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  1.  Brilliant film


    I got the feeling from the start it had the same sort of story as "Tokoyo Drift" in the sence he moved around alot then got the feeling it was "Karate Kid" from when he joins the "365 Gym" Then on to "Fight Club" where he fights in arena made up of people crowding around fights. Don't get me wrong these are all great films but this has brought the best bits from all films and made it into 1 action packed film!

    5/5 Great use of camera work and just the best cast!

  2.  Ok Game


    This game is for the horror movie lovers out there to be honest.

    After playing this i started to feel it was kinda the same old thing.

    Although it can't be compared with other games around, it has got some annoying features which i would hope people would agree with!

    there are huge ammount of weapons to kill the zombies with i do find it very boring to have the weapon kill them in the same way each time.

    Wouldn't say its good for the collection. But if your a horror movie fan and always wanted to be in action killing the zombies then you should definatly try this!

  3.  Ok Game


    I Enjoy playing the wide range of events in this game! Really good fun with the extremly well put together game.

    Reason for the 3/5! is the button mashing. For sports like Track and swimming you need to pound really fast and aggresively to be able to get near the top, don't get me wrong i have broken a few of the records on the game but i had to really work hard to do it.

    The starting of the Track and swimming takes a little getting used to due to the fact you use the trigger which is sensitive to the most sensitive movement.

    This game would be about 4.5/5 if it wasnt for the button mashing

    Still a must buy for the Xbox! Any olympic fan will want to have this in the collection for all to see!

  4.  Best Console


    I find this to be the best console not only does it have extra space for your gaming saves and downloads but is extremly easy to set up.

    You also get of course the best game released so far! You would be silly to pass up this chance.

    Controller is easy on the hands without having to hurt yourself trying to press different combinations of buttons.

    Trust me this ammount of space comes in handy!

    A Must have for any Gamer!

    Don't forget to buy your wireless adapter! for the best online experience to date!

  5.  Seriosuly good game.


    If you want a game which will take more then a few hours to complete Buy This!!

    superb graphics and handling with the controller.

    XBL Store has loads of planes you can buy to fill up your hanger.

    you may need to get some XBL points at the same time so you can get the best planes for your missions.

  6.  Good Film


    Great story line for any love of the Simpson's

    Has some really funny bits which really make the film shine. Has the traditional features you find in the series and some suprises along the way.

    Good Film

    Must buy for anyone who has either the box sets

  7.  Seriosuly good game.


    A must have for any keen Xbox Race fan.

    You'll be stuck to the screen playing this and upgrading your car to the max and watch how each little modifcation will effect handling and power.

    You will NOT! be sorry for buying this.

    FOr the Beginers this may not be the best for your first game, you may need a little experience with racing lines to fully enjoy the game.