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  1.  Perfect


    I purchased this after when coming to do the career on Rock Band 2, GH 4 & GH Metallica, the xbox would not accept my headset as a means of microphone. So I bought this hoping it would work and it did. I can now happily Rock away on games that would have otherwise being completed, but the vocals sections adds to the fun of the game and the four player band mode.

    I would reccomend this to anyone!! 5/5

  2.  Does what a Phone is supposed to do


    This is a great phone.. for the price. If it was the best phone out there it wouldn't be priced at £50. It is very hard to get the back off the phone to put the battery and simcard inside. It is a good phone, i suppose, but the one drawback is that when you are listening to your music, if you press back, it will completley leave the song, there is no way to change ths. If there is thn I apologise, but from my opinion and experience there is no way around this.
    Buy this phone if you have a tight budget, as it has good features including Tri-Band, MP3, etc..


  3.  Addictive


    This game keeps you saying 'just one more race'
    It is a brilliant game but graphically poor.
    A must for anybody who gets addicted to games.

  4.  Discombobulated


    This game is all over the place, but is amazing. I just can't beat Kelly, she is so hard. A very good game, which teaches lots. Thoroughly reccomend for £10

  5.  *Claps to himself*


    This box set is a great summary of why Black Sabbath are one of the best rock bands ever. It has over sixty greaty songs, which are all good, and all have the ability to stick in your head at some point or another, It is a fair price for what you recieve, don't even think about illlegaly downloading this Set, Do it justice and buy it. Thankyou Sabbath for your great contribution to Rock.

  6.  Two good songs


    The only good songs on this CD are Naive and Oo La, it bored me to tears.

  7.  Has it finished yet?


    I was glad when this film ended. It bored me so much. I have a sense of humour but i don't think that this film made laugh once. It has a ridiculous storyline and was two hours and forty minutes of my life which I mistakingly wasted, I just wish I hadn't put it into the DVD player. It really is that bad.

  8.  Side Splitting


    This is a film that you must watch. I watched it on the coach in America, and yes it passed the time, but not much of it. at only 48 minutes long I don't think that it is worth £11. If it was £5 you should buy without thinking, but assess your options on this one, opt for a box set instead for just a bit more money you get a lot more laughs.

  9.  supposedly good


    you won't retire early with the price of this book.

  10.  This film is great!


    This film made me laugh, how can you people say this is a bad film? It is packed with laughs and a fair bit of action seems. But i have to admit i did lose a little interest when they added a twist, that just made me thinkthey only filmed that to make the film longer, and that is why i will give it 4/5.