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  1.  The Notebook (Blu-ray)


    If you`ve never heard of this film all the reviews here and everywhere else you`ll look will ALL agree that this is one of the best romantic films ever made!

    Go look at the best selling dvd`s charts over the last 12 months and you will see that this is the highest selling film, so all these 1000`s and 1000`s of people who have brought it cant be wrong then can they!

    So buy it now and I`m a bloke and as one other reviewers here already said. "It`s not just a chick flick". But in saying that if you`re a hardboiled testosterone filled male, go buy something else and leave us romantics alone with our cleanex!!!

  2.  Arthur And The Great Adventure (aka Arthur And The Invisible


    I brought this quite by chance and it is truly an amazing little unknown film! It mixes real life acting with animation and is good as pixar and the like.

    Great storyline of how Arthur who lives in the real world reduces down in size by something he finds in his grandads house to this unseen little world. It`s nothing like ` Honey I shrunk the kids ` and is deffo a family film but also for the kid in us as adults.

    Buy it and you will not be dissapointed

  3.  My Sister's Keeper (Blu-ray)


    Wow and wow again as to what a film this is and there`s a few scenes where Ms Diaz proves that she really can act!......yes really!

    Ok not the most uplifting kinda film because of it`s subject matter, but don`t let that put you off because the acting from ALL of the cast is soooooo phonominal you become engrossed and totally hooked by the twist of events that are taking place right before your very eyes.

    A deffo must if you like your films deep and meaningful.

  4.  Red Cliff (aka: Chi Bi): Special Edition (Blu-ray)


    This film musta cost an absolute bomb to make with a cast of literally 1000`s!!! But then hey, it is China and they have got a trillion or so extras to choose from over there!

    Like other reviews have already said, this is the full version and if you want to watch it all in one go it`s deffo a Friday night or Saturday night viewing coz of the length of running time.

    It`s a John Woo no expense spared serious kinda film, so if you`re into that then this is just for you, whereas if u prefer the `slapstick` humourous kind, don`t buy it.

    Personally at this kinda price and you`re someone who likes depth and meaning to your Chinese films then you really can`t go wrong!

  5. Narc



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     The narc


    Absolutly amazing film if you`re into fast paced cop dramas that twist and turn as fast as your brain can keep up!! A MUST buy if you are and A MUST NOT if you`re a couch-potato!!

  6.  A Knights Tale


    A very uplifting, innocent family film akin to the old Ealing comedys of yesteryear. Worth far more than the asking price!

  7.  Pride and Prejudice


    If you like this classic story then you will have proably seen every version made many times! This version works for me becaue I see the original writings were by a dreamy young girl. So Knightly fits the bill perfectly because she comes accross in all her films as the same `fiesty`character but has that youthfulness and girlie charm. This works so well against macfadyen who yes seems a bit `drippy` according to one review, but remember his male character in the time written wouldn`t have been able to compute a headstrong girl like this!! It would have spun his brain into another orbit and probably made him appear `drippy` ??! I thought well acted by both.
    As per usual, it`s all down to taste!

  8.  Music and Lyrics


    Not bad but not as good as the other films like it! So only 5 out of 10! Perhaps 6 at a push. If you`re not expecting the bestest of films and have a spare three quid, a night in with a bar of chockie would be cheap at half the price for any girl or girlie-hetro bloke.....or anybody really who`s into girlie films!.....and Hugh Grant is........Hugh grant whatever the film!.....and the bird in it is the same to!! So you either luv `em or hate `em!!

  9.  The Departed


    All these reviewers opinions can`t be wrong can they!!!!......BUY IT!!!

  10.  The Bourne Ultimatum


    If you haven`t seen or heard of these 3 films....where have you been?? ..... If you like your drama fast and hard but without unnecessary violence buy them now! Amazing!!!