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  1.  Misson well done!


    Another installment in the leggy mission impossible series left me feeling a bit underwhelmed when announced. However after seeing the film itself, can safely say its a fantastic addition to the franchise. Really does hit every mark in what you want from a film like this, also have to say the Dubai sequence was both generally terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! Great movie!

  2.  Fitting end to a wonderfull trilogy.


    Was very impressed with the way pixar ended the story. A far superior film to Toy Story 2 in my opinion, and on par if not better than the original. Can watch buzz and woody do their thing anytime.

  3.  Am i dreaming?


    Thought this film was brilliant, would expect nothing less from the outstanding Nolan. Such originality is rarely seen nowadays in any form let alone film. Gave it 4 stars because I felt there was something missing to make the film perfect, I just dont know what it was? They say its better second time round? I'll probably change to 5 stars when i watch again then lol.

  4.  Does everything you want a superhero movie to do.


    For the type of genre this film goes into, you really cant ask for anything more. It makes you laugh, gives you action and leaves you wanting more! Robert Downey Jr. is once again the star of the show! 3.5/4 stars.

  5. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Stand up and take note football games !!!


    Another brilliant outing from the fifa franchise offers even more creative features with every new installment. This one is even harder than the others since the passing system is more realistic than ever before. Say goodbye to the Ping-Pong passing of old, in this game you've got to be able to tactically beat your opponent with skill and innovation. Great buy!

  6.  Fantastic series!...... mediocre ending.


    I have been an avid Lost fan for years, I adore the whole mystery and intrigue the show offers more than anything we've seen before. I could not wait for the finale but was sadly left feeling a bit dissapointed. I really thought the creators of the show would think of a more fitting end than that! I realise it was always going to be a near impossible task to keep everyone happy and tie up every loose end in a show like this, but i felt the ending was very predictable and a slight blemish on an overall landmark series.

  7.  Not creative enough


    I was so excited when I heard this film was coming out. But upon watching the film i was really dissapointed. I found this re-imagining just not imaginative enough. Like everyone i wanted to see some of the classic scenes from the original but nearly every kill comes from the original films. There just wasn't enough ''new'' elements in this movie to make me forget ive seen it all before and impress me with more original ideas. On the plus side I loved Haley as Freddy! Just wished they improved his make-up, really restricted his facial performance in my opinion. If they do another one, just let him off the leash and give us nightmares all over again.



    I went to this film not expecting much at all, but boy was i suprised, this film is a landmark in a new type of sci-fi/alien genre. I can guarantee you that you have never seen anything like it before, but there are also the usual incredients in the film that relate to past sci-fi classics to keep you entertained e.g. range of different emotions focused on the aliens and also humans, thats all ill say without giving the story away. A MUST SEE!!!!!!

  9.  Best one since the 1st Film!!!


    After Saw 5 i was wondering if the great SAW machine was running low on gas, I thought it was starting the lose impact of previous Saw films e.g of course the 1st film. I went into saw 6 expecting to see the gas run even more empty, but i was totally wrong! I enjoyed this film so much more than the rest of the sequels put together. Absolutely recommend to all Saw lovers!!! which is dare i say? Close to the heights of the original film in my opinion.

  10.  BATASTIC!!!!!! BUT......


    I was a little hesistant in getting this game mainly due to some trailers ive seen lookin amazing and some not really knowing how to sell the games best points. But im sooo glad i bought this game, it has restored my faith in superhero games, considering IMHO seemed to be going downhill e.g. Spider-man etc. But this game really makes you feel like Batman! HOWEVER!! for all the greatness of this game i had hoped i would be a little longer! I didnt expect to finish the game so quickly, maybe because i was so addicted to it?, but it really does leave you wanting more, maybe thats a good thing thought for the rumored sequel coming? Batman: Gotham City anyone? IM GAME!!!