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  1.  It's about time...


    I'm going to say it straight away this is the best Sonic game since the Mega Drive days, (although Sonic Heroes was pretty darn good) there is so much stuff to do here which is fab.

  2.  Possibly Moore's finest Bond


    Octopussy is one of Roger Moore's most underated films as Bond and for me it's only matched by The Spy Who Loved Me, a thouhrully enjoyable experience, Moore is brilliant as usual as 007 (probably the 2nd best Bond there's been).

  3.  Bring the World Cup home early!


    This Fifa version may not last as long as Fifa 10 but as far as the World Cup goes then this game has it all, every team in the World Cup and even teams who did not make it and i mean teams you ain't even heard of also all the players and stadiums.

  4.  Get Lost in this unmissable show!


    Lost has to be without a doubt one of the finest television shows in history and if you're not into it then you are missing out.
    I have watched Lost since it's pilot episode and each season just gets better and better, travelling through time has took this show to yet another level and the never ending twists and turns keeps you well and truly hooked, cannot wait to see how it ends but who wants it to?

  5.  A film which pretty much ROCKED!


    Although i have not seen that much of Richard Curtis's films or have any idea what happened back in those days i was pleasently surprised at how much i laughed watching this, with a great cast as well, it will definetley leave you with a feel good factor and lots of laughs.

  6.  Great cast, Great story and Great film


    When this was first released on DVD i was intrigued to see if it would be any good so i rented and loved it, bought it and still loved it and also is a smart, funny film.

  7.  The original and the Best!!


    As a big fan of the Resi Evil games for me this one is most terrifying out the lot, not just that but the overall gameplay , graphics, sound and story are superb, a must for all fans.

  8.  The Flat and the not so Furious


    For anyone who enjoyed the original Fast and Furious film (which i really did) then they will feel dissapointed with this latest instalment, although most of the original cast remain from the first film the overall story here is just not as gripping and with only one real street race is no where near as good as the first.

  9.  A warm up to the game


    After first playing Dead Space the game which i thought was brilliant i decided to buy the film not expecting a huge amount but actually was a fairly decent flick properly explaining the events before the game, best to watch this before experiencing the game.

  10.  Great start but...


    When i first heard that Catherine Tate would be the next assistant i was unsure of her especially after 'The Runaway Bride' but she is really enjoyable to watch, the plus points of this series are The Sontarans, 'Silence in the Library'/'Forest of the Dead' are quite possibly the best WHO stories ever along with the great 'Turn Left', and Davros, the minus points have to be the ammount of plot holes in the finale which spoil it completly but still a great series.