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  1. MAG



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    First of all, i decided to take a break from MW2, so i decided to pick up MAG. And i wasn't disappointed! Great graphics considering the size of the map, people actually use teamwork! And campers are acceptable (in certain areas). After the first hour or so of playing it i didn't like it, because i was too used to the whole "SPRINT IN AND KILL EVERYONE" from playing MW 2 too much, but after a couple more hours i got the hang of it and was using strategies to help my team take points.

    A must have for FPS fans!

  2.  Based on the demo...


    Graphics: Pretty good, not as good as some other PS3 games, but still good.

    Gameplay: Great, HUGE open area world, countless buildings to flatten, and a variety of destructive weapons to smash and mash your way through anything! And the game also deals well with a huge building being flatten with NO loss off frames!

    Phsyics: Top notch, everything happens the way it should be in real life!

    Over all: Must buy, who couldn't like a free roam destruction game? The only down-side for some people, is the third person view. If you think about it, the destruction wouldn't seem the same if it was in 1st person, its just feels right in 3rd. But this is a top class game, definately getting it when it comes out. :)

  3.  Must Buy.


    You have probably heard this is a very good game, and this is correct; there is limitless freedom while creating, the story line is short, but good and time consuming.

    The levels people have created are amazing. Some are complete trash, but others are literally breath taking!

    I would give this a 4 and a half star rating because after you complete single player, and create a level, it really only becomes fun online with others, but its always easy to get someone to play with.

    But overall, this is one of the ps3's best games and it should be bought.

  4.  Should have been created with these


    Wow these just add to the gaming expierence!!
    Very cool, easy to put on and take off and most of all, cheap. ;)
    I think this is a bargain...BUY THEM.

  5.  Magnificent


    This film is honestly a film everyone should see, it has an amazing story line, top class actors and just all round a triumphant film.
    This is a must see, if you are not going to buy it, rent it / look at on a website, but this film is a must see.