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  1.  Seriously Flawless!


    This is a must buy! One of the finest sequels and movies i have ever seen. Though the first is still amazing this surpasses it by a long shot! Script, story, performances, everything is spot on. I honestly can't fault a single thing about it. Very clever and Sherlock and Moriarty's chemistry are the finest hero-villein since Joker and Batman. Fantastic effects and some of the most jaw droppingly exciting and impressive action sequences i have layed eyes on. Bigger, better than anything Sherlock can deliver, which is why i think if they do a third it won't be better than this.

  2.  The dark knight of X-men movies!


    I honestly don't think you can get a more better x-men movie than this. The story is fantastic and much more mature than most comic book movies. Well written and stylishly directed by Matthew Vaughn. Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy deliver the best performances and have great chemistry! Magneto is incredible in this! The effects are outstanding and Kevin Bacon even shines as the villain. Very entertaining! Probably the best comic book movie after Nolans Batman films and Spiderman 2.

  3.  Outstanding!


    I agree with the review below, it is inevitable that the film won't keep everything in from the book - there's just not enough time. This is an amazingly beautiful film with a haunting, sad and beautiful story. Top notch movie making and entertainment with flawless performances especially with Stanley Tucci as the films creepy villain. Very moving with spectacular effects. Suspenseful, chilling (think it should be a 15) Driven by an amazing script and great directing make this movie - a must see. Definitely go for it. People have to learn to seperate the movie from the book and then you will have a pleasurable viewing experience.

  4.  Pretty good


    A superbly enjoyable piece of entertainment, funny, interesting with some great action sequences. Cleverly written and lead perfectly by splendid performances from both Downey jr and Jude law. It's not a five star but it is seriously great.

  5.  Tense and entertaining


    Pretty good film really, gripping and entertaining. Travolta is pretty good as the villain and his chemistry with Denzel is electric.
    Decent script that delights. A very good suspense movie from Tony Scott (man on fire/Deja vu) - tense and even moving at bits.
    A great viewing and purchase. At this price - go for it.

  6.  Pretty Good


    Not bad film at all, suspenseful with some great horror, interesting and quite shocking. Overall its a great effort, the ending is good but its not amazing. Definately worth buying cheap.

  7.  No Good


    This film is one of the most disappointing movies for a while, the story is quite crap, interesting characters and a great cast, Brad Pitt was the best (quite amusing). For a comedy you don't find yourself laughing at it. you really try and like it but i think the story let it down. A Coen failure. try something else.

  8.  A New Action Classic


    Superb action thriller here, amazing suspense with a great script and a solid fantastic performance by neeson, he was amazing. Fast paced with plenty of action, thrills. Really is probably the best action movie of the year. Amazing film, worth every penny.

  9.  One of the worst films ever made


    Donnie darko is one of my all time favourites but this is unforgiveable.
    The most boring film ever, with a stupid plot, stupid characters, bad script. Just bad. In my first viewing i didn't think it was all bad but after another viewing you really hate it. Absolute crap from start to finish.

  10.  A Gripping and Moving epic


    This film will grip you from start to finish,a fantastic movie with a great cast and great story. Just a truly excellent thriller with an extremely moving ending, well filmed and superbly entertaining.