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  1.  Breathtaking.


    First off I wanna say that I respect every review which puts a decent point across. The only bad reviews I have seen so far have not given any good reasons why they hate the game just mutterings about how its now a shooter.

    This game is the first game to completly captivate me for a very long time, I believe the last game that I loved this much was Kotor.

    I love all the characters except Tali and the downloadable one Zaeed. Archangel (no spoilers) is still badass and Samara and Thane are also awesome the voice acting is also brilliant. I loved the story just as much as the first mass effect but they are hard to compare as they have such different stories and different moods abit like the change between Star wars a new hope and the empire strikes back.

    I didnt like how you acquired items and I didnt like how the Citadel wasn't incorparated so much, I would of also of liked to see the new council.

    They have taken away some of the RPG elements but I dont think it drastically effects the game, I would of prefered the RPG elements from Mass effect 1 but it just didnt change my opinion of the game for me that much.

    I know it seems im complaining more than praising but thats because every other part of the game is amazing but to really appreciate it you have to play the game for yourself.


  2.  Pleasantly Suprised.


    Im not a massive fan of the hack n slash genre (Except Dynasty Warriors) I cant say I liked Devil may cry or any of those games but this game seems to have this odd charm.

    Its not the game of the year but its a really good game. The combat and moves look really cool, there are lots of cool looking bosses and Bayonetta herself is hot! so if you want an incredibly entertaining but relatively short game then get this.

  3.  Make way Forza 3


    Just a massivley fun game I just play it on my laptop from time to time and for 5 Quid its a steal.

    Its simple and fun.

  4.  Fantastic game but doesn't beat Oblivion.


    Fallout 3 is a suberb game its big, there's lots to do and the story is awesome.

    The game does take a little time to get into and is fairly challenging at the beginning as you have little weaponary and you character is very weak the game does pick up however after about 10 hours.

    On paper its a better game than Oblivion however for all its glitches and bad acting I still prefer Oblivion just because of its charm.

    All 5 Expansions together are a welcome addition however i wouldnt of bought them individually as they are all quite short.

    If your a fan of Mass effect, Fable and Oblivion then buy this game.

  5.  A Solid but un interesting game


    This was a good game but I doubt I will remember it that much. The story just didn't interest me at all, I felt the combat in places was boring as you relied on only counter attacks. I also found that using your fists and disarming people was a better tactic than stabbing at them.

    It was fun to play but I just didn't understand several things for example Why were all the main bad guys either old or obese.

    There obviously large parts that they have improved from assassins creed 1. I just felt with the first game that the location, story and the entire feel of the game was better than its sequel.

  6.  Decent, but will never beat the first one.


    I finished reading this in about 2 days, the book did keep me reading it as I waited in anticipation for a twist or shock but nothing really came. There was also a severe lack of Darth Bane which for the final book was lame as Darth Bane is the whole reason I have been reading the entire series.

    The ending was average, it finished the series off well but not the way I would of liked it.

  7.  Does it live up to the Hype?


    I bought this game because it was so hyped up. I did have CoD MW1 and I Enjoyed it, but thats all...I finished the campaign and dabbled in the multiplayer and it was fun but not epic.

    CoD MW2's single player is like an action movie. Its great on tense moments, drama and lots of breathtaking awesome moments however like many action movies its not that great on story.

    The Multiplayer interested me alot more this time, I found myself enjoying the maps and weapons(mainly the snipers) alot more and was also pleased at the amount you could personalise your arsenal.

    So it seems for the first time I have found a game I want to play over Halo 3 and on that merit alone I have to give it 5 stars.

  8.  The only fighter I have ever enjoyed.


    I havent played the Tekken series since Tekken 3 on the PS2 and so it was really refreshing to see all my favourite characters (Bryan Fury, King) still kicking ass.

    The sceneraio mode isnt great, however I dont mind it. The main thing I love about this game is the characters. Tekken is the best game for a range of characters with a unique style of play but also a unique story and backround on top of that you the customisation feature which gives you variety of different items you can equip your character with.

    Characters 10/10
    Scenario mode and story 6/10
    Fighting 8/10
    Graphics 8/10

    Its the only fighter I actually enjoy.

  9.  Really excellent Fifa, just a few problems.


    Alot of positives.
    .Good gameplay although not loads has changed
    .Manager mode is better, it feels more realistic.
    .All round entertaining and plenty of replay value

    .The commentary is dreadful and boring, there are some new touches which are nice but the commetators end up saying the same thing over and over again.
    .With the next Fifa they should update the stadiums and the crowds, when im playing i never really feel an atmosphere from the crowd.

    Really good game.

  10.  Review not including Halo 3 Maps and Reach Beta.


    I suppose you could say this is a good deal. You get the new Halo maps, the Reach Beta (Spring 2010) and a new game however im not reviewing all of that...I'm reviewing the campaign and firefight.

    Campaign: The Campaign is average throughout at best, I liked the drop sequence but that was the only moment I thought "wow awesome" the rest of the game has little feel about it, similar to Halo 3 except on a smaller scale. I didn't mind the shortness of the campaign it was more that the whole game seemed the same. 3/10

    Firefight: Firefight is good fun for a time but has little re-playability and once I got most of the achievements I didn't go back on it, however it did provide a good level of entertainment for the first 5-6 hours or so 6/10.