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  1.  stretchy stig keyring


    dont listen to the guy below me, this is probably the best keyring ever, exactly like the one in the picture, the one in the picture isn't completley white so i dont know why the previous reviewer was disapointed by it, it wont be completley white if it glows in the dark...which it does very well. but it! it's brilliant fun

  2.  funniest film iv seen in a long time


    this is possibly one of the most under-rated films this year, if not THE most under-rated, with all the bruno-potter-transforming movies that have been released latley its easy to let a comedy gem like this one go un-noticed but its the best film iv seen this year and the funniest iv seen since anchorman. give it a go, its still in cinemas at the moment so go and see it while its still available. its not really got the recognition its deserved from movie critics or the public, trust me it wont let you down

  3.  fun little game


    it may be directed to kids but its a nice break from all those serious shoot em ups on the market, fun and enjoyable to pass the time and would be brilliant for the younger audience

  4.  brilliant console


    awesome console, the only problem is of course the fear of the 'ring of death' which can be prevented if u dont play on it 24/7 and give it plenty of ventolation, dont cram it under the tv in amoungst all the dvds, but it is a fantastic console with better exclusive games than its rivals! but this and the ps3 are very similar, but this is not overpriced.

  5.  the definitive football game...


    stunning graphics, superb realism and awesome gameplay. this game exceeds in every field that fifa fails in, which seems to be everywhere. the addition of the champions league and official manchester united and liverpool fc teams, makes this game an all round fun and realistic game to play.

  6.  2nd best game of all time....


    .....1st is gears of war 2! hugely entertaining game, the biggest selling xbox game for a reason! the only problem with the game is, if anything, that the campaign is a little short. otherwise a flawless, well thought out game that is well worth the money!

  7.  Game of the year 2007....


    ...in my opinion anyway, most people would give that accolade to halo 3, but this is just better. think prince of persia only better. very fun free roam game, its like the GTA of the middle ages! great gameplay and storyline that will keep u playing!

  8.  this is an extremely, utterly...


    awful game, you're better off buying pro evolution soccer, much better game than this. the problem with fifa is after the first 2 or so plays, it gets extremely boring as its the same thing over and over again, every goal is identical.

  9.  more of a greatest hits


    This was their american album but it serves as a greatest hits as its their 2 albums put together, awsum group, revolutionised pop as we know it, great album