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  1.  Nesbo is in a league of his own


    I am a massive fan of Scandinavian crime thrillers and Jo Nesbo is wearing the crown, the only comparison to Stieg Larsson is that they both write books. Nesbo has created a character so unique and wonderfully flawed and complex. I read all of books in order one after the other and would recommend anyone to do this as some story lines cross a few of the books. To say I am a fan in an understatement, I am a Harry Hole addict, he like Nesbo cannot be compared to any other.

  2.  Not as good as the rest


    I have loved Nip/Tuck from season 1 and could wait to watch this season but I was left disappointed sadly. The humour was not there this time and we seem to go back over the same topics and relationships as before and I found that a little boring and the characters were just not as good as in previous seasons. I still enjoyed it and its good to round the whole Nip/Tuck experience with the final season but it is not as good as the other 5.



    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, if you haven't watched this show, where have you been ?

  4.  Excellent


    I love Scandinavian crime fiction and this does not disappoint. Van Veeteren is a classic Chief Inspector who is brilliant at his job but the great thing about this book is the supporting characters are equally as good making this series very strong. The story is excellent and absorbing, it has the twists and the pace of the book shows the plodding work of policeman but in a way that the read just gets more and more absorbed into the story, I would recommend all Van Veeteren books to anyone and if you have never read Scandinavian crime you do not know what you are missing, there is a world of dark crime out there which is highly addictive and all so beautifully written.

  5.  Total Brilliance in a book


    Being the crime fiction fan that I am I was wondering around the library one afternoon not really fancying any of the books as I had read most of them when I came across this book my Henning Mankell. I had not heard of the author but I thought I would give it ago and it was the best literary decision I have ever made. WOW. I was addicted by the 3rd chapter and I went back and I have read each of every book this author has written as well as watching the english and swedish versions of the TV series. I am now a total and utter fan of Scandinavian crime fiction and I read little else. Mankell style of writing just flows over the page, the stories develop and the life of Detective Wallander is marvellously revealed in the stories from his stilted relationship with his father to his own failings as a father to his daughter. He is flawed character who is deeply lonely but a brillaint detective who lives for his job. The books do not shy away from the horrors of life and they really bring Sweden to life from its beauty to the dark under belly that all out societies have. I would and have recommended this author and Wallander to every one I meet who loves a good book getting people as addicted as me. Henning Mankell is now and will forever be my favourite author.

  6.  Gripping


    Being a total fan of Scandiavian crime fiction and reading little else I was looking forward to reading the 3 book by this author and I was not disappointed. The story develops well and the character of Erik Winter is everything you could want from a Swedish detective and the supprting characters are equally well written. I really enjoyed this book and the other 2 he has written, fab for a good summer read or if you are like me a long hot bath and a glass of the old vino. The book picks up the pace as it goes and really becomes a page turner. I would recommen this to other scandiavian crime fans.

  7.  Don't touch this man


    I bought this as a last choicer as I have run out of boxsets to watch and I really really enjoyed it. Based on the Stephen King novel this show is interesting with some good storylines. Who would have thought that the geek out of The Breakfast Club would grow up and into the hot lead man, I was surprised when I realised who he was. Well worth the money and season 2 is equally as good with a great story running from the end of season 1 through season 2. Good stuff.

  8.  I must have watched a different Hex


    I read the reviews and bought the series and switched it off after 4 episodes as it got on my nerves. Poor plot, unbelievable characters and just poor in all respects. As a huge Supernatural fan I thought this would be right up my street but sadly it was just bad. If I wanted to watch a girl wandering around a school eating crisps and sweets I can go to my local comp. Save your money and buy Suoernatural or Blood Ties and give this a miss.

  9.  6 seasons in 3 weeks


    I don't think I have ever given up my life for 3 weeks for any TV show but I did with The Sopranos and it was worth it. What a fantastic, amazing piece of television. After the first season I craved more and more and when it was all over I was gutted, what else could take its place ? I still haven't found it. I cannot gush enough how good this is. If you haven't seen it, WHAT, get it and you will give up a portion of your life too but it will be well worth it. Bada Bing!

  10.  Fantastic and addicitive


    I don't think I ever thanked my friend for loaning me this book or for the 3 others I have read by this author. All I can say is that this series of books are beyond fantastic. The main character Erlander is a wonderfully flawed yet brilliant policeman, along side his collegues who compliment the stories. His family life is dysfunctional which all adds to the flavour of the stories. The settings are wonderful and expertly conveyed to the reader. I loved every page of the books and couldn't wait to start the next one in the series. Up there with the exceptional company of Henning Mankell. A must read for everyone who like crime novels, and like a certain brand of snack, one popped you just can't stop.