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  1.  Now a Potter convert.


    I never caught the potter buzz first time round but deceided to give them another try with the release of the new film.
    This confirmed two things for me a) I was not a big fan of the first two and b) the last three are amazing.
    Let me explain myself i had to see all of them to understand the context of the later ones but the first two for me personally i had seen too many bit and pieces of them over the years, but as they progressed i enjoyed them more and more.
    The last two are very dark and disconcerting and in stark contrast to the first two.
    I never thought i would be a convert but find myself more excited about the next after i put away my stubborness and just saw them for what they where.

  2.  A must for anyone who is a fan of good Cinema.


    I had wanted to see this since i saw the trailers earlier this year and couldn't wait for the release. And i wasn't dissapointed.
    Jonny depp plays the irrpressable jon dillenger a 1930's bank robber a kind of robin hood if you will.
    Going up against the frankly unlikable melvin pervis played brilliantly by christian bale.
    This film is about 'the golden age of crime' but also about the birth of america's national wide police force, which before hand dillenger manages to loop hole.
    A well scripted, acted and directed film for anyone who is a fan of depp, bale or good films.

  3.  A lot of fun with a lot of heart.


    Wanted to see this on theatrical release but as with most animation (bar Disney/Dreamworks) was hard to find but when i saw it on Blu- ray was blown away. First it looks amazing in hi-def great contrast in the black and white and the story is thourghly entertaining from start to finish, like nothing else out there.
    Its based on Iranian Graphic novels of Marjane Satrapi who from the looks of things led a very exciting life.
    Also kinda educational as i learnt a little about the Iranian revoution. A lot of fun with a lot of heart.

  4.  A must have for anyones collection!


    Amazing! the ultimate collection of some of the best sci-fi ever made. i got this for a bargin price. a really good purchase especially as its something that should be in everyones colection. In one neat little package I'm not gonna tallk about the films because if you have'nt seen them then you should be purchasing this right now!.

  5.  Scary stuff!


    A real gem! was lucky enough to catch this at the cinema and thought it was genuinly scary.
    Very much in the vein of cloverfield and diary of the dead it follows a film crew making a documentry about the fire service but when they get a call out all is not what it seems as soon is gets in it doesn't let up, a real rollercoaster ride.
    so much better see this instead of the american re-hash.

  6.  Bargin


    One of the most genuinly funny brittish comedy's. If you haven't seen peep show but seen mitchell and webb in other things dont go by that because this is there best, all the other stuff the have done pales in comparison. Its hard to watch them in anything else after seeing this because the two are so belivable you wont want to see them any other way. At the moment at a bargin price get it you wont be dissapointed.

  7.  Interesting use of prosthetics!


    Will Ferrel back on par at his child-like best, this is no anchorman but is a very funny film John c reilly playing of ferrel brilliantly.
    The story is essentialy about responsablity and if you find middle aged men acting like children funny (which i do) then this is for you.

  8.  Gross out morals!


    Kevin smith at his gross moral ridden best its sounds like a contradiction to have a film about the production of amature porn to have a message but smith's one of the few comedy writers that can pull it off.
    It was good to see seth green in something different, the story is centered around two friends who are broke and haven't changed since high school and decide there only option is to make and produce there own porno's with some funny parody's of some fan favorites.
    As with most of smith's films not for those who are likely to be offended.

  9. ICO



    4 New from  £39.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.94



    A unique gaming experiance thats likely to irritate you or enthrall you, splits gamers straight down the middle. A young boy born with horns that is enprisoned in a castle who meets a young girl who creeps into darkness when left unnattended.
    The controls of the boy feel clumbsy and you can feel every tug and effort but it suits the character and its clear he's no superhero.
    The castle enviroment feels vast and threatening and truly is a joy to explore.
    I really enjoyed this game in my top ten for sure, my only problem with this game is there's not much replay value but with a game this good and thats such a joy to play thats not so much of a problem.
    Every one should try this game you will either not go back to it or fall in love with it.

  10.  Outstanding!


    Satoshi Kon really does have the Midas touch, after watching Paranoia agent i decided to check Kon's other offerings and was not dissapointed,full of imagination and depth and in my opnion he is really up there miyazki.
    The story centres around a machine that allows dreams to be recorded and entered by the elusive Paprika.
    Like Kon's other films this explores the fragile link between reality and the perception of reality, a smart film that never dumbs down despite its medium.
    The animation looks amazing with Kon's trademark clarity and detail and really does blu-ray justice. Do yourself favour and see this film if not already a Kon convert you may have a new favorite Anime director.