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  1.  Anarchy Reigns Supreme


    This is just a fantastic series and there are still 2 planned before the end. I haven't been that in to a series since The Soprano's or Rescue Me.

    My friend told me about this series in July 13 and since then I have watched all 5 series to date in less than 5 months.Granted I bought the series boxset by boxset but here they are all together for continuous viewing!! I watched Series 5 in less than 3 days. I love it and its building for a great finale.

    I won't spoil it for you but Its about a biker gang in a small American town called Charming. It follows the group and their dealings with Police, FBI, IRA,other bike gangs and task forces alike as they pursue a corrupt illegal living through crime. Great storylines and acting throughout and the tensions between gang members as they deal and double deal is addictive viewing. Worth your hard earned cash. Roll on Series 6.

  2.  Very Good


    My friend recommended this movie. I read the reviews and took the plunge. This was a very enjoyable movie, well acted, good story, exciting scenes. If you like bank and robbers style movies then you will like this. One review stated better than Heat. I wouldn't go as far as that but it sure does gives it a run for its money!!

    If you like, Place Beyond The Pines, Inside Man, Heat then The Town is for you.

  3.  Good Selection


    This is the 4th Grammy's album I now own and as per usual the selection is very good. Every year some of the best music is selected. Its akin to a Now album but better, with very rarely a bad track in sight. Good value always!! This 2013 album is no exception, great playlist.

  4.  Upbeat Feelgood Album


    I have always quite liked Train and this album has done nothing to change my mind. In fact this is probably their best album to date, its catchy, upbeat, fun. If you want an album for driving, sitting in the house with background music or out in the garden with friends for a barbie then this album will fit the bill. Couple of songs have had a decent amount radio play but in truth all the songs could have!! Under a fiver too!!

    This album should make you want to revisit there previous work!!

  5.  Entertaining Movie


    Having just watched this movie I disagree with the 2 star review. I took a while to buy this but glad I did eventually. There are a few familiar faces in it, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Vinnie Jones and Paul Savrino from Goodfellas.

    Granted its no Goodfellas but its a decent enough movie that is an entertaining. You are left liking Ray Stevenson's character Danny Green. Long story short tells the story of a desendant from Irish immigrants who gets in to union leadership and thereafter involved with crime and the Clevland mafia. Its then a case of survival and pride in equal measures!! Worth a watch

  6.  Soothing Sound


    As you can tell by the previous reviews and star rating this is a good album. I had personally never heard of Jack Savoretti but I like to take a chance on music that's new to me.

    The album is very melodic, thoughtful, soothing and easy listening. Jack has a nice voice and the more I listen to this album the more I appreciate it. Nice to listen to with headphones on or if you you are just kicking back looking to chill out.

    All songs decent but Dreamers, No One's Aware and Without are my 3 favourites currently. As one other review suggest if you like Jack Johnson this should suit you albeit they don't sound identical. His voice reminds me of a softer version of the lead singer from Ben's Brother.. However if that band isn't your cup of tea you should still give Jack a listen as I think you might just like!!

  7.  Lightning Bolt Indeed


    Wow this is a talented young man!! First heard lightning bolt on Zane Lows Radio 1 show, whilst nipping out in ther car. Made sure I heard who the artist was after the song.

    So Jake Bugg eh? Got the album and the more I listen the more I love. His music is varied but I hear old rock and roll with a modern twist in his music. It simple, well constructed songs, raw and not over complicated. So different by modern standards. He sounds his own man but I hear a bits of Oasis, Dylan and even fifties rock/rockabilly in some tracks!! Its a great listen.

    This boy has a big future ahead of him if this album is is the standard we can come to expect!!

  8.  Excellent


    I can't believe there are no reviews on this album!! Here goes then. Bought this just after xmas, Cant remember when I first heard of them, possibily on the radio? Ho Hey was the song and I am so glad I bought the cd. This is a fantastic album!! The future of music will be in good hands if bands like this keep coming through.

    Their music is kinda folk based in my opinion. If you like Mumford or Fleet foxes you should like The Lumineers. I certainly do. Listen to them and see if you agree.

  9.  Enjoyable


    Can't say I hate many movies that star Mark Walhberg and this is no exception. Really enjoyable movie which keeps you guessing on the first time of watching. Good all round performances from the cast and Ribsi is excellent. I have added it to my collection. Good storyline.

  10.  Just Excellent Viewing


    First thing to mention is that series 5 and the final series 6 are only available on region 1 so you need that or a multi regional player. I bought a multi regional player just so I could own this fantastic series. 22 episodes of pure brilliance.

    This series never gets mentioned in the same breath as The Sopranos, The Wire etc but in my opinion it should!! Have watched since day 1 and it just keeps getting better. Its outrageous viewing at times, says it as it is and would make some cringe but its one of the best series ever to come out of the USA.

    In short it follows Tommy Gavin (Dennis Leary) and the fire crew of house 62 of the FDNY. Tommy is an alcoholic who continually battles with his demons, his messy personal life and the ghosts who haunt him. The rest of the crew have equally disfunctional lives which are compulsive viewing!! Lou, Garritty, Franco, Mike and the rest are fab and the storylines are great. Do yourself a favour and watch this from start to finish you will not regret it!! So disappointing series 6 was the last ever made!! Full of laughs as well as tragedy!! Just excellent viewing.