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  1.  Easiest way for gold membership


    If you are going to have xbox live gold then this is the way to have it as your not tied to any subscriptions whereas by ordering on the console they renew your contract yearly unless you call them/contact them to stop them

  2.  Awesome


    By far my favourite RPG game on the 360, maybe even my favourite game on the console. I enjoy role-playing games anyway, but I always find that ones were you can make decisions that affect the rest of the game and/or your partys behaviour towards you are always a lot more special.

    For an rpg game its fairly easy to pick up, and really hard to put down! The cutscenes are awesome and in some of them you really feel for the characters and become involved with them. The music is great and the real-time fighting strategy system works a treat on the console. The game is so engrossing that although I never really replay any rpg games after completing them once through, I have come back to this game again and again.

    Its successor dragon age 2 is nowhere near as fantastic as the first game, and at the price it is on here now its an absolute bargain that will give you 50 if not 100 plus hours of fun

  3. SSX


    Xbox 360

    8 New from  £9.54  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.98



    I was a big fan of the old ssx games on the ps2 and all i can say is how well this game has been made so that older fans of the series can recognise it as it used to be but for newer fans the amount of depth that the game goes into is amazing.

    You earn credits for competing in races etc that you can use to buy equipment such as outfits and boards, however so players can't just get the best items straight away the items are limited to each character and the items you are shown are only shown four at a time and are completely random ( for example one time you could see a rare but costly board whereas after finishing a race and starting a new one totally different boards are available to buy).

    A new game mode has been introduced instead of a standard online race where players pay credits to compete in races such as trick races, race races and survival races. the aim is to complete the objective (fastest time, highest trick score etc) in the highest bracket you can (from bronze to diamond). the better you do, the better bracket you fall into, therefore meaning the more you get paid. there is sooo much more depth that in this short review i cannot go into much detail about such as mods that you can purchase to give your character a boost in speed tricks or boost etc for one race only, and other equipment such as oxygen tanks, ice picks etc etc, but all i can say is buy the game, if your a fan of the ssx series or you like what im saying about it in the review then get it as i cannot recommend it more, easily one of my favourite xbox 360 games and i had the console for around 3 years.

    The insane way ssx used to be has stuck here aswel which i'm really glad about, but the new features really stand out and make it even better than it used to be. Geotags which are tags that players can earn in game or purchase let players lay down tags on tracks that other players can see and try and take to earn credits, however the longer your geotag stays without being captured, the more credits you get. you can have geotags staying on maps for days, even weeks before a player manages to find it and capture it in race. Additions like this and the extra detail to character customisation and character levels which they earn through xp makes this game a must have for ssx fans, snowboard game fans and competitive gamers alike.

  4.  Great game


    i disagree with the reviewer below. i also only saw a few songs that i thought i had heard of when looking at the tracklist. i asked for this game (the guitar bundle) for xmas and loved it when i played it for the first time on xmas day. i found that many of the songs i did know its just i hadnt known the name of them previously. the game has some great tracks (nirvana-smells like teen spirit, the raconteurs- steady as she goes, nirvana-lithuim elton john-saturday nite, muse- plug in baby just to name a few). i like most of the songs on the game and there is lots of variety (great mix of music genres). i would really recommend this game to any guitar hero fans or newcomers who want to get into the instrumental game genre.

  5.  Great Album


    I brought this cd around a month ago when it was on here for 3.50 i think it ws. i had heard of all the main songs (man overboard, whats my age again, feeling this, the rock show and all the small things) and was hoping that id enjoy at least a couple of there other songs. i was happy to find that i like most of the songs on this album, the highlights for me (without the obvious well-known ones) are dammit, stay together for the kids, adams song, first date and josie. a couple of songs on this album im not sure of (down, not now and always) but thats because i havent really listened to them a lot. i would recommend this to any fan that likes blink-182s main songs as i think they will enjoy the other 'greatest hits' they have to offer.

  6.  not bad


    This game may not be the best but its defintely not as bad as some of the other reviews make it out to be. The graphics are great, the character creation mode is top-notch and the new ability system makes the game a lot more in-depth (armour and item you wear along with the weapon you wield affects your ability in some game modes such as increased/decreased health and changes in attack and defence). The story mode is really short, which is why this game isnt great. there are only 5 stages and you can complete a story mode with a character in around 5 mins (literally 5 mins or less). The main mode (tower of souls) is enjoyable but doesnt make up for the fact that the game is actually lacking any real main mode. online is ok but the lifespan of this game is very short. however this is still one of the best fighting games you can get on xbox 360 because the character animations and level designs are great.
    Graphics 8/10
    Lifespan 5/10
    Sound 7/10
    Gameplay 8/10

  7.  Great


    Excellent campaign wn u play as the british as you really get into the storyline. however on the missions you play as the americans i just dont enjoy them as much. you dont get involved with the characters as you do with the britsh missions. however the campaign i think is a little longer than cod 4 which is good and theres lots of variety in them on the missions you play as the british (snow mobiles and running along rooftops are great fun). the american missions are a bit samey but are still fun to play

    Special ops:
    These are a variety of small missions in which you earn stars to unlock more. Quite fun but much better when your playin with a friend, be it online or split screen. Highlights include 2 player only missions where one person is on the ground and te other is supporting them using an ac130 or helicopter gun.

    The main selling point of the game. More levels than in cod 4 (up to level 70 this time) and you get rewards for prestiging. loads more camos and attatchments, new perks and pro perks (add on perks that u unlock using other perks). most maps are good and the new game mode demolition is by far the best mode on multiplayer (search and destory where every player on one team has the bomb and unlimited respawns)

    Graphics 9/10
    Lifespan 8/10
    Gameplay 9/10
    Sound 9/10

  8.  pretty rubbish


    great idea yet poor graphics, poor gameplay and overall a poor execution of a game that could of been good

  9.  Great album


    this has to be one of my favourite albums. i like every song except one on this album. Highlights include 'worth dying for' 'survive' 'ready to fall' and 'behind closed doors'. all the other songs bar 1 are great but the above are my main favourites. built to last is the only song i dont like on the album because im not a fan of screamo. i would recommend this to anyone thats a fan of bands like breaking benjamin, sum41 and three days grace

  10.  great game but it is really buggy


    ok i know the review below says its 'personal problems' but i have a great desktop and can run call of duty 4 perfectly on it and have had no problems with any other games. however the game saves on star wars kotor 2 messed a a couple of times and then again wen i reinstalled it. dont get me wrong the game is great but i stoopped playing it very early because i had to start again more than once cos of the game saves and overall random crashing of the game.