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  1.  Just about watchable.


    I bought this film due to being a fan of Robert Sheehan and a few of the other actors involved (two of the actors from Adulthood, and Emma Rigby from Hollyoaks). The film also stars Reggie Yates and the main actor from Top Boy.
    The surprisingly good cast of actors have their talents totally wasted by a poorly finished script, and a bizarre storyline involving suicide which is never really explored deeply enough to feel plausible or make you feel any empathy for the characters.
    The soundtrack is good, but is just chart hits from the year the film was brought out, and have nothing whatsoever to do with the storyline and just end up feeling tacked on and a little distracting.
    The film has quite a few plot-holes to overlook and the big "who-done-it?" reveal at the end doesn't really make a lot of sense and falls flat...
    Not really a lot of good points to be honest. Watchable due to some good bits of directing here and there and some good acting, where the awful script allows for it.
    Also, for fans of Tulisa buying it because she is in it, don't bother, she is in the film for all of about 2 and half mintues.

  2.  Pleasant Little Comedy!


    I bought this film on Region 1 (it is not available on Region 2 (UK) for some unknown reason) and without having seen it, purely as it starred such a great cast of actors.
    Paul Rudd is, as usual, awesome, as are his co-stars. The script isn't side-achingly hilarious, what makes the film is the storyline, relationships and character development, and of course, Rudd.
    Ned (Rudd) is a hippy-esque organic farmer who chooses to see the good in everyone and put his trust in people in the hope that they will rise to occasion. This often lands him in hot water and at the beginning of the film we see him arrested for selling pot and he subsequently loses his girlfriend, home, and (most importantly to him) his dog.
    The movie deals with the fallout caused by Ned whilst staying with his different family members (hence the title) and his endless devotion to getting back his furry best friend.
    Like I said, the humor isn't always laugh-out-loud, I would say the film is more of a
    dramedy than a straight comedy, but the characters are so well written and acted, that you cannot help but be drawn into Ned's sweet, rose-tinted world and by the end of the film you find yourself truly gripped by the storyline. It also has really nice soundtrack too. I would recommend this to comedy fans and drama fans alike, and of course, fans of the awesome and massively under-rated Paul Rudd.

  3.  Awesome!


    I found it a little hard to get into this to begin with as I was a big fan of Nathan, and thought the show couldn't work without him. His unexpeced departure does slightly change the feel of the show, but not as much as I had expected, but Rudy is, however, a brilliant replacement and, if anything, works better for the dynamic of the group.
    The storylines are still extremely well written and just as dark and gritty as we have come to expect, with the hilarious humour from the previous series still present, as well as the great chemistry between the cast (both old and new). The series never reaches the height of brilliance that is the first series, but I don't think anything they do ever will, as it was as close to perfect as you can get!
    There are the usual slight plotholes to overlook, but overall I would definitely recommend this series, and say not to pass on it just because of the character change. It's still brilliant and easily one of the best shows on TV at the moment.
    Also for Nathan fans, his farewell film "Vegas, Baby!" is included as one of the special features, a nice touch.

  4.  Pleasantly Surprised!


    I have always played the Prince of Persia games and loved them, but had never really bothered to watch this film after being let down by so many game-to-movie adaptations in the past.
    I wish I had of seen it sooner - it is a brilliant film, and, for once, sticks very closely to the game, even using word-for-word dialogue in places. The action scenes and the relationships between characters are spot on too.
    The casting is brilliant, script well written, and there is rarely a dull moment onscreen. I would recommend this film to anyone, as it is definately one for all the family, whether you have played the games or not.
    So nice to see a game-to-movie done right for a change!!

  5.  5 Stars? What?!


    I was given a free poster for this movie earlier in the year when I attended the Kapow Comic-Con, and, knowing nothing about it, bought it based on the hilarious title alone, as well as thinking that it would be a good tongue-in-cheek B movie from the artwork on the poster/DVD case.
    Unfortunately the movie really failed to do anything for me, whether viewed as a straight film or as a B movie it is far too over the top on silly bloody violence, the acting is far too pantomime, as are the villians, some of the subject matter is too dark to suit, and other parts are just way too bizarre...
    It's tough to sum this film up, but it just wasn't for me at all. Maybe you would like this if you're into the "grindhouse" genre but for me this film was just a complete mess and the endless unnecessary voilence and gore got very old very quickly.
    I have given it two stars simply because Rutger Hauer put in the only good performance of the film and had a few good lines of dialogue. I would not recommend this!

  6.  Good Evening!


    It is worth noting before you purchase this DVD that, although this is advertised as, and named "Best of Never Mind the Buzzcocks", it is actually only the best bits from the show during Simon Amstell's run as host. So if you were a big Mark Lemarr fan you will be left extremely disappointed! If on the other hand, like me, you love Simon as host, you will LOVE this DVD.
    It is packed with all your favourite parts, including Preston's walk-out (as well as his never before seen "walk-on"!!), Amy Winehouse spitting and being generally drunk, Donnie Tourrette being... Donnie Tourette, and plenty of clips of Simon laying into celebrities left right and centre!
    The dics is divided into 4 different "documentaries", each having a different theme, and including behind the scenes footage, gags left out of the show, bloopers, and even mock-interviews with various participants from the show over Amstell's run which are all extremely funny too!
    If you are a fan of this show you will definately like this DVD as it has plenty to keep you entertained and has a decent running time!

  7.  Awesome.


    I bought this out of interest in the festival scene of the late 60s, being a huge fan of a lot of the music from that era, and hearing that this was the "last great festival" of it's time. I was neither alive at the time nor was I present at the festival so I cannot comment on whether it provides an accurate portrayal of the festival's (seemingly chaotic!) events. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the film!
    The footage really has survived extrememly well and at times it is hard to believe you are watching footage that is over 40 years old, the sound quality is perfect too and the whole thing has been edited perfectly to give you a mixture of footage of musicians performing, as well as interviews from different people involved in the festival as well as it's attendees, those that paid and those that didn't!!
    The bands and performers in the film are among the best ever, The Doors, The Who, Hendrix, Joni Mitchell etc., and the makers of the film have selected their best known songs too, which is a nice touch as you can still recognise artists who you aren't all that familiar with.
    Overall I would say this is a brilliant film, which is a must have for fans of music from this era.

  8.  Better than expected!


    I didn't really have any interest in seeing this movie after reading endless amounts of terrible reviews and having never been into the Green Hornet anyway. But I got a copy bought for me for my birthday so I thought I'd give it a try...
    Basically, the storyline is like a mish-mash of all the other "Super-Hero" storylines, with a few cliches and racial stereotypes thrown in, some pretty poor character development and a terribly miscast love interest. If you can look past all these faults though, there is still fun to be had.
    Skinny Seth Rogen its seems, is just as funny as fat Seth Rogen (who knew?!) and still provides a lot of humour throughout, bouncing off his asian co-star very well and there are a few genuinely laugh-out-loud moments between them. The action is also spot on and provides something we have never really seen before in terms of the fighting sequences, and there is plenty of it which is always good in this kind of film!
    The villian isn't particularly interesting or scary but the main focus of the film isn't so much about the villain but the the hero's journey, and at least he won't traumatise the kids!
    Overall I would say this is a decent film which the kids will enjoy (beware of some bad language though) it's not going to blow you away with deep meaning, but it does it's job as a family movie!
    There is also a brilliant cameo from the awesome James Franco which is worth a watch :)

  9.  Superb


    I bought this series purely based on having heard good things about it, and having never actually seen any of it myself.
    I am so glad I did, as this show is superb. It just has the perfect mixture of comedy, action and drama and is extremely well written.
    Bryan Cranston gives, in my opinion, the best performance of his career as Walter White, who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and decides to "break bad" and start using his skills as a chemistry professor to cook and sell chrystal meth. There are a number of scenes during the series where his tragic portrayal of the character would bring even the manliest man to tears, and at other points make even the most miserable person laugh!
    It is fairly safe to say that you should not watch this expecting to see the same slapstick comedic performance as "Hal" from Malcolm in the Middle.
    Aaron Paul, who I had never heard of before, is brilliant as Walt's burnout drug-dealing business partner and is at times hilarious.
    The script and overall writing are awesome, as is pretty much everything about it! The only downside for me was Walter's wife, she is quite annoying throughout!
    Overall I would recommend this to anyone who likes good drama, and those that like dark, clever comedy. In my opinion this is series is a masterpiece.

  10.  Hmm...


    I found it hard to work out whether or not I liked this film at first, it is one of those movies which seemed on the verge of either being a masterpiece or a just another Hollywood money-spinner. Luckily I feel it leans more towards being a masterpiece!
    Let me first justify myself by saying that the main saving grace of this film is James Franco, he is one hell of an actor. If it were anyone else playing the role I would have found it hard to empathise with him or take him seriously, when his mind starts to show signs of deteriorating he manages to act it as funny as well as tragic and sad, which is a very hard thing to pull off. He manages to be an eccentric man without alienating himself from the audience, and you genuinely feel for him during his ordeal.
    The directing is brilliant from Boyle, and the cinematography keeps things extremely fresh and more than grabs your attention throughout, making it seem constantly exciting, when after all you are just watching a man trapped by a rock for 90 minutes!
    The only things which brought the film down were the comparisons between it and the book, which is better in my opinion, and the fact that it isn't exactly a film you can watch over and over again.
    Overall I would say this is good solid movie, which is well directed and edited, and featuring James Franco's most moving on-screen performance to date. Definately worth a watch!