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  1.  predictable horror movie with every cliche in the book.


    Ok, lets see. The first 30 minutes of this movie could be used to set up a potentially perfect horror flick, if you dont count the terrible acting, dialougue and poor lighting, you can just about fathom a rough background story. Then it goes worse.

    Girl gets separated from friends. Girl gets chased by someone. Girl runs. Girl falls over, gets up and runs again.

    That is basically the story. The movie repeats the same sequence throughout, the only variance is the VERY LONG black screens when the girl falls unconscious for whatever reason. Honestly, this movie has several 10 second parts where there is no picture or sound. (in my opinion this is to make the movie last a few minutes longer). Add to this a scene 40 minutes in where the girl sits in a corner crying for almost 2 minutes. Seriously. Then add another scene straight after where she is walking down a corridor counting her steps, another 5 minutes that should be on the cutting room floor.

    Eventually there is an almost semi-decent twist at the end. the kind of twist that makes you feel 'hang on, i must have missed something in the movie', but kills any chance of you watching the movie again due to what it reveals. (i wont spoil it for you, but i congratulate you if you manage to watch the full thing.) i spent four times wartching this movie before i fanally got to the end, i had to stay awake with the light on and a strong cup of coffee to stop me falling alseep half way through. there is only so much running, screaming and vacant scenes one can put up with, and this movie overuses it and overuses it again.

    Basically, im saying avoid this movie if you like ones that keep you awake. If you like movies that send you to sleep, as this did with me 3 times before i got to the end, then this movie is perfect for you.

    Go buy Repo the genetic opera instead. Thats just as bad, but at least it has a semi decent storyline and does not repeat itself.

  2.  The best movie read along commentary


    Ok, unlike the previous review of the item, im actually going to talk about the item, not the movie the item is based upon!

    This book is based upon the Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny movie. The book is very readable whilst watching the movie, eg. the moment JB first encounters KG on the beach, turn to the book to find out that this is true! it has small nuggets of golden information about every plot point in the movie, as well as comments by both JB and KG, and director Liam Lynch throughout. There is also information about how the scenes and songs came into existance, wither from actual events or whacked out dope sessions, this is the ultimate actor and director commentary for the movie. better than the actual audio commentary on the movie DVD, as it gives more info and has a lot more laughs.

    There are virtual layers to this book,
    1) Read the book along with the movie for a more in-depth commentary on it;
    2) Read it again for an interview with both JB and KG, then with Liam Lynch;
    3) Read again for more info on the songs and movie moment ideas!!!

    Litterally, this book can be read over and over again and read diffrently every time.

  3.  Perfect present


    I bought this for my grandma who is currently in hospital after having one ofher breasts removed due to breast cancer. She was feeling really down, so i started looking for the perfect gift to cheer her up, and this is it.

    I gave this to her on the ward, and when she saw what it was her eyes lit up. within minutes she was showing all of the other women onthe ward, and even all the nurses were shown!

    They were all amazed at the uniqueness of the gift, and all of them said they had never seen anything like this before.

    This is deffinatly a perfect gift. To see my nana move from deeply depressed to happy in minutes is amazing! it has given her the drive to get better to come home now, she gets to grow and name her own unique breed of rose!!!!


  4.  Well worth it!!!


    This is an amazing plane. I own several flying things now, including a few helecopters and others. This is one of the most speed optional planes i have, by that, i mean this plane can fly slow in small places, but by hitting the throttle up a gear it flies pretty fast.

    Mine has also proved itself to be quite a fast turner, it can practically turn on a pinpoint. OK, pinhead, its not quite that sharp.

    It has a good flight time for the charge time, a 10 minute charge gives me a solid 5 minutes at least of air time with no stopping.

    It can be hard to fly at first, but once you have practiced with it it becomes easy. As with all the other flying things i have reviewed, if you can, practice flying in a large room. I use one of the halls at my local comunity centre. Once you have flown for a few minutes it gets really easy.

    Two words of warning about this plane, though.

    One: Mine is extreamly noisy. Dont know wether or not its just mine, or all of them, as i only have one, so dont take this one too seriously, just be warned yours may be noisy.

    Two: Avoid flying it near cats. Honestly. it drives both of my cats crazy, and the youngest one has managed to catch it mid flight, and as they are polystyrene they dont resist cat claws to good.

    All in all, deffinatly will please! well worth the price and gives hours of amusement. ive had mine two weeks now ans i still play with it almost every day, so this item does not lose its novelty.

    Buy, and enjoy!!!

  5.  Just like a real bird, only you have control!


    Well. Well well well. I have never found a toy that annoys may cat so much.

    This toy I bought thinking that the flimsy little film wings could never make this thing fly. How wrong I was! Even the slowest touch on the throttle control gives this thing amazing flight.

    It isnt as noisy as some of the other fliers you can get. Most other fliers have a loud hum or buzz noise. The noise from this is the flap of the wings. It sounds just like a real bird in flight.

    It fully charges from its controller in roughly 20 minutes, and this provides around 10 minutes of solid flight.

    It can be difficult to fly at first, especially in a small area. HINT: I took mine to an empty hall at my local community centre to practise. Once you have mastered the basic flying techniques, its easy to fly in a smaller area such as a livingroom.

    Dont worry about it breaking so easily. Mine has been attacked by a VERY annoyed kitty, flown into walls several times, and been grabbed out of the air by a drunk person, yet it still flies great.

    This is an amazing flying toy. I strongly reccomend it!!! 10/10, 5 stars!!!

  6.  Well recommended!!!


    This was an unsure buy, by that i mean i wasnt sure wether or not it was worth it.

    And it is worth it!!! This little RC flying stingray is one of the best flying toys i have bought (i also own several mini helecopters and planes) and this has shot straight to the top of my favourites list.

    OK, at first it is very hard to control, but once your used to the controls it gets easier to fly. Eventually you dont even need to think about flying it, you just hold the control and it seems to fly like a dream.

    [HINT: first time flyers might want to try flying in a larger space. I used an empty hall at my local community centre. The reason I say this is its practically impossible to fly in confined spaces at first, but once you have done a bit of practise in a larger area you can pretty much fly anywhere.]

    And i bet one of your questions about this item is 'is it durable?'. I was thinking the same thing.

    Mine has been crashed into walls, taken out of flight by a very annoyed kitten several times (repeatedly flying over her head), and even been lay on by that same kitten. It is still in pristine condition and still flies like its striaght out the box.

    Overall, a well recomended toy. Im19 and I love it! This is literally fun for any person of any age. My mid 40's dad likes it, and even my grandad enjoys a quick fly!!!

    10/10, five stars all the way!!! and its a steal at that price, buy in confidence and enjoy many hours of flight.

  7.  Recommended watch!


    Dexter. He is a forensic blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD. He is a serial killer. And... he hates blood. Those three things somehow make the perfect TV show. It is entertaining all the way through, with lots of twists, turns and shockers - with some dark witty humour thrown in as well. This quickly became my favourite TV show, and im proud to say i own this box set.

  8.  Unbeatable.


    i loved the TV show, but the book has many more twists and turns, and characters and events are explored more in this book than in the TV show. If you like the TV show, you will love this book.

  9.  The Origianal. The Best.


    This is by far the best book in the dexter series. 10/10, it kept me reading from cover to cover, i couldnt put it down. truly a captivating read. if you have seen the tv series, you must read this book - theres much more explored in here than on the TV, and it is more entertaining than the TV show.


  10.  Stick with the first two


    Ok, the spiritual elements in this book ruin the whole 'serial killer image' that dexter had in the previous two. Its still worth a read, but it does seem quite far fetched.