However if you liked This War Is Ours then you will definitely like this album it is a good improvement on that album and a lot better lyrically in my opinion. It has some very catchy songs and the album gets better after several listens. The stand-out songs for me are:
    Day Of Wreakening
    Zombie Dance

    I find with This War Is Ours the only song I listen to off that album now is the title track however I don't see that happening with this new album, however I do feel it is missing a good screamo track like This War Is Ours, The Aftermath (Guillotine Part 3) was a bit of a let down for me in that sense, but its still a good song. Although the solo does feel very much like monte has gone purely for speed and nothing else.

    Overall rating: 7.5/10

  9.  The Best TV Show Ever Made.


    The title almost says enough, but this show is truly fantastic. Some people were disappointed by the end, but keep an open mind and interpret it how you want I think the ending is really good. I have never known a show cause so much hype with so many fan websites and people writing theories on the show. If you watch this from the begging be sure to avoid spoilers online and just enjoy each episode as it comes, it is a fantastic watch. I really miss watching new episodes every week.

  10.  Amazing albumn, MUST buy for a TDG fan or rock fan!


    Well, this albumn is amazing in my opinion. i love three days grace, they've gone slightly different this albumn, it seems more mature at times most certainly, but is still unmistakeably three days grace. For me three songs stand out, Last To Know, Someone Who Cares and The Good Life. Last to know is a very nice track, piano throughout most the song, it gets stuck in your head and is one i'm sure a lot of people can relate to. Someone who cares, again is relatable, extremely catchy, and a good tune. Finally The Good Life is a great guitar tune, with a brilliantly catchy chorus and a song you can really imagine the crowd pumped up too and singing their lungs out too at a gig. So if you like three days grace, buy this albumn, you will NOT regret it!!