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  1.  OK


    After having mixed feelings about wrc 1, I cautiously picked this up in the sales.
    Pros- A lengthy campaign on par with Forza 4, more stages and super special stages where you race head to head around a circuit, the addition of Mini and updating to the 2012 season
    Cons- The gameplay and graphics are not improved like the other reviewer said, they are exactly the same. Also, loading times are long if playing from the disc, and a lot of classic cars seem to have been overlooked again. Also, it is quite buggy still, the worst I have found being crashing into invisible barriers and respawning even though I am in the middle of the track. Also, I have found at least 3 glitched achievements, which wouldn't normally bother me but seeing as I have spent 3 weeks coming 1st in every event, only for 100g achievement not to unlock, I was very disappointed.
    If you are a WRC fan you will buy this anyway, and if not this is still a solid racer, albeit a bit behind the times when compared to other racing games recently released.

  2.  What the series needed


    This is the game all Mortal Kombat fans have been waiting for. Classic 2d fighting, every fighter you could want and many game modes, including the awesome story mode retelling the Mortal Kombat story and story ladder, as well as test your might/sight. Also many unlockables, cheats, modifiers, fatalities/babalities. It goes to show that sticking to an original formula can really pay off (hint hint CoD) and this game should really be in everyones library, whether your a fan of MK or not.

  3.  Not as good as standard headset


    Luckily I got this headset for free from a gameshow my brother went to, and after using it for a day, I just gave it back to him even though it was free. The main component sits around your neck, with the mic on the end which is advertised as giving crystal clear quality because it sits right on your voicebox. However, the exact opposite was true for me, only about 30% of the time was my voice coming through in party chat, the rest of the time my voice either was too quiet to hear or didn't get through at all. Also, compared to the official xbox headset, this can get really uncomfortable, and it isn't easily adjustable. Save your money and just get another standard headset would be my advice.

  4.  Great for the price


    I ordered this on Monday, arrived on Thursday. Thanks for the speedy delivery play! Anyways, this system is what you would expect from something in this price range, the bass is ok for watching movies/gaming, although I reckon most dub heads looking for a cheap sub would be disappointed. The quality of the speakers, even at high volume, is actually what suprised me most about this product. Overall I would recommend to anyone looking for a cheap desktop sound system.

  5.  Where to start...


    Ok first of all I have owned and played all CoD games, and all of the battlefield games out on console. I was looking forward to this because out of them all, MW2 was my personal favorite FPS. Okay so MW3 has a slightly longer campaign, an updated graphics engine, new weapons and game modes and ... thats it. I have been a massive CoD fan since CoD 2 but I can't help but feel like the franchise has been more worried about making a game in time for the yearly deadline than making something new, fresh and engaging. Just like black ops I can see myself probably playing it for a few weeks and then just trading it in, than get back to some multiplayer with some substance and teamwork, namely Battlefield 3.

  6.  A disappointment


    After being engrossed in Eragon and Eldest, after reading this I feel a bit disappointed. The story gets pretty boring in parts, there was no real connection with the characters as in the other books and in particular, the conversations between certain characters seemed meaningless, and could have easily been left out with the number of pages. However, having read the first two, I couldn't help but finish it, but it wasn't as engaging. I would recommend if you have read Eragon and Eldest, but if you haven't, it would probably be a one star.

  7.  perfect comedy


    I have seen them all at least 20 times and can say that the first series is probably the best, I have no idea how Graham Duff can come up with this stuff but you can't help but laugh
    "These hinges are very .... hingey
    I'm gonna have these for meself" :D

  8.  everyone has rated 5 stars


    that should be enough reason to buy this, but simply this is THE BEST tv series i have watched in my life and i just can't wait for the new series

  9.  an ok game


    Ok, I have been playing CoD for 5 years now, and I thoroughly enjoy them. However, every other CoD game I have played has been amazing, and for some reason this year that feeling wasn't there. The story was rubbish to be honest, and even though the online has been updated a lot since MW2, with wager matches and customization, the maps aren't anything special, and CoD points are just plain annoying.

  10.  pretty good


    This games alright if you just wanna mash up some zombies with the near limitless number of weapons you can use .. But at some points i found the missions to be really boring and pointless and i died so many times i kept restarting from day 1 to gain xp to make it easier... But a great game all the same especially at this price