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  1.  Brilliant!


    Since the first Iron Man film is one of my favourite films I was excited to see this and it didnt dissapoint! I absolutely LOVE Robert Downey Jr and i have never seen Scarlett Johansson in a film before but to me she was awesome.This film has some great laughs and action in it and if you liked the first Iron Man film I sugest that you go and see this one.

  2.  Amazing!


    Ive never been a Ratchet And Clank fan until now.This was my first ps3 game that i played on and at first I didnt really like it.But when i saw a trailer for A Crack In Time i thought that looked amazing and i went out and braught Tools Of Destuction.It just took me a few days to complete and i wasn't dissapointed.The storyline is brilliant.The gameplay is awesome! i have to say that this is one of the best games ive played on in a long time and i am really looking forward to A Crack In Time.This is a MUST buy!Trust me you wont be dissapointed.

  3.  Loved It!


    Just as I said for my reivew for Muse,The Resistance,this has has to be one of the best albums Ive listened to this year.I love every track on this cd.Starstruck,Poker Face,Paparazzie,Paper Gangsta,Disco Heaven and Just Dance are my favourites.The Fame is a must buy!

  4.  Totally AMAZING!


    When I first hered Muse it was while watching Twilight and I thought they where pretty good I got there last album and I wasnt really impressed with it but I got The Resistance 2 days ago and I am really glad that I got it.I absolutely love all the tracks on it.The Resistance is one of the best albums ive hered this year and ive hered quite a few.I hope Muse brings out another album!!!

  5.  Not As Good As I Thought It Would Be!


    Im a massive Who fan and i was really looking forward to this.Now looking back at it,when i first saw it i really really liked it but now i found Planet Of The Dead a little bit dissapointing.As im writing this i have just seen a new trailer for the next special,The Waters Of Mars and now that looks more like Doctor Who.I like the scary stuff.Planet Of The Dead had the potental to be a lot more better than it was.The plot was ok.All eyes are now focusing on Davids last 3 episodes.The Waters Of Mars and his final 2 could possible be called The End Of Time.Lets hope The Waters Of Mars don't dissapoint me or my dad!

  6.  Loads Better Than The First One!


    I loved this game,maily because theres more playable characters in this game than the first one,and you can play as Ratchet...finally but you can't play as Skids,Mudflap or Sideswipe.!I found the controles a bit tricky at first and the Autobot missons where easy(except the last two)I cleared the Autobot missions in 3 days and now im starting on the Decepticons.I'd recomend this game to anyone who likes the easy to moderate hard stuff.

  7.  Absolutely Brilliant!


    Im totally in love with this movie.Until now Batman The Dark Knight was my favourite movie that changed when I saw this.We waited 2 years for this movie and the waite was worth it.Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox are great together.Revenge Of The Fallen made me laugh and cry.Personally my favourite transformers in this film where the twins and wheelie.No doubt that this was better than the first one.I hope there is a third movie.

  8.  Loved It!


    Ive never seen any of the terminator films until a week or so before this came out.They where showing the first 3 films backwords on tv.I only saw the 3rd film through properly and I loved it.I would of watched the second film but it was on during the time that I went to see this.I thought Terminator Salvation was amazing.I've always liked Christian Bale since Batman Begins and it was good to finally see him in something different thatn Batman.I loved the battlescenes and anton yelchin who plays Kyle Reese(and Chekvo in Star Trek).This movie will be one movie i'll be buying this year!

  9.  Just AMAZING!


    So as im writing this we're on day 4 of Children Of Earth and hell have I really enjoyed this series.I havent been able to take my eyes off the screen since day 1.I have been waiting months for this and the waite was worth it.its just brilliant.The whole storyline is brilliant.I love the way how we're finding out Captain Jack's past.I think it's about time that we should.You dont have to be a Torchwood fan to watch this series as its a completely different story but to know whats going on you have to watch it from day 1.This is the best Torchwood yet.Hope there's a series 4!

  10.  A Good Game


    This is a good game if you like the easy stuff.This was the first game I ever got for my ps3 and I liked it.usually video games from movies arnt that good but transformers the game was better than i expected.They could of put in more playable characters in the game but other than that its good.