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  1.  My lovely little Android!!


    Lets start buy saying that I think around 200 pound is still a lot to pay for a phone (even if it is an Android). Reviews on other sites have said it's low to mid range and you get what you pay for. Well I'm getting on a bit now and think you get quite a lot on this phone. It does everything I could want, and I love it. It may not be as big as say a Desire or an iPhone, but then I'm a man and don't carry a hand bag, so I need something that fits comfortably in my pocket. The only slight niggle is that the speaker could be better (louder) but you can get apps to repeat your ring/message tones, so that isn't a problem. I also got a protective cover and screen cover so it is now perfect. If you've got 300 to 500 pound to spend, great, get a better model, but for all of you out there who can't justify spending that kind of money this phone is ideal. Oh, and let's not forget it's main job is as a Phone!



    What an absolutely fantastic game!!
    I am not a big gamer and have only completed a few games Uncharted 1 & 2 being examples, but I really want to complete this and then complete Undead Nightmare. And then, still carry on after that getting all the mini games completed (to get all the clothes) and just to ride about the West and Mexico, hunting and killing bad guys. Well worth the money, let's hope a sequel comes out.

  3.  Uncharted 2: wow, wow, wow, and a million more wows!!


    What can I say about Uncharted 2 that hasn't already been said? Not much really, except BUT IT!!
    Fantastic graphics, fantastic sounds, fantastic cut-scenes, everything is fantastic about Among Thieves.
    Yes, it can be linear, and it does help you a lot through the levels (well on easy it does), but who cares when a game is this good.
    Not to give anything away, but look out for the train section, the mountain village section and the mountain climbing section.
    I'm going to but the 1st one, I know it won't be as good as this one, but I need some more Uncharted action.

  4.  1GB Flash drive


    Brilliant product, fast transfer rates, cool design, and fast delivery from Play.
    I was lucky though, I got it last bank holiday for £4.99.
    But it's still worth £5.99!!!!!!!!
    Will probably buy a bigger capacity one in the future!

  5.  Great value for money!!!!


    The CD and DVD are fantastic!!
    Even if my son gets fed up of them, I'll still like 'em.
    Well done Play!

  6.  Another great Kids DVD


    These DVDs are fantastic.
    Even when my 2 year old gets fed up and goes into kitchen to see his mom, I still want to watch it just to see what Robbie Rotten is getting up to.
    Classics in the making!

  7.  Great kids DVD (even I like it and I'm 40!)


    This is the second DVD of Lazy Town I've got my son.
    I kept forgetting to record them off TV, so I got him a couple from Play.
    If you haven't seen them before, get them, they're brilliant!!

  8.  Why pay More??


    Just got my lead from Play.
    It looks and feels like one you'd pay £50 for and the quality of the picture is fantastic.
    Get one while they're in stock!

  9.  Leslie Nielson wasn't always in spoofs!!


    Forbidden Planet is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made.
    It's up there with 2001, Star Wars and Blade Runner.
    Don't wait for it to come on TV, get this special edition DVD, it's fantastic.