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  1.  Definitely worth a look


    Just a short summary of what I think:
    +Great animations and a variety of locations
    +Combat is really nice and effective
    +Brilliant value for money as it's lengthy and includes a port of the original game which is still very playable even thought it's 11 years old!
    -Mainly let down by repetition as despite the fact the locations are vast the gameplay that occurs within them isn't very varied. Playing it in short sessions is definitely better because things can get a bit bland otherwise!

  2.  Great to see survival horror back!


    This generation has been lacking in the classic survival horror titles that came out during the last generation of consoles. However, Alan Wake is a glimmer of hope for all those looking for a great new survival horror phenomena:
    +Brilliant graphics and atmosphere.
    +Good story that keeps you interested.
    +Innovative action system that's easy to use but challenging.
    -Quite a short game but for this price, who's complaining?

  3.  An example of how good pop music can be.


    It is rare these days that a pop album is released that has as many good tracks as this. Most pop albums that are churned out usually have a few great singles, then the odd album highlight followed by a string of useless filler.

    But this album isn't like that, it's actually very entertaining, the only track that I personally don't like is Starstruck, the rest of the tracks such as the singles Just Dance, Paparazzi and Poker Face as well as other highlights like Boys Boys Boys and Eh Eh are an explosive example of dance pop at its best. Ballads on albums such as this are often only there to fill space, but songs such as Summerboy and Again Again keep just the right balance of piano pop and electrofunk to keep things interesting.

    The Fame may not be something that's 100% original and inventive, in some areas it sounds a lot like Gwen Stefani's solo stuff for example, but it is still refreshing and promising to see pop back on form. Well worth purchasing if you're looking for a fun filled album with catchy choruses and dance beats.

  4.  An excellent and very enjoyable RPG.


    I have never really been a massive fan of the Star Ocean series, I had the last one on the PS2 and really didn't like it, but even so I still gave this new one a try and I am very happy that I did. Here are my thoughts on this great game:

    +The combat system is very good fun, spells and attacks are all brought to life by some amazing graphics.
    +The locations are vast, varied and very often beautiful to look at with your party travelling across deserts, mountains, caves, snowy fields, forests and spaceships to name just a few.
    +The story may not be especially well told but it is still intriguing and interesting enough to keep you hooked.
    +It's nice to see games that last longer than 10 hours these days, SO4 rolls on for a good 60+ hours, spread over 3 discs!

    -Some of the voice acting is a bit annoying, but you learn to get used to it.
    -Everything is cliche, but this doesn't stop it from being a fantastic game.
    -Some bad scripting to go with the dodgy voice acting.
    -Some characters are very lifeless, like creepy dolls...

    Despite these moans, it's still a great game that I would easily recommend! Hope this helps.

  5.  An intriguing return to Silent Hill.


    This is the 6th game in the excellent Silent Hill Series (if we're including the PSP game "Origins") and it's the first one to come to this generation of consoles. Here is an easy to read summary of my thoughts on this title:

    +The atmosphere and graphics are top notch and they really get the feel of the games spot on.
    +The plot is as mad and amazing as ever with some unexpected twists and awesome locations.
    +The eerie soundtrack adds a lot to the game.
    +A good length and it is still a classic survival horror game unlike Resident Evil.
    -Some glitches will have you reloading saves (if you're wise enough to have back up saves).
    -Slightly awkward in-game menus might see you using special healing items etc by mistake when you wanted to save them.
    -Combat can be clunky and tough to master but it is still better done than past titles.

    Overall I would certainly recommend this game for anybody looking or a great game with a strong narrative that sticks to the classic survival horror setup that we haven't seen in a while. With five intriguing endings and a variety of collectables and achivements you will be sure to play the 12 hour(ish) scare-fest through again.

  6.  An artistic achievement yet hollow game.


    This is the latest game in the Prince of Persia series and it serves as the first in a new trilogy with an all new Prince, here are my thoughts:

    +The animations are beautifully rendered.
    +Characters are very likeable and human.
    +Nice soundtrack.

    -Repetitive. Essentially the same thing many times over.
    -Surprisingly weak story despite great characters.
    -Combat becomes tiresome though nice at first.

    A tentative recommendation.

  7.  A good game that just falls short of being great.


    I have always been a big fan of the tomb raider series and this is the latest to hit the shelves. Here is my summary of what I think of it:

    +The graphics are truly magnificent and the locations are glorious.
    +The adventuring is great with some awesome and epic puzzles.
    +The plot follows on nicely to what Legend started so well.
    +Beautiful musical score adds to the ace atmosphere.

    -Combat is truly dreadful and it would be better if it wasn't there.
    -There are some serious camera issues.
    -Overall very short and ends as it hits its stride.

    Would I recommend this game? Yes. Especially since it's currently at a bargain price of £17.99 here on Play go for it. Hope this helps :)