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  1.  great deal, cheap locker packaging


    I agree with the previous comments about the locker, the dvds are great, the price was a real bargain, the locker box though is extremely cheaply made.

    Mine came well packaged from Play but even so the locker was slightly bent meaning I struggled to open it up and get inside, eventually managed to bend it back into reasonable shape but the door still doesn't open or close all that well and I believe its because there so badly made.

    5 stars for the bargain price and films and 2 stars for the Locker which should have been better.

  2.  not too good


    The Slipknot You Live with Me and Hope is Gone shirts on Play are fantastic, this one isn't. The print is poor quality in compairison to the other shirts and the only reason I score it 3 stars is because of the £5 I paid for it - avoid and go for the other shirts.

  3.  different I guess


    A well made Bench top as per usual, the picture is a good representation of what your getting, colour is an olive green.

    The material is the reason for my lowish marking, its really not my thing. Its kind of a strange hybrid between shell/thin pvc where as I was expecting a tracksuit top style material or just plain cotton. Half of the top is made of this shell material, the other half is cotton of the kind on a standard sweatshirt.

    It has a nice big hood which I do like as I sometimes wear them up and for £17.99 it wasn't a bad purchase - I do agree with some of the comments about sizing, definetly order a size larger. I never have to order XL and can get away with medium in some stuff but with this its just about the right fit on me where as large would have been way too small.

  4.  5 star game just for the Multiplayer


    Bought this recently and started on the single player going through most of the first chapter, sure its impressive but the multiplayer is what has me hooked.

    Its class based with only one class available at the start then say after several hours of play and ranking up you start to unlock other classes, weapons, secondary equipment etc.

    I hear the comments about it feeling like treacle at times and the fidgety controls all I can say though is perservere with them. The game does have that heavy feel at times but thats what makes it in my opinion and on some of the smaller maps the gameplay is lighting quick with it effectively becoming a twitch shooter.

    Graphics and sound are stunning, art direction fantastic you have to love the helghast and the war torn levels.

    Can't recommend the game enough, most fun I've had online since Battlefield Bad Company.

  5.  awesome shirt


    T as pictured, just a plain black Gildan heavy Cotton shirt with the skull and crutches. Centred on the reverse of the shirt near the neck line theres the MTV logo and just below that the words Jackass the Movie.

    One of the better T-Shirts I've purchased from Play of late and great value to boot.

  6.  unfortunate victim of gaming snobbery


    I must admit that I was undecided after playing the Live demo, some elements shone through and you could see that some of the game mechanics would make for an annoying experience.

    The retail product is no different, the control system is still irritating and is plagued by clumsy camera angles, the inventory system although novel can get kind of irritating as a means to use items and there are also some wild bugs involving the in-game physics - objects will buck around i.e. tables, planks of wood, cables, the cars etc every now and then for no apparent reason on occassion causing your own death.

    However, despite all of this the game is very much worth playing through. In its favour the graphics and soundtrack more than do the job, they are ably flanked by a top notch and reasonably original story plus a mish mash of first/third person shooting, survival horror which involves combining various items ad hoc to create pipe bombs and molotovs and a good dose of driving around central park in the latter stages. Its the driving around which really seperates it from the current crop of survival horror games, I'd heard many complain about the controls whilst driving but I can't say I had any complaints and that free form element of the game where you hunt down the "roots of evil" provides some of the games tensest moments as you drive between points fending off Humanz and looking for first aid stops/ammo.

    The puzzles and boss fights are also worth a special mention, again this element seems very fresh I can't remember seeing some of these types of puzzles in prev gen survival horror games i.e. the forklift truck puzzle, the flashlight usage, room 943 to name a few and its always nice to see a few well done boss battles in these types of titles to boot.

    In conclusion I expected to be thoroughly let down by this title, sure its flawed and it certainly isn't bug free but if you give it a chance this is one of the better and more original recent examples of this genre of game and it deserves to be judged on its own merits rather than is it a resident evil beater or does it have anything to do with the old Dos games.

    Big thumbs up from me anyway at that price, purchased the limited edition version on the cheap (with the figurine/OST/DVD making of/artbook) and as I write this review I find myself one chapter away from completing the game (just finishing off destroying the last roots of evil) and needless to say I've enjoyed every minute of it.

  7.  Bargain and a nice T-shirt even at XL size


    Purchased one of these in the sale with the XL being the only size available and im not an especially large/wide person. I'd generally order a medium for a snugger more fashionable fit and large for a more comfortable fit but the XL although not my first choice and obviously a little baggier looks good on.

    Its one of the "Gildan" heavy cotton t-shirts that alot of the band shirts are made with, the logo/print is great, per Play.com's picture it also reads on the back "MCR NJ - from Bullets to Black we survived them all".

    Really nice shirt for fans of the band or indeed anyone that likes a good band shirt.

  8.  Well worth a pop


    Purchased one of these elsewhere but thought I'd add my review to Play's site.

    Firstly this was purchased as an intended update to several MP3 players which I currently own ranging from Zen Stones, to a Nomad Jukebox to an Aigo Multi Function MP3 player which is essentially the double of this player but without the quality and experience which Creative add to their products.

    The player itself is literally the same size as a credit card with the exception of the thickness obviously, I would say its around 1-2 cm thick.

    Upon starting the player I was somewhat disappointed the menu seemed like a pain to navigate and I gave up for a few days. When I finally got round to playing with it a little more I was well impressed.

    My recommendations would be to firstly use Windows Media Players Sync option in tandem with their find album info option to automatically clean up your mp3 files add album art and transfer too your player. Then switch the allbum view to show album covers, trust me when I say it makes navigating so much more pleasant than Creatives text based default option.

    I then changed up the menus placing them in the order which I would use each function the most i.e. replacing the Microphone menu with Music, Video and Photo menus at the top of the tree - this is how Creative should have set them up by default in my opinion. I also changed the shortcut button from "album of the day" to go straight to "my albums" which is a lot more desirable in my opinion and less frustrating if you accidentally hit that button and get some random album playing out.

    Also changed the wallpaper to something more suitable. I believe the player uses a specific size of image file for wallpapers but it also gives the option to use larger images with the player either resizing them/cropping them or adding black bars depending on your selection, which is a nice touch.

    As for the actual sound/video/screen quality I was well impressed although I did purchase a set of Creative EP-630 In Ear Headphones for £6 at the time of purchase as I was told they far exceed the standard Creative headphones packaged with this player which is true.

    All in all you could say im very happy with the player just wish the accessories didn't cost the earth, £15-20 for a leather wallet or silicon skin pack is a little excessive in my opinion but cest la vie.

  9.  Enhanced Edition......The best just got better


    Genuinely exceptional games have been few and far between in recent years on the PC, the Witcher is one of those standout titles that deserves every accolade it gets.

    I grew up on and indeed own the vast majority of Black Isle RPGs (Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale series, Placescape etc) and this is a game which I would list alongside the aforementioned titles in terms of quality.

    The game itself stands on its own two feet in that unlike BG/ID its not based around the AD & D universe and perhaps as a result is slightly limited in that you don't have different classes/alignments or vast amount of spells, armour and weapons. Instead the game is more story driven with you (obviously) playing the Witcher, there are limited weapons/spells but the game is of such high quality that you quickly forget about some of the perks of the AD & D universe and comfortably slip into the role of the mysterious (womanizing!!!!) Geralt.

    In regards to the enhanced edition I guess you could just upgrade your original Witcher using the enhanced patches and grab the bonus content from the official site as to the developers credit its all free, but I would add that it takes a painful 1-2 hours to patch the game upto the enhanced edition and the last time I looked the mirrors for all of the additional content included in this package were being hit hard to the point where downloading them was impossible so I ended up buying it instead.

    To be honest its such a great bundle that its worth rebuying the game and is one of the very few PC titles that I'd happily heap praise upon from a great height.

    Well worth the money.

  10.  the best game of its type on the 360 (and a bargain too)


    I already owned the regular version of GRAW 2 when i purchased this and the special edition of GRAW that came with the chapter 2 DLC so you could say I knew exactly what I was getting and perhaps had no reason to effectively "rebuy" the game.

    Not really.....at the price I couldn't turn it down. If my memory serves correctly you get 2 premium co-op packages, a weapons pack and 2 throwback map packs all of which are of great quality and further extend what was already a feature rich game. Its true that some of the packs are available for free over Live whilst some are premium content what the package does do though is include all of the packs on a seperate DVD which saves the hassle of redownloading or cluttering your 360 hard disc unnessecarily with what probably amounts to 3 gigs worth of extra content - a lesson learned from the GRAW special edition I feel which scrimped on the extra disc instead giving you a code to download the content.

    As for the game its pure perfection in the form of the cinematic campaign which is amply backed up by the aforementioned multiplayer (60 maps/62 weapons/numerous game types/enjoyable although not story based co-op) which stomps all over the majority of Live games due to the element of communication and cooperation which can be involved in some of the better game modes.

    I can't recommend this game highly enough and its even better at the budget pricepoint.