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  1.  No idea what all these bad reviews are about...


    After reading the reviews on here im puzzled. I can understand their comments but it takes nothing away from the game!

    There were a few bugs in the first weeks this game was released but on 360 these have all been patched and the game runs smoothly now.
    The first touch system adds an element of realism but there's still room for improvements (just like every FIFA game though...) If anything this FIFA game is everything 12 had plus more.

    Strengths: pro clubs/ slight improvement to carreer mode/ first touch / much more realistic play system with passing shooting and player interaction/ large variety of game types and modes to get lost in/ Improved press interaction in carreer mode (still a long way to go) / FIFA market allowing you to buy upgrades and items

    Weakness: Goal keepers are unrealistic/ can no longer use the same offline pro as online/ game is imbalanced towards small players below 5 feet tall

  2.  Good but lacking


    the game at first look seemed great the graphic quality was impressive and tactical is deffinitly the right word to describe the game but it has some major flaws that ultimatly killed it for me. The blurred action turning makes playing first person irritating and nausiating where its hard to make out anything, so third person is deffinitly advised. The controls in ArmA 2 arent exactly simple as after around 9hrs of game time i was still struggling to get a grip with them and they are badly set out, but this luckily can be changed in the option menu.

    The biggest flaw with the game though is 3 things. 1, the graphics are good but if you have a computer which isnt top of the range the low setting often blurrs the graphics making it hard to make out anything in a game, this in turn effects gameplay as you literaly just cant see the enemy while they can make you out no problem. 2, the maps on the game are huge which is good in tha fact theres lots of room but ends up being a problem as you have to travel to a target in some type of vehicle, meaning from spawn as a normal soilder you have to wait up to 10 mins before you see some action. Finally 3, the AI in the game is almost super human so after spending 10 minutes traveling to a target as a sniper you fire 1 shot from 1000 meters out and sadly miss only to be met by the target you just fired at turning immediately around and nailing you in the head with a M249 machine gun in one shot. Even then thats if your lucky enough to even see your enemy, more times than not after arriving in a hostile zone you will be killed before you are even aware of the fact somones around.

    Overall id keep your money in your pocket with this one, although with lots of content in the game its lacking heavily in gameplay and graphics, which are only good with the most expensive of computers. Although, if your love flight simulators and that kind of thing, ArmA 2 does offer allot of realistic flying sim and in a war zone environment that can be made even more exciting. I havent even mentioned the lack of mini map in the game which just adds to my feeling that the game isnt player friendly.