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  1.  re-lease?


    Surely they cant be re-releasing this after only 2 years?? i got this when it first came out back then...alot better then the 1980's version

  2.  Based on demo


    When I first saw clips of this I though it was another godfather game but it's so mch better. Graphics Are good. Movement is great so roll o. 27th

  3.  Good but cud have been great


    I really liked the first game so was really looking forward to this game. Wen I got it Friday and put it on I thought yer this is good but after 10 mins first chapter was done, I was hoping it was just short being first level but no 2 hours later and I'm Watching the credits roll up, if this was bigger it would be great but it's just to short. Haven't really tried online yet so we will see what's that's like

  4.  Great buy


    Had these a good 10 months and they still work fine, id say they last atleast the same as offical ones plus 2 for under a tenner is better then 1 at 15

  5.  Gr8 idea but


    The game itself is pretty good with some real nice touches good graphics and a great ideabut its just alittle short, the hard setting should be classed as normal or it should have and evil setting, a sequel would be great

  6.  Good game


    Im about 85% threw this which isnt to bad on my first go but maybe i should have started it off on the hard difficulty, its a good idea with great weapons and loads of blood and gutts,maybe if they do a second one they could fine tune it alittle and hopefully make it longer 4/5

  7.  Better the 2009


    This is alot better then the last and even tho its not the easiest game out its far from as hard as the other reviewer says about getting out of submissions, maybe an old super nes game might be more on his level LOL

  8.  Good game


    Even tho there is a few flawes with this game its still a pretty good title, Id recomend it to any mass effect/rpg/spy game fans

  9.  pretty good,but not hard enough


    like mosy Wii games the graphics aint bad but its still a fun game,not very hard but not a walk in the park either,anyone else who like me loves the Res evil games then buy it

  10.  well Above average


    I got this game due to not much else released that day thinking it would be somthink to pass the time but im really into it,the graphics are good and the fact you can choose one of two paths is like having two games in one,Id defo recomend any1 whos into action/rpg's buying this game