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  1.  Amazing game ruined by game freezes


    There is no doubt in my mind that Fallout 3 is wonderful game in so many ways, but for the game freezes that have, at least for me, ruined the experience. The first 15 or so levels are fine with only occasional freezes, but once you hit the high teens be prepared for the game to repeatedly freeze. The PSE forums are buzzing with disgrunted Fallout fans, and does appear to be an issue with the GOTY edition in particular. I have tried various "fixes" but nothing solves the problem. Buyer beware.

  2. Rage



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     RAGE: fun, but far too short.


    Overall, this is a fun FPS with all the usual trimmings (big guns, head splatter, extremely violence), but I just completed it in a day of casual Sunday gaming so I'm feeling rather cheated. The game's much hyped graphics are superb and the game play is fluid. Sadly, the story is very one dimensional and the format of the game rather repetitive concluding with the usual cliffhanger to keep us interested while they develop RAGE 2.

    Despite Fallout 3 comparisons, this isn't a sandbox or an RPG, it is a good old fashioned FPS, so don't expect too much else besides. There are plenty of nice touches, such as the racing component of the game, but even with this the game was all over too quickly for my liking. My advice: wait for a bargain.


  3.  An engrossing, off-the-wall classic


    Having not played the original Alice game, I picked this up thinking it might offer somehting a little different. What I expected was something of a puzzle-based fantasy RPG, when what I got is perhaps closer to 'Dante's Inferno' - a lithe, beautifully rendered action-adventure 3rd person action-adventure set aginst the twin backdrops of Victorian London and a warped envisioning of Lewis-Carol's Wonderland.
    The storyline picks up where the previous title is said to ended, but having not played this title I didn't feel that I was missing any essential information as most of the back story is filled in courtesy of flashbacks. Obviously you play the character of Alice who is suffering from quite a collection of psychological issues, not least of which is guilt for her parent's demise. From this point on Alice returns to a Wonderland that has been warped and twisted by an evil presence and it is your job to sort this mess out.
    The controls are slick, the levels are really quite beautiful in a gothic come avant-garde way and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through all of them. Most of the game requires you to make a series of well-time jumps and dashes, which is made all the more interesting by utilising Alice's many skills and weapons which you aquire as the game develops. You frequently have to defeat level bosses and a variety of lesser foes, which adds a nice combat dimension to the game.
    Overall this is an very enjoyable game with a good storyline and a strong narrative.

  4.  Non-fiction for spies


    A fascinating insight into Britain's preparation and planning around the Cold War. What emerges is an image of panic and very real paranoia that Hennessy captures to good effect. A little turbid at times, but this is largely due to the author's decision to include a large amount of documentation, but is precisely the inclusion of such documents, memos and letters of state that help to promote an atmosphere of intrigue and fear. Best of all are the flat out ridiculous schemes deemed necessary to protect the country which ultimately wound up in a locked drawer never to be considered again. A nice holiday read.

  5.  Thought provoking and compelling


    For those who don't know Zizek is something of a living icon among cultural theorists even if he has many critics and supporters. This is one of his more accesible texts and sets out a fascinating examination of systemic violence and how so call irrational acts of violence can sometimes be the symtom of a more troubling and complex hidden or unseen violence that maintains the status quo. His analysis of tolerance as violence is particualrly interesting and is a must for anyone interested in the function of violence in society.

  6.  Badly researched and poorly written


    That Ambrose takes nearly all his source material from questionable military histories with only a patronising gesture towards Native histories, accounts and records is a testament to his lack of scholarship. The entire narrative reads like one crude generalisation after another with only scant referencing to support weak arguments, wild claims and cliche.

  7.  Not as good as I had hoped


    Came to this film via a very enticing trailer, expecting an epic battle of survival, but what I got was a somewhat gritty yet heavily cliched 'Black Hawk Down' meets 'Independence Day'. Much of the film is essentially a survival-action-thriller, with a group of US marines trying to save a small number of LA citizens from alien invasion, only to find themselves hopelessly out gunned by their alien opponents. Unfortunately, this film fails to really find its feet and spends far too much time trying to make the audience care about the personal issues of the band of soldiers instead of actually engaging with the central premise of a terrifying alien invasion. There might be some interesting points to be made about insurgency, US action in Iraq etc but on the whole this feels like a half-baked imitation of 'Independence Day' which is hardly an accolade. Watchable, but don't expect too much.

  8.  Seriously spooky gore fest from Japan


    As a fan of Japanese survival horrors a game promising a similar heart-thumping experience was always going to appeal to me. Overall the graphics are good, the storyline is compelling, the characters are varied and engaging and of course the whole package is seriously unsettling at times.
    For some reason this game didn't make it to European shores until it had established a cult status in Japan, but thank goodness it did, otherwise we would have been denied what has to be a stand alone classic. The basic premise is that you play a series of different characters all trying to escape a zombie-like siren blood curse that transforms otherwise happy-go-lucky townsfolk into limb-tearing maniacs. However, this being a survival horror, you are denied the very weapons that would turn this into a skeet shoot and must instead rely on stealthy, nerve and innovation to survive. It is a very dark and quite disturbing game with a powerful sense of claustrophobia and paranoia threatening to suffocate you. At times it can be fiendishly cruel and challenging, but isn't that what a good game should be? Well worth a go if you fancy something different.

  9.  Tough. Really, really, REALLY, tough.


    Heard the hype and thought I'd try my hand at this relentless and massively challenging RPG game. First up, I'm not a hardcore gamer and perhaps that is why I struggle so much with this challengeing yet very addictive game. All I will say is be prepared to be frustrated. This is a gamer's game and don't expect to be able to just waft through it. This game demands a degree of dedication and patience that I simply do not posess. A wonderful game, but be warned.

  10.  Surprisingly Good


    Picked his up due to its very reasonable price tag, but generally very impressed. The game situates itself somewhere between GTA, Assassin's Creed and French film noir. The gameplay is very straightforward and the missions reasonably varied to keep you interested. One negative aspect is the aiming function which is a little awkward and takes some getting used to. Well worth a go!