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  1.  Ultimately rewarding...


    I agree with most reviews on this, there is a noticeable increase in difficulty throughout the game. However, persistence is the key and after 2 or 3 hours of play, you start to work out the new features and how the game insists you deal with them. The new defending system has brought a new dimension to the game and having good defenders who can anticipate the play helps enormously (not really required on previous versions as all you had to do was plough into the attackers to win the ball back). This time you need to think positionally and not dive in to tackles as you would if playing the game in real life - some people may not like that as there's admittedly less fun in defending than flamboyant attacking play. However, it does instill a sense of acheivement when you jockey your opponent, anticipate his movement and make a block or tackle. The pace of the game is slightly slower (by default) but you will need this extra bit of time to defend properly, experienced players can of course increase the speed of the game.

    Attacking is excellent as usual, with the welcome addition of being able to hold a shoulder button to execute a skilled pass (backheel, flick etc). Crossing has also been overhauled and needs to be relearned, especially with no instruction manual in the box but again, is an improvement on FIFA 11 - I scored the majority of my goals with headers last year which is a little unrealistic. Graphics and player likenesses has been dramatically improved and the commentary so far seems marginally better (though you need to play the game for a few weeks before you start noticing the repetition!).

    My only major complaint is the fact that you are still unable to play career mode with a friend over xbox live?? This is something which EA dont seem to think we'd want, but personally, I prefer to play on the same team as my friends as opposed to against them - this is probably more appealing to the older gamer like myself who doesnt obsess about 'beating' my friends at games but enjoys the social and teamwork aspect of what the game can offer.

    If I could, I'd give the game 95% for this reason, but otherwise, any football fan should buy this game



    FIFA 09 is without doubt the best football game ever made, and finally ends the Pro Evo v FIFA debate in my opinion (especially having played this year's Pro Evo demo). The options in this game are second to none, the graphics and presentation faultless, including some excellent player likenesses. Manager Mode is what Pro Evo's Master League should be, but the game's real gem lies in the updated Be-A-Pro mode. There is something immensely satisfying about playing as a single player in a team, and the reward is when your off the ball run is picked out by one of your AI team mates and you finish well. There are 1 or 2 niggles of course, but which game doesnt have them? A must buy, no matter what the price