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  1.  plan b, back to the norm


    Im not here to have ago at the reviewer who gave this a one star, but this is the the sort of music plan b does, He takles real life crime, and alot of what he raps about are about street crime and daily struggle of young men,

    His last alburm turned out to be a great succsess, but before it was realised alot of other hip hop artists asked if he was doing the right thing by this album,

    but not only did he still please his hardcore fans, but also added new people who wouldnt normally buy his music,

    but thats the problem the new fans think asll his music will be like his last album, which it wont, that was a one off that worked really well, but now its back to the norm.

  2.  first review


    wow im supprised im the first to write a review on this film, seeing how it has quite a big cast,

    this film is quite a good gritty gangster film, basically hes a bloke who does the dirty work for people, but doesint really want to, and is giving a job that hes unsure on,

    theres a good shoot out scene with vinny jones which seems like they spent abit of money on, seeing as most of the film looks to be done on the cheap,

    so overall if you like good british films you should give this a chance,

    as a sidepoint even though gary strech is not the best actor, hes still a better actor then he was a boxer ha ha

  3.  good gritty film


    yeah i liked this film, its good to see a gangster film thats not set in london and hasint got danny dyer in it, even though im a southner myself

    yes has some proper violent bits in it but also some good light hearted bits in it what i always thinks makes a gangster film,

    dont understand the negative reviews the one thing i like about british gangster films is they dont sugercoat things like the ameicans and try to show what the underground really is like,

    so overall a good gritty british gangster film

  4.  needs 2 b more cheesy


    well people the first marine is one of my guily pleasures, i loved the cheesy lines and over the top action makes it for me

    well with the sequel needed more of this, proberly had a better story line and with wwe films u know wot ure gonna get loads of over the top action so overall not bad,

    as a side point i can take that one bloke can defeat a whole army that dont bother me, but wot does is there fighting a asian army yet the main bad guy is a kiwi, dosint even try and hide his accent, ha ha there must b loads of asian actors who would have taken this part

  5.  dont mess with harry


    alot of critics moan this this film is an overreaction of britian today, and that most kids are not like they are portrayed in this film,

    and to be fair most aint, but some kids from some estates are like they are in this film,

    in this film harry brown, is an ex soldier whos wife becomes ill and passes away, after his wife death the only comforts in his life are going to the pub and playing chess with his mate,

    his mate is having problems with some youths and feels scared for his life, and feels like taking the law into his own hans,

    at first harry talks him out of it, but after his friend is being bullied again, decide to confront the youth with a knife, after the youth overpower the old guy, they stab him to death,

    after this harry takes revenge on the youths by full force,

    this film might be a overreaction, but is still a good gripping film, and makes you think

  6.  straight on the shelf


    this film is about a succseful middleaged single woman, who is having cctv instaled, and she falls for the younger man whos doing the installing, and invites him to a party,

    he has the time of his life at the party, and is getting some action from the woman, when three thugs come by and give them both a kicking and rape the woman,

    this film then turns into a revenge movie, where they go after the men,

    this film try so hard to try and shock, but it all seems so farfetched, theres nothing wrong getting revenge after what these two are put though, but they just seem to go over the top to try and get a reaction,

    but if you like gillian anderson, like me and alot of mates, you see alot of her in this film, (if you know what i mean)

  7.  cheesy trash, but enjoable


    every bit of this film is cheesy, the acting, the action, and the jokes, but putting that all to the side, this film is a very enjoyable film, and one of my guilty pleasures,

    the story line is simple, ex marine gets kicked out of the forces, trys to adjust to normall life, but is finding it hard, goes on a break with his wife, where she gets kidnapped, so he chases after the kidnappers, cue lots of explosings, lots of silly jokes, and lots of fights,

    but like i said before, you cant help but like this film, and is just the film if your in the mood for a trashy, easygoing action film

  8.  critics hated it, but i enjoyed it


    this got a lot of bad reviews by the critics, they moan that everythings was pushed down your throats, every hitman had to have a different quirk, and it was just all bang bang,

    but if you dont take it to seriously, you have a good action film, with a high body count a few laughs, and a good twist at the end

    so i would say give it a try, and dont listen to the critics

  9.  just average


    i remember watching this film, finding some of it quite funny, overall i find abit to farfetched, and corny

    but it was good to see the english guy come of better then the american guy

  10.  anti christmas


    this film really is an anti christmas film, most christmas film are family freindly with a good will story line

    this film is the total opposite, a bad temped, drunk santa, whose only really doing the job so he can rob the place

    so you might be wondering how you can feel for the character, but deep down hes not that bad,

    a kid takes intrest in him, and gives him a place to live, at first he just using the kid, but after a while he takes a liking to the kids and starts looking out for him,

    he even gets himself a wacky girlfriend, who has a thing for santa's, and you hope he sorts himself out,

    will he or wont he, watch the film and find out