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  1.  A different kind of romcom


    Zach and Miri may be the first romcom that guys will pressure their girlfriends into watching as opposed to the girl traditionally wanting to watch something of the romcom genre.
    It is a romcom that involves porno.
    Is it any good? It lays on the filth-the language is particularly viseral and there are a couple of genuine 'eugh' moments but overall the filth is outweighed by the sickly sweet and mushy sentiment lurking beneath.
    Pretty Woman or The Wedding Planner it is not. But this romcom is one rude flick that is for perfect for audiences who enjoyed Superbad; Knocked Up; The 40 Year Old Virgin or possibly even Juno.
    An acquired taste but still worth a look.

  2.  Old Wine in New Bottle?


    Skins, if I am being honest is never as good as the clever marketing. Most young people, even if they like the show alot would still have to admit at times the representations of young people are just too hedonistic and simplistic. And whilst it has worthy qualities-for one thing, not treating its audience like idiots, it still is a very mild mannered show dressed up in the nitty-gritty by the marketing department.
    It had some nerve doing a completely new cast, when I first heard they were doing that I thought it would sink without trace. But to its credit, the fan base is still pretty solid. But the real problem is that whilst the characters have still all changed, the storylines are still pretty thin. Effy, may as well be a new character since she actually speaks in this series and Cook, JJ, Pandora, etc all make a bid to try leave an impression on the viewer.
    Whilst the show relies on heavy characterisation the plots are pretty poor and repetitive. For instance the first series had Sid in bother with 'Mad' the drug dealer, whilst this time its MacKennzie Crook a similar type role who intimidates the others.
    And whilst some characters are still well written, likeable and purposeful, others seem tedious and badly drawn out. Pandora for instance is seriously miscast, almost like a more innocent Cassie, but her cutesy stuff really is out of place on a show like Skins.
    Again, like in the other series, there is an unequal amount of time devoted to certain characters and while this is fine, it can be irritating when others get pushed to the back.
    Like I said, maybe I am too old for Skins now. It first started when I was at college three years ago so maybe I am no longer the target demographic anymore. Nevertheless, in terms of survival it has done much better than I would have expected and is still worthy in places. Is it any good? Its not that it has any less bite than the previous seasons, it just that we have seen it all before. Show us something new!

  3.  A Real Modern Nasty


    Eden Lake's title is surprising, it is quite Americanised, for instance like Camp Krystal Lake and evokes the horror stereotype of killer run loose amid a holiday resort for youths.
    But ironically it is not the youths that are running from a crazy masked killer like Jason Vorhees, but rather a gentle English couple running from creations straight out of a Daily Mail headline.
    Yes, this film explores the terrorisation of a youth sub-culture. Desensitised no gooders who after an altercation see fit to unleash ferral and murderous behaviour.
    The subtext is really about a societal breakdown. Kids that are really out of control and parents that are ultimately no better. Problem is, whilst is highlights key topical and very modern issues it still is very uncomfortable to watch-particularly the happy slapping attacks of torture.
    Furthermore it may be the only film I have ever seen that shows child actors being murdered in a gruesome fashion.Whilst its all in context, it is still very subversive.
    A take on ASBO culture that has no happy ending or up-lifting qualities. Topical, brutal and too subversive for some tastes.

  4.  Do Not Buy Into The Marketing!


    I actually feel that this film has suffered at the hands of sensational marketing. The synopsis boasts that you can expect to see explicit sex scenes and hardcore horror. And in fairness you can. You can see one fairly graphic sex scene that is for once integral (otherwise there would be no 'donkey punch') in a film. Yet after, it was not an unstomachable and piled on sick flick in a Saw or Hostel like fashion. It was a suspenseful and psychological tension of a divided group, in a survival of the fittest type way. I would not liken it to any other modern horror except the film Red Eye made a few years ago, that really evoked the setting of the aeroplane, whilst Donkey Punch really uses the yacht setting to evoke the fears and claustrophobia.
    The thing is it is actually very good. It is not a Jemma Jamieson flick nor one where people's insides are left inside out. It is a brilliant example of Brits abroad and an experience that goes wrong.
    It still is quite hard going. But just don't expect the hyped up 'notorious' angle the markerters have gone for. They have undersold it because it actually exceeded my expectations.

  5.  The Shack: not too shabby!


    I bought this book in the airport quickly before boarding my flight. I was in a hurray and had already picked up another crime novel and skim read the back of the blurb of The Shack. It sounded promising enough. And even if it was rubbish I still had another book.
    The holiday went by and I barely bothered to dip into it. It was on the flight back with nothing else happening I decided to give it a try. When I started I was sorry that I had not started reading sooner! The Shack is a methaphor for people's innermost sadness in a world that devaules, mocks and disregards religion. What the book is not is a piece of propoganda, although some will choose to interpret it in this way. What it offers are theological and alternative argumets from that of infinite knowledge of secularists in a world filled with uncertainty.
    Mack;s youngest daughter Missy was believed to be abducted and brutally murdered by a serial killer. A few years later and still subdued with his distress, he receives a note, allegedly from God asking to meet at the very shack thought to be the crime scene.
    As a weakness-the book is not perfect-it is very American and to some this may prove irksome. But put aside that-some may even be charmed by it-on the surface what looks like a lightweight read by the end is a compelling and very deep novel.
    Whether it will change your outlook on religion in general, it is hard to say. If you do not have an enquring mind and have solidly formed your opinions that God does not exist, I doubt this book will do much for you. If you are interested in God, separated from popular conceptions and secular media, this does offer an intriguing story.
    Well written, thought provoking discussions to be had with every chapter and sentimental, The Shack, to me, is a work of brilliance.

  6.  It Bites


    This film is a hybrid horror flick. It is a vampire horror set in the destitute wintry town in the American North. After a vampire infestation starts when the town faces its annual 30 days of darkness, the local residents start dropping like flies. The remaining all huddle in hiding and this is when it fashions itself on a 28days later, apocolyptic theme.
    It is more gore than actual scares but is strengthened in effectively using claustraphobic settings and the tensions that build up.
    The considerable weakness is that, depending on how you like your horror films, some will find the angst-will they get found in hiding anticipation dull if you like sicko flicks like saw or hostel (which I hate).
    It makes a point of saying that its the best vampire movie in decades. If you look at the compeition from the brain dead 'lets churn out any old crap for a cheap buck' then this is well above par.

  7.  Nasty


    When you see 'torture porn' such as hostel and saw, you see them for contrite pieces of superviolence that they are. Modern day cinema nasties. The cottage seems to think its different. It incorporates laughs with lashings of gore. Problem is-the laughs are mediocre and the gore is piled on. If it were alot funnier then it would be more excusable. But instead we have a film that is nasty in places.
    Do we really want to watch others being tortured in the name of entertainment? Whether its for laughs of not, The Cottage does not makes this level of violence acceptable. Mediocre yet brutal.

  8.  I know alot of people hate this film


    When I purchased this from Play I was expecting this film to be as bad as everyone had told me. It has the most Razzee awards to date and was not considered a commercial success for Lohan.
    Infact, the only reason I wanted to see it was because of Lohan pole dancing. So I did not hold out for much.
    But when I started watching it, I reaslised that it is not just as bad as everyone spews on about. It is a trashy horror and Lohan is perfect and hot playing a regular bookworm with a potential secondary personality (or identical twin sister?) who works in a strip club.
    Most people hated the use of red and blue, but it was keeping in with the theme of the film and particuarly helped evoke the seedy underbelly of a strip club or a sadists basement.
    It is gory, so will probably go down well with sickos who watch films for things like that alone. But in entirety, I Know Who Killed Me, is a sleazy, trashy flim that is certainly not anything special, but does not deserve quite the amount of stick that is has endured.
    And keeping in mind, Battlestar Earth, Catwoman, any movie by the Waynes Brothers? These are real Razzee nasties, this film is watchable and if this vailent effort to change your mind still fails you, Lohan is still fit in it, so worth watching for that alone.