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  1.  Excellent


    These are excellent for a fiver and with alot of bass (more than my old senn cx300) and with the longer arm they realy fit perfectly in/on your ears.

  2.  Thrash-Tastic


    just got two words to say about this Annihilator album?... THRASH METAL!!!

    Fast & Heavy as hell!

    Jeff Waters is a METAL LEGEND!

  3.  It's Worth Double The Price


    i bought this to replace my samsung j700 and to be honest the alcatel is 2 times better than the samsung which cost me 60 pound. this phone is all round better and has the reviewer below stated the mem card does fit inside the phone next to sim card but i see it as, you can't lose the mem card which is a plus in my view and you get the weather app which is pretty cool. the 10 pound credit is not by an orange voucher but it's by a voucher which you can use either by the net or phone and i recieved mine within 48 hours.

    don't let the price put you off!

  4.  Best Of Both Worlds


    Got this xmas morning and been on it ever since. It took me a week of solid game play just to complete the story mode (only on level 37 out of 50 with 1 of 4 people you can play) but i still had quite a few side missions to finish. This game takes the best from RPG & FPS genre and combines it perfectly and you get the chance to replay the game on playthrough 2,3,4 with your current stats, weapons etc which you finished the last playthrough.

    Co-op is top, if you get stuck on a level by yourself and all you need to do is host the game and you are sure to get someone to join and help you out.

    If you are after a game that lasts a long time and is a mix of RPG & FPS then buy this!

  5.  And Then There Were None!


    This DVD is a masterclass of what thrash metal is all about! done by the best thrash metal band EVER! by the best thrash metal line-up in the history of the earths existence and then some!!!

    Paul Balhof R.I.P.

  6.  About Time But Well Worth The Wait!


    Been into Annihilator ever since Alice In Hell was first released on record and what an awesome live show this dvd is with excellent picture & sound quality and it's been a long wait for a full live dvd from these guys but well worth the wait!

    Jeff Waters is a METAL LEGEND!!!



    seen this last night and one of the worst films i have ever seen, it's total rubbish and an insult to the zombie genre!

  8.  Nobody Does It Better!


    i got to agree with SteveVH review below, where as the Annihilation & Ithyphallic albums were damn fast & brutal, this is a tad slower but still brutal as hell.

    These guys are the best in what they do!

  9.  A.W.E.S.O.M.E.


    The last thing i bought of Kiss was when it was released on a thing called a record and this cd is just awesome, every track is brill with Paul doing an excellent job on production too. Add this with the Klassics cd re-recorded with the current line-up, throw in a live dvd and you have perfection.

  10.  Mars Beats A Snicker


    This is a great game and been playing it for ages and i still have not finished it. The game play is more like "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames" & the destruction model is the best i have seen in a game so far and at £18 this is a great buy.