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  1.  Just like the last review...


    I would like to back up what ilovejim said. (No i do not love jim just in case you are wondering) I have only recently completed the game after receiving it for christmas last year. Throughout the game there are tricky parts to it. But "if first you do not succeed try try try try try try and try again." In my case i managed to get past an ape after 4 months of hard work.

    But i see this as a challenge and as another fun part of the game. So yes i think this is a great buy but give it time as well.

  2.  Just like the film... bad


    Compared to the books this game is disappointing. I was looking forward to the release of the film- which was half decent- but then when i got the game for a birthday present i nearly died when i saw the poor story and graphics.

  3.  must buy...


    This game is great for the young and the old. It is mentally stimulating and fun with it. It is great to see the improvement in your concentration and your brain activity. It helps all areas of the brain and covers most school subjects.

    This is a must buy for the ds or dsi.

  4.  Slow...


    This game is well thought out and very well designed. But because the makers have thought about Kyle Hyde's story so much they have over complicated it. Unfortunetly this created quite a few boring periods of the game for me.
    Besides this the game is decent. It is worth buying and experiencing the game.

    I would say it is a slow, and more serious version of Professor Layton.

  5.  a little disappointing


    I must admit the game was a disappointment to me. I am currently half way through it and am slightly concerned that when the third game is released it will be a total disaster. Although some of the many puzzels are reasonably good. I know many people will disagree with me but if we all remember Professor Layton and Curious Village i am sure it was twice as good. Please don't think i am totally against the new game as the story line is reasonable but it just was made out to be better than it actually is.

  6.  One of the best wii games yet


    I have owned a wii fit for over a year now. I have rated it on many other websites and i will just tell you what i said on them. The game itself if very useful and enjoyable. It is fun yet great for exercise.

    The wii fit board is substantial and compact. It is not the ugliest thing in the world yet not the prettiest. It fits just about anywhere you put it. The only thing is is that it uses batteries like a trooper. So it is advisable to buy rechargable ones.

  7.  Amazing for its time


    Along with every other season this is great. It will make you laugh for ages!

  8.  10/10!


    A brilliant season along with the rest of them but it will make you laugh for hours on end!

  9.  WOW!


    The best buy yet! i don't know what else to say exepct buy it!

  10.  Hillarious but amazing tricks!


    The great magic of pants! I have now learned my maws frilly knickers do have one use! This book is great for kids who like magic and love to laugh! i would reccomend this in a minute!