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Product Reviews

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  1.  I give five to this game and dont care about bad reviews.


    I love the franchise, i play this since th first and i know the bad choices that ubisoft made about the same, but i think im my poor opinion thais is the turn around more likely and more joinable in my point of view.
    Good game, good graphics and most enjoyable gameplay since the last.

  2.  What else to say about that....


    The normal version was greatest, amazing and the best fight game of 2011, so this version can only be GOTY plus DLC.
    Im not very accord with this kind of version, but the marketing is making this way. Buy it if you never play it, will enjoy it.

  3.  I Give 5, cause I cant give more.


    There are so many reviews, that what ever I saying is not new, one of the best PS3 game I ever played. Great and evolving history, amazing argument, an epic movie for this platform, just buy it, rent it, whatever. PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

  4.  What else to say????


    This is an amazing game, is cause of this that I enjoy so much be a gamer since my five years old. Beautifal history, brilliant gameplay and so FIVE stars, that I can imagine a PS3 gamer not playing this.
    Thanks again Rockstar.

  5.  What else to say????


    Im my point of view, I think that this game a is really great, noy awesome but great, I said that cause, exist some aspect that had to be worked in some other way, one of them is defenitely the loading screens, for this i have to give 4 stars, but a great choice if you want to have fun. Great Work Capcom.

  6.  What else to say????


    I have read the other reviews and there is no more to say about this great game, you can play the game without losing the tail, so you dont make any pause to rest, this make an immersive playing and you dont notice the end was so close. I hope this dont be the last and if Naugthy Dog edit another one make it even greater than this one.

  7.  Beautifal games, amazing history & espectacular characters


    I have to say something about this game, cause I know this will help a future costumers, this game is really an adventure, the script is beautifal and I have no doubt that this kind of game are one of the reasons to play an adventure game, is not an Uncharted but you wil be not dissapointed:
    Just play and dont think in anything else.

  8.  2 Great games in one case.


    My only complain is about the loading time screen, but the rest is just amazing, is not a cod or uncharted, but is really amazing, I recommended for everyone.

  9.  Just one more to say the same: Is just an Amazing Game.


    This game is not a COD game, is a new way to see war, a funny way. So dont play this with COD in mind, played as the bad ass of the army. Amazing Game.

  10.  I Cannot understand the critics.....


    This game is a way better of FIFA 11, this game worth the money, cause a new kind of features in game,make it the best soccer simulator, PES PLEASE.... Fifa rules since 06.