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  1.  An absolute eye catcher!!


    I have to admit, this movie had me on the edge of my seat, its such a fantastic movie to watch over and over again..Its brilliant, this is one powerful movie, and is very seductive indeed. The storyline is layed out brilliantly. Robert Redford plays a fantastically in this so had Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. Its a very intelligent film all the way through. I believe, that it has a very good ending, very touching. I rate this as 5 stars, because in my opinion, its an absolute treasure.

  2.  Definately one of the best sequals ever!!!


    I thought that this movie had so much action all the way from start to finish..there are no faults with this one, it has a good storyline and a good ending. One of the most powerful of terminator films i have seen. It has everything, from full-on action, humour in some places and some sad parts, but thats what makes a film brilliant all together. Definately a one to my collection. A must buy for all you Terminator fans, dont hold back...get it at this fantastic bargain!!! 5/5

  3.  One of the best thrillers of the 90s!!!!


    have to say, always been a Sharon Stone fan, this one will get you thinking all the way through the film, as it has an excellent plot and generally, it has all the structure you would need in a film, that puts the pieces together. Also has a good ending..actually quite surprising when i first watched it. I have to rate it 5 stars, a brilliant thriller, good twists and a structured storyline..5/5 a must buy for all you thriller fans.



    I think that this movie is a must buy to all you western fans....I totally have to admit that this is one of my favourite movies amongst others. It has the action, adventure, comedy and romance..I think Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) and Sundance (Robert Redford) have a good friendship all the way through the film and stick by eachother what ever it takes...this film totally inspires me, and No wonder it won several oscar awards because it has everything a film should have, a fantastic storyline...and by the way, Paul Newman yet again, always looks fantastic whatever character he plays...DEFINATELY ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER!!! 10/10



    Wonderful poster to have in your room. Quality picture, and a nice one to have to admire aswell, as Im a huge James Dean fan. 100% Ace!!!

  6.  FABOLOUS!!!


    I recently got this cd, and it's actually the first album that i have of his. This has some great beats, sounds good on the stereosystem if you have DBBS. Definately a must buy if you love Hip hop and rap; as this album has a mixture of all sorts. Brilliant!!!! 10/10



    The PSP has has done it again, another fantastic game for all psp fans out there, they just get even more better don't they. This definately is a must buy if you liked Guitar Hero and other rhythmic games, you will not be able to put this one down for sure as this game has got me addicted for hours on end. Brilliant superb graphics, excellent memorable music tracks and a great game to play as it not tiring at all. REMEMBER--USE HEADPHONES FOR THIS GAME, as you will feel the music more as the beats go on, you will soon find the rhythm of the music. LOVE IT!!!! DONT HESITATE TO BUY!!A MUST HAVE SERIOUSLY FOR THE PSP!! 10/10

  8.  This is actually shockingly scary!!!!


    i recently bought this movie, i have to say that i am not a fan of hostel or any of the texas chainsaw massacres; but this film is totally gruesome all the way through. It is very bloody and violent, but this did make me jump several time in the film. I have to say this reminds me of Wrong turn and the hills have eyes..a must buy if you like all those horror movies, surprisingly this is not to my disappointmen!! 10/10 brilliant!!

  9.  The Beatles rule!!!


    I got this recently for my double bed, i have to say that its a wonderful cover set and good to be cosy in. If your a beatles fan ths i would totally reccomend for you fi you love all the 60s. 10/10

  10.  OMG!!! This movie makes me jump out of my seat...


    I have to say that this movie i at its finest, as it contains quite a lot of horror and suspense. I have always been a fan of horror movies, and this one certainly has its scary moments. Well, I have to say, Nina Dobrev which stars in the American tv series The vampire diaries, has definately made this movie look sooo fantastic!!! 4 stars it is..Well done!!